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iceycoreycb: cool05:55
rantanranIs it possible to use the ubuntu server installer to install on a btrfs raid 1 with luks on each disk?07:05
rantanranIs it possible to use the ubuntu installer with a btrfs raid1 on luks layout? The installer does not give me that option, but I would be fine providing the layout with parted.07:47
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kklimondawhere can I get debugging symbols for ubuntu cloud archive packages? in particular librbd1-dbg 15.2.1-0ubuntu2~cloud0 or equivalent10:29
rafaeldtinocokklimonda: iirc there is no dbg packages for the cloud archives. when I was at SEG, and had to debug cloud archive, I would build the same package in a PPA with debug symbols enabled. That would give me "close enough" debug symbols so I could open core dumps and check (for example)12:59
kklimondarafaeldtinoco: I actually managed to find (some of?) them here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cloud-archive13:02
kklimondaI found a random email somewhere I think that mentioned it13:02
rafaeldtinocoOh they created it13:02
rafaeldtinocothey have now -ddeb PPA13:02
rafaeldtinocoawesome.. thats new =)13:02
rafaeldtinocoeven to me13:02
rafaeldtinocokklimonda: nice13:02
kklimondaoh, it was a bug - https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-archive/+bug/164997913:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1649979 in Ubuntu Cloud Archive victoria "ddebs are not provided for cloud-archive packages" [High,Fix released]13:03
rafaeldtinocooh.. but they dont have all dbgsyms there yet13:03
rafaeldtinocook.. i was aware of this bug13:03
rafaeldtinocoso.. they're slowly creating them13:03
rafaeldtinocoas new releases are done (I think)13:03
rafaeldtinocomitaka, for example, has only 4 packages13:03
kklimondayeah, that seems to be a recent development13:04
rafaeldtinocoyep, they have just a few :\13:04
rafaeldtinocokklimonda: the PPA trick helped a lot13:04
rafaeldtinocoin the past13:04
rafaeldtinocothe build machines are similar if not the same13:04
rafaeldtinocoorelse I just recompiled the source packages with nostrip as DEB_BUILD_OPTION13:05
rafaeldtinocoand would reproduce locally to check the dumps13:05
kklimondayeah, pushing packages with stripping disabled to PPA is a decent workaround13:07
kklimondaalthough I already have a local build machine and apt repository, so I'd probably go this round myself13:07
kklimondastill, not having to do that is great :D13:07
UssatSo Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS, How can I exclude the following from updates:  https://pastebin.com/3sNkYM7t13:36
UssatI know I can use sudo apt-mark hold <name> but would *mysql* work in this case ?13:38
rbasakUssat: within a single distribution release and using official distribution apt sources only, in general holding packages should never break your system if you don't otherwise override apt or dpkg. apt should be aware if an update elsewhere will break a package and refuse to do it. However this does rely on packagers correctly declaring breaking relationships so you're more likely to find packaging13:48
rbasakbugs than if not holding. However it should be safe to do what you're suggesting - except that of course by holding you're skipping security updates and other bugfixes so you'll be vulnerable in that sense.13:48
rbasakapt may also hold back other packages, so the security vulnerabilities and bugfixes apply to other packages, not just MySQL13:49
sdeziel"apt-mark hold '*mysql*'" holds more than the installed packages, it reports holding any package matching the regex13:49
Ussatrbask, the mysql would be updated seperately. The reason behind this is that it has a 126GB database with 2BILLION records and the update takes....quite a while to put it mildly13:50
Ussatsdeziel, correct, which is why I checked what was installed that matched that regex first13:50
UssatThe problem was, that I use an asnible play to update, which, workls flawlessly, except this run there was a mysql update that held everything up because it took, a LOONG time13:51
Ussatso long that I avctually stopped the update on that box, which failed the ansible gracefully. removed that system from ansible and re-ran the play. That system of course was hosed, to put it mildly , and I restored a backup13:52
UssatNow, all is well, I am just trying to avoid the multi hour update on this one system because of a mysql update13:53
UssatHonestly, if anyone has a better suggestion,. please feel free13:54
Ussatof course I would test this on my test system, the issue was not caught on the test system, because, well, I dont have the prod database size on the test box13:55
sdezielUssat: with MySQL 8.0, the Ubuntu package no longer runs the mysql_upgrade script in postinst13:59
Ussatthats what actually was hanging14:00
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Ussatis 8.0 in 18.04.4 ?14:00
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sdezielUssat: with 5.7, you might want to use /etc/mysql/FROZEN to bypass most of the postinst14:00
sdezielUssat: no :(14:00
Ussatsdeziel, I will look into FROZEN, thanks14:00
Ussatis FROZEN a file there, I dont see it14:01
sdezielUssat: I never used the FROZEN mode myself but was pointed to in comment #7 of LP: #1889472, hth14:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1889472 in mysql-5.7 (Ubuntu Bionic) "mysql-server-5.7 postinst fails when in read-only mode" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/188947214:05
UssatThanks, looking at that now14:06
Ussatsdeziel, that looks promising, will need to test14:09
UssatIt also, looks like the only good option :(14:09
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