The_LoudSpeakerHey everyone! I see 5.8 kernel for raspberry Pi is in groovy-proposed. Any idea when it will shift to groovy-main?05:37
The_LoudSpeaker^ apw 06:14
The_LoudSpeaker(tagging you coz I see you as the last uploader)06:14
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apwThe_LoudSpeaker, i was the last sponsor not the uploader; that was juergh ... but my understanding that the kernel is testing with a view to it moving as soon as it has passed that testing07:57
juergh@The_LoudSpeaker, yes. as apw mentioned. a couple of tests are still running so hopefully anytime soon.08:03
The_LoudSpeakerJust let me know here once it's done.08:18
The_LoudSpeakerjuergh: Is MPTCP enabled on this 5.8 kernel?11:21
The_LoudSpeakerI see it enabled in /lib/modules/5.8.0-1002-raspi/build/.config but doing a curl http://multipath-tcp.org/ says I don't have it enabled11:22
The_LoudSpeakercc: apw11:23
The_LoudSpeakerany help to get MPTCP running on rpi4 would we awesome. :)11:23
juerghThe_LoudSpeaker, ubuntu@rpi-4b-rev1d4-d9f5:~$ uname -a11:54
juerghLinux rpi-4b-rev1d4-d9f5 5.8.0-1002-raspi #5-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Thu Sep 3 12:40:07 UTC 2020 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux11:54
juerghubuntu@rpi-4b-rev1d4-d9f5:~$ cat  /proc/sys/net/mptcp/enabled 11:54
juerghthat's the default11:54
The_LoudSpeakeryes same in mys system.11:57
The_LoudSpeakerbut see this:11:58
The_LoudSpeakerubuntu@raspberrypi:~$ curl http://multipath-tcp.org/11:58
The_LoudSpeakerNay, Nay, Nay, your have an old computer that does not speak MPTCP. Shame on you!11:58
The_LoudSpeakerubuntu@raspberrypi:~$ 11:58
The_LoudSpeaker^ juergh11:58
The_LoudSpeakerah wait12:07
The_LoudSpeakermaybe I forgot something else.12:07
The_LoudSpeakerconfiguring routing.12:07
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The_LoudSpeakerI talked with mptcp upstream and turnsout that http://multipath-tcp.org/ uses the out of the tree implementation while 5.8 already has mptcp in the tree. so it will always return that my system does not have mptcp.14:07
The_LoudSpeakerthanks for trying to help and bearing with the noise everyone!14:08
The_LoudSpeakerjuergh: just let me know when 5.8 is out of proposed so that I can then proceed to install it on production systems.14:08

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