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keithzg-M1Aww shucks, I still get glitches when setting my desktop to scaled (namely, horizontal lines appearing in the terminal), hadn't checked that for a while and had been hoping that was fixed. Alas!03:37
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eeosManagement of multiple monitors on the new 20.04.1 LTS is a bit problematic. Anyone else experiencing the same?08:07
monoim running into some troubles on my Imac 2017. After installing Kubuntu the audio is not runnning. I tryed to remove Purge Audiopulse.08:29
monoca anybody help? Had the same issues?08:30
monoi tryed the tricks i found on a google search, but ist not working08:31
IrcsomeBot<linuxophil> @mono, I had thought that Linux installs on the newer Apple devices is made impossible by the T2 chip. Is that old news or does your model not yet have such a chip?08:34
monothis one doesnt have a t208:35
mono@linuxophil You can install linux on macbooks with t2, if the bootflag to boot is not set.08:36
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IrcsomeBot<Opal6> Is it possible to have kde connect's multimedia controls in the system tray?09:47
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smhkHi all09:52
smhkI have did this code :sudo apt-get install bumblebee bumblebee-nvidia primus linux-headers-generic09:52
smhkIs that right to install bumblebee and nvidia non free drivers?09:52
user217217I lost my mouse control, gant move or select any window (but can move mouse pointer)10:13
user217217can I fix this?10:13
smhkUsing mouse or touchpad?10:19
BluesKajHiyas all10:20
BluesKajhi smhk10:23
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IrcsomeBot<Great_Yith> Okay, I gave root partition 52gb. Hope it doesn't freeze anymore12:26
BluesKaj@Great_Yith, 20GB should be plenty for / partition12:30
BluesKajif you use separate partitions for / and /home12:31
IrcsomeBot<Great_Yith> Previously i got a message about unable to login to xsession12:34
IrcsomeBot<Great_Yith> heck, it's not even showing anything now12:34
IrcsomeBot<Great_Yith> and sudo apt clean didn't show anything12:35
IrcsomeBot<Great_Yith> Anyone got a good material dark theme?12:45
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IrcsomeBot<djvanvliet> hi guys, has anyone experience with connecting two monitors to a laptop. Monitor 1) through HDMI directly in pc, monitor 2) hdmi cable in USB-c adapter. My second monitor through usb-c is detected, and xrandr also states that that monitor is connected. But the display keeps being black. On windows it works just fine.13:47
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IrcsomeBot<djvanvliet> nvm, i figured that it is easier to ask the question through the forum (https://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php/77302-Second-external-monitor-through-HDMI-USB-adapter-not-working?p=440520#post440520) help is much appreciated14:03
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Guest6913salut !15:55
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blippitybloopy-4Why is the #gnu:matrix.org  chat so small?19:04
blippitybloopy-4 * Why is the #gnu:matrix.org  chat not filled with 1000 GNU fanboys?20:31
IrcsomeBot<thefirefox12537> (Video, 13s)https://irc-attachments.kde.org/QC0DZErr/file_36345.mp4 My system got stuck while updating apt upgrade (update-initramfs), but window terminal can move. How to fix stuck?21:05
ZombTuxHello how i can change folder permission ? i have make folder on my second HDD with mkdir and now i need give me access for manage it21:40
DragnslcrYou can use Dolphin. Right click the directory you need to change permissions for and go to Properties -> Permissions21:43
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions21:44
keithzg-M1Aww darn, I was hoping by now scaled desktops for high-DPI displays would entirely work, but there's still the horizontal line artifacts that appear in the terminal when I have my display scaled in 20.04 :(21:51
ZombTuxDragnslcr don't cant is root only21:55
ZombTuxoerheks i chown what ?21:56
DragnslcrIf the directory is owned by root, it will probably be easiest to do it from a terminal21:57
ZombTuxYes its what i want just not sure command for it21:58
DragnslcrIf you go to the parent directory in Dolphin, Tools -> Open Terminal will open Konsole and put you in the parent directory21:59
DragnslcrThen run: sudo chown (username):(username) (directory_name)22:00
DragnslcrReplacing (username) with your username22:00
ZombTuxok like this sudo chown zombtux:zombtux /media/kubuntu/df223fdc-2eae-492a-9324-7a41e061c39c/22:00
DragnslcrYou should be able to type the first couple characters and then press Tab22:00
DragnslcrIf that's the directory that you created, yes, that should work22:01
ZombTuxok and i want make plex server on my second hdd i need add plex access or im ok with my zombtux access ?22:02
keithzg-M1ZombTux: Uhh from that mount path, seems like you're probably mounting the drive from the GUI. If you're using other programs running as daemons (or at least, daemons not running as your user account) to access and modify files there, it's never gonna work quite right.22:27
keithzg-M1The way the GUI mounts drives puts them pretty strictly just owned and operated by the user who mounts 'em.22:27
keithzg-M1(If I'm wrong and you're mounting manually from the terminal or via /etc/fstab, ignore me!)22:28
ZombTuxok now i have acess with my  user to my root folder i want add plex user too how i can ?22:49
ZombTuxme + plex22:49
ZombTuxif my own user is kubuntu and i want add plex in this is the good command ?22:59
ZombTuxusermod -a -G kubuntu plex23:00
geniiThat's the correct syntax, yes23:03
ZombTuxgenii i can specify wich folder ?23:06
ZombTuxbecause i juste want give access to my movie folder for plex media server and if i choose plex i dont cant modify file with my own user23:07
DragnslcrIf you add the plex user to your personal group (kubuntu), anything running as that user will have access to any files that your group can access23:15
DragnslcrIf you need the plex user to have access to a specific directory, you could also make that directory globally readable23:16
ZombTuxnot sure if is good i have find tutorial and i have make it now work fine...23:17
ZombTuxkubuntu@linux:~$ sudo usermod -a -G kubuntu plex23:17
ZombTuxUploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/47d790adc4ee35ff2df7e13a148d021e/pasted.txt23:17
ZombTuxDragnslcr do you think im ok with this ?23:18
DragnslcrYeah, I was about to say that you could also do it the opposite way, where you make the directory owned by the plex user/group and add yourself to the plex group23:18
DragnslcrI don't know the exact syntax for setfacl, but that would be another good way to do it23:19
DragnslcrI'd have to experiment a bit to verify that it does what you want23:20
ZombTuxanyway plex is a good app i dont think if i have add it on my own groups is bad .. no ?23:24

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