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AsciiWolfis universe in Groovy in the debian sync freeze phase?13:32
AsciiWolfany chance someone could do a freeze exception for torbrowser-launcher? the current version that is in focal/groovy does not work at all and needs to be updated to a patched one from Debian13:40
rbasakAsciiWolf: that's a leaf package, right?13:53
AsciiWolfwhat's a leaf package? :)13:54
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rbasakAsciiWolf: one that doesn't anything depending on it14:13
rbasakAsciiWolf: technically it needs release team approval. I suggest using "requestsync" to file a bug requesting a sync, mark it "[FFe]" in the bug title, explain in the bug why it should be safe to sync and subscribe ~ubuntu-release and request for a release team member to sponsor it directly if they accept the exception request14:13
AsciiWolfrbasak, ok, thanks! :)14:14
RikMillsAsciiWolf rbasak: if torbrowser is (a) broken in groovy and (b) the fixed one in debian is the same upstream version, but with debian fixes, then I am not sure a FFe is required?14:54
RikMillsLaney: ? ^14:55
RikMillswe have 0.3.2-1114:56
AsciiWolfthese are the important patches15:00
AsciiWolf(updated debian/patches/series + the text format tor browser devel key)15:01
AsciiWolfthere is also another gnupg-related fix that would be good to have in Ubuntu as well, but it is not needed (it is useful only on systems without gnupg2 package preinstalled): https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-privacy-team/torbrowser-launcher/-/commits/debian/sid15:02
AsciiWolfonly the patch adding text format tor browser devel key + debian/patches/series update to include the patch is needed to make Tor Browser work15:03
AsciiWolfbtw. the same fix will be needed in Focal as well, but it will be great if it gets fixed in Groovy for now :)15:06
rbasakRikMills: yes, you're right. I don't know the situation.15:50
rbasakIf it is just bugfixes, then yes.15:50
RikMillsAsciiWolf: synced16:12
AsciiWolfRikMills, cool, thanks a much! :-)16:12
ItzSwirlzHey guys, any updates on my patches?18:50
abyssangelhello :)19:35
ItzSwirlzHi, I can't find a wiki page on you/your name19:37
ItzSwirlzYeah If you're looking for MOTU assistance, GOOD LUCK is all I have to say19:37
ItzSwirlzThey have a great habit of IGNORING PEOPLE if you look at the logs so, yeah.19:38
abyssangelim new ta this game19:40
ItzSwirlzah i see19:41
ItzSwirlzare you trying to get a patch in or something? or are you just here to be here19:41
abyssangeli want to patch a flaw in dbus that does not lets me open unlock the system bus19:52
ItzSwirlzOh. Sorry I didn't check back20:19
ItzSwirlzMy fault. Uhhhh I don't know much about Dbus /shrug20:19
abyssangelmessed up my ubuntu recently by installng from source not universe:(20:22
ItzSwirlzOh uh20:22
ItzSwirlzThat's not a smart decision20:22
ItzSwirlzYou probably messed up your system, go to #ubuntu for support20:23
ItzSwirlzIt's probably intentional for security20:23
ItzSwirlzalr its been a while anyone here or got an update for my patches?21:35

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