lubot<emergencyrussia> ~/ … not .~/ … This stands for home directory05:51
lubot<emergencyrussia> You can easily symlink your app to /usr/local/bin or any directory in PATH05:52
lubot<emergencyrussia> Like ln -s /path/to/app /usr/local/bin/05:53
lubot<emergencyrussia> You can also add the directory that contains your app to PATH environment variable05:55
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monoim using a imac with kubuntu at the moment. The Imac is from 2017 an the audio is not working. I installed it yesterday and since installing its not working. Can anybody help?07:44
guivercmono, kubuntu's support room is #kubuntu , you're also allowed to use #ubuntu (as all official flavors can)08:22
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lubot<Emily Petrisor> Hi, … A kid cannot participate in online lectures because of lack of a laptop or tablet. I have this old laptop: https://www.amazon.com/Acer-Aspire-TimelineX-AS1830T-3721-11-6-Inch/dp/B003N3JJJY?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0&fbclid=IwAR1Qoq9ULm-Uu2SEkNwN6NRzA2mmQ9iDxHT6K81OwXL5raTukbnQfi0FpEE … and thought that installing lub10:39
lubotuntu I could help him with minimal configuration to get  zoom installed … Could you please recommend the most suitable lubuntu version for this purpose and eventually tell me whether is it possible to install lubuntu on such an old system. … Thanks!10:39
lubot<emergencyrussia> It is good enough to run lubuntu well10:45
lubot<emergencyrussia> I would gpo for the latest lubuntu 20.04 LTS10:45
lubot<Emily Petrisor> Which version, pls?10:46
lubot<Emily Petrisor> OK, thanks!!!10:46
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lubot<Aj@¥> @Emily Petrisor [Hi, … A kid cannot participate in online lectures because of lack of a laptop or …], 18.0412:38
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> @Emily Petrisor [Hi, … A kid cannot participate in online lectures because of lack of a laptop or …], please let us know how it turned out … I want to know wether the cpu is strong enough to decode the life stream13:56
lubot<Internet Ilimitada> (Photo, 664x888) https://i.imgur.com/L7WkcYS.jpg14:53
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kanliotI remember some of the LXQt devs using a new language based on C++, but with much better integration with Qt and object oriented.   What was the name?  Was it dolphin something?22:34
lubot<corncobweb> I don’t know about that dev team, but was it D?23:00
lubot<corncobweb> https://dlang.org23:00
lubot<corncobweb> @Emily Petrisor [Hi, … A kid cannot participate in online lectures because of lack of a laptop or …], I did exactly that same thing last week, on an acer aspire one notebook (probably worse than your laptop). … It works okay, but loading up Firefox to log in to a company specific zoom, takes at least a minute. … The zoom instal23:05
lubotler (deb file from website) needed to be loaded with a different package manager than the default one it uses on double click.23:05
geniiPerhaps rust23:05
genii( or go )23:06
lubot<corncobweb> Also, I have to reboot the notebook multiple times a day or it slows down and then crashes. Not sure why.23:07
lubot<corncobweb> Often I have to hard shutdown because the menus are taking so long to load.23:07
lubot<corncobweb> And the mouse won’t move properly.23:08
lubot<corncobweb> I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen if I haven’t launched zoom at all, so it’s probably zoom causing it.23:09

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