gnrphm, anyone can help me with my ssh keys? I have a 16.04 machine here08:06
gnrpand otu of a sudden, the ssh keys get unlocked when I log in, instead of asking for a password. How do I get rid of that?08:06
diogenes_gnrp, did you mess with gnome-keyring?08:08
gnrpdiogenes_: Nope, nothing. Must have come with an update08:09
gnrpall I ever did was killing the daemon to flush the password cache...08:10
diogenes_do you have 'save session' on?08:11
gnrphm,good point, have to log out08:13
diogenes_wait you have to disable it and do rm ~/.cache/sessions/*08:15
diogenes_then logout.08:15
gnrphm, didn't help08:16
gnrpyou mean the "save session" thing on the logout panel?08:16
diogenes_setting > settings editor > xfce4-session > SaveOnExit08:18
gnrpno, that is not set either08:19
diogenes_then see the .xsession-errors and .xfce4-session.verbose-log08:20
diogenes_maybe you have set a blank password in the keyring? run: seahorse and change the password.08:23
gnrplatter one doesn't exist, first one says it "openConnection: connect: File or directory not found" and "cannot connect to brltty at :0"08:24
gnrpthere is a password set. If I kill the gnome-keyring-daemon and start it again, I am prompted for a password08:25
gnrp(and I run ssh, I mean)08:26
gnrpit is just weird because it happened all out of a sudden. I know that's what users always say, they never do anything and the computer just changes stuff by itself, but in this case it really was like that...^^08:27
diogenes_libpam-ssh-agent-auth libpam-ssh libpam-gnome-keyring any of those installed?08:30
gnrpthe last one, yep08:32
diogenes_as a test you could remove it.08:33
gnrpyep, now it works08:33
gnrpthanks a lot!08:33
gnrphow did this happen though?08:33
diogenes_libpam-gnome-keyring automatically unlocks it.08:33
gnrpyeah, that I get. But why is this automatically installed08:37
gnrpthat's a serious security problem. The automatic installation as well as the configuration to automatically unlock08:37
gnrpmaybe I should file a bug report08:38
gnrpanyway, thanks!08:40
diogenes_well libpam-gnome-keyring has never automatically unlocked the session, you had to explicitly tweak the pam configs in order to make it work automatically but, what happened now, (my theory) is they updated libpam-gnome-keyring so you no longer need to mess with the pamd configs.08:40
gnrphm, actually, checking my dpkg.log, there has been no changes to libpam-gnome-keyring (in the last year)08:41
gnrpbut whatever, problem solved and I am probably the nly one in the world who dislikes that behavior anyway08:41
diogenes_the maybe updates in pam? no clue.08:42
diogenes_but a bug would be useful i guess.08:42
diogenes_bug report*08:42
xu-help66wHi, I am completley new to xubuntu.  When I open it on my laptop vm it breifly shows the desktop but then goes black and I cannot do anything.  I have tried reinstalling but no change!09:05
xu-help66whas anyone else had this problem?  Do you know how to fix it?09:07
diogenes_what vm what host?09:07
xu-help66wOracle VM09:08
xu-help66wnot sure what the host is?09:08
diogenes_and host OS is the OS you run currently.09:08
xu-help66woh i see.  Linux09:09
diogenes_but which distro?09:09
xu-help66wHow do I find that out?  So sorry I am completely new top this!09:10
diogenes_xu-help66w, in terminal run: cat /etc/os-release09:11
diogenes_find pretty name.09:11
xu-help66wI can't open the terminal because the screen is blank so I cannot access the menu09:12
xu-help66wI think I will just start from the beginning and reinstall   Sorry!!09:14
diogenes_the terminal on the system you're currently running, the one you installed virtualbox on.09:14
krumelmonsterxubuntu 20.04.1 installer: How can I see log messages or progress during installation? Right now I only see a "Welcome to Xubuntu" Splashscreen with the window title "Installation". I can scroll through a few banners but I have no indication whether there's any actual progress. (My last installation attempt did indeed fail and stopped working. I resolved that issue but now I'm sceptic about what's happening)10:38
krumelmonsterHaha, it finished while I was typing. I'd still like to know how to see progress anyways ;)10:39
gnrpkrumelmonster: I don't know exactly since it is a long time I installed something, but can't you switch to the console (Ctrl+Alt+F1)?11:14
Guest_88i'm trying to install a .tff font19:20
Guest_88i've tried the "install" button in the font viewer19:21
Guest_88i've tried manually copiing it (through thunar and through terminal) to ~/.local/share/fonts/19:21
Guest_88i've tried manually copying it to /usr/local/share/fonts/19:22
Guest_88ive rebuild the cache with "fc-cache -f -v"19:23
Guest_88the font GETS found in libreoffice writer/gimp/inkscape19:23
Guest_88but when i select it/apply it to text, the text is in some default font and not in the desired one19:24
brainwashit looks fine in the font viewer?19:25
Guest_88inkscape displays a warning saying "font not found on system" eventhough it finds it and shows it in the fons dropdown19:25
Guest_88it looks fine in the font wiever19:26
brainwashdoes the fontconfig cli command list your font?19:28
brainwashfc-list or so19:28
Guest_88and it seems to be a problem with just this one font (i've tried installing some other just now, and it works. ..)19:28
Guest_88yes fc-list finds it19:29
brainwashwell, then it's the font file which is to blame... or?19:29
Guest_88don't know; i guess? but why would font viewer display it correctly? and why would inkscape say font not found on system? (it doesnt work in other programs too; it's just that inkscape is the one that actually displays some message)? ani ideas? /:19:32
brainwashI would boot up the live session of Xubuntu and check if this problem is reproducible19:33
brainwashother than that, no idea19:33
brainwash(or check with another PC)19:34
Guest_88heh. ok. it was totally font's fault. thanks for time and patience anyway! :D19:39
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