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Guest25928Hi there, i am an ubuntu member (bashfulrobot), and for some reason my nich changed. I was trying to auth and set my proper one - however I cannot do this as I am silenced/banned on ubuntu-meet. Can anyone help me out here.18:30
Guest25928(assuming this is the right place to ask for an assist)18:32
Unit193Guest25928: /msg nickserv identify bashrulrobot mypasswordhere  then change your nick.19:16
Guest25928Unit193: I had tried that earlier. States that my current nick is not registered, yet I cannot change it to my regiular one. hmmmm.19:22
Unit193I made a typo in your nick, but if you only do the password then it''ll try for the current nick, if you include the user you can just authenticate then change your nick.19:23
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bashfulrobotUnit193: thanks! I missed that myself!19:52
Unit193Happy to help.21:13

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