guivercBashing-om, just started read thru, one issue already sorry :(00:07
Bashing-omguiverc: Possible that there be others :( I be patient for your read through :D00:11
guivercyeah, just made another comment.00:11
guivercbeing patient though, you good boy :)00:12
Bashing-omvirtues - I have a lot to work on :P00:15
guivercdon't we all !00:15
guivercread thru complete, a number of comments made00:23
Bashing-omguiverc: Edits made - pending is the edits on Mark Shuttleworth Comments article. See if you like it now ?00:43
Bashing-omUWN: All known edits completed - Next !00:50
guivercyep (wiki) reads great Bashing-om00:54
Bashing-omguiverc: We do do good work :P Logging out of our WIKI .00:55
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Planet:: Ubuntu Blog: An Introduction to Testing Robot Code @ https://ubuntu.com//blog/an-introduction-to-testing-robot-code17:37
Bashing-omUWN: Pulling "WIP" - no further edits are known. Time to push 20:00 UTC .19:27
Bashing-omUWN: ubuntu-news@lists is away - doing the Forum post next.20:00
Bashing-omUWN: Forum post done - abridged the update sections. Doing the re-directs next.20:09
Bashing-omUWN: Re-directs done - Pending is release to the Social Medias :D20:26
guivercBashing-om, okay to push #648 to fridge22:35
Bashing-omguiverc: Sorry for delay - pet burial detail to attend to :( But, yeah clear to push to the fridge :D22:56
guivercBashing-om, deal with the things you need to deal with.. let us know if we can help with anything22:58
Bashing-omguiverc: Times heals - mostly - Dog was my Daughter's constant companion for about 10 years. It is going to be a hard period of adjustment for her.23:01
guiverc:(  sorry for the [family] loss.. (Yeah I still my Tor, dog still used in most of my pics)23:04
Bashing-omguiverc: Fridge: Looks good. Clear to to wipe our evidence of hard work ?23:10
Bashing-om:D ^23:11
guivercfb posted too23:13
Bashing-omUWN: We do 649 :D ack on the Social Medias :D23:18
Bashing-omsabdfl: " Having considered it over the weekend, with @wxl’s offer to help run the process, let’s go ahead and call for nominations to the CC. " !!23:26
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Planet:: The Fridge: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 648 @ http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2020/09/14/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-issue-648/23:32

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