roger_rogerhello - i have 2 disks with ubuntu installed on each one... i want to eliminate one of them but it is the one with grub on it - how do i move/copy/install grub on the other partition and make it the active one?00:35
Bashing-omroger_roger: Depends on the partioning scheme ; legacy of EFI ?00:37
roger_rogeryes - efi00:41
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Bashing-omroger_roger: Is there a present /efi partition on the target drive ' sudo parted -l ' ?00:42
roger_rogergrub is on the samsung and i want it on the intel00:43
Bashing-omroger_roger: msdos/gpt are not compatible. A thought - now might be a good time for a clean fresh install . But with a lot of hassle installing grub to the Intel drive in theory can be done - But going to take a lot of time and effort to set up to move the present partition to make up a efi/ partition. Not something I have experience with.00:50
roger_rogertrying to avoid fresh install - i have so much going on there...00:51
roger_rogerthe samsung disk is the one i want to remove... i think i could do this by booting to a live cd but i don't know how... seems like i need to create a partition on the intel00:53
Bashing-omroger_roger: Can be done - but moving data ! always a chance of fault/failure - a backup of data is highly recommended. Others here with experience will have to advise if setting a efi/ partition at the end of the drive is possible, to reduce that failure threshhold.00:54
roger_rogerno data to move - just want to create the parition in the 500mb free space on the intel drive, install grub and then tell the bios to go there00:56
roger_rogerthere's 538 of empty space at the beginning of the intel drive where the efi partition can go00:57
Bashing-omroger_roger: Thing is that making room ( at the start of the disk) will involve moving all the data within that partition). GPT will require that /efi partition.00:58
roger_rogerthere's no data - it is currently free space00:59
Bashing-omroger_roger: Sounds reasonable to me to use that unused space . makes things much easier.00:59
roger_rogeryeah - i just don't know how :-)00:59
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Bashing-omroger_roger: Wait here - for one who does have this experience to guide.01:16
roger_rogeri created the partition with parted01:17
roger_rogerwhe i run grub-install /dev/nvme0n1p1 it says grub-install: error: cannot find EFI directory.01:17
Bashing-omEriC^^: ^^ are you available ?01:29
jayjo-is there a guide available to use qemu to boot tails, kali, or raspbian from a USB or SD card? Whether on ubuntu or on ubuntu server ?01:50
MannyLNJI'm trying to setup a PXE server on a Ubuntu 18.06 VM. DHCP and DNS is ne by my pfSense VM. I have it configured to give out as the tftp server. I am following the instructions at vandewerken.com.au/blog/linux/linux-pxe-server-in-heterogeneous-network-with-existing-dhcp-server-stage-1-memtest/ but I can't get dnsmasq to start I keep getting the error  failed to create listening socket for Address02:02
MannyLNJalready in use please help me02:02
guivercMannyLNJ, 18.06?  Check your release, there was no Ubuntu release in 2018-June (18.06)02:11
MannyLNJguiverc, one moment02:12
MannyLNJI had my version wrong it is Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS02:14
CarlFKMannyLNJ: https://debconf-video-team.pages.debian.net/ansible/usb_install/usb_quick_start.html02:16
CarlFKMannyLNJ there is a pxe server setup as one of the later steps02:16
CarlFKhttps://debconf-video-team.pages.debian.net/ansible/usb_install/usb_quick_start.html  [pxe] gw02:17
CarlFKIt may be more work to sort out how it is built so you know what is going on, but it should build you a working server and I can answer questions about the process02:19
MannyLNJ__CarlFK, I will look that over. Thank you02:22
rongx1anI'm running ubuntu+fluxbox, many programs are dependent on gnome(xchat, audaciou etc). Is there a way to install them independently?03:09
guivercrongx1an, I suspect it's not that they're dependent on GNOME itself, but the GTK+ toolkit ; eg. I see no GNOME depends in https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/audacious03:46
guivercI followed a few of the depends links & only say libgtk etc03:48
guivercrongx1an, the obvious answer is using "--no-install-recommends"03:49
rongx1anquiverc, resolved, thanks a lot.03:59
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cluelesspersonI'm having difficulty with printing in ubuntu05:48
cluelesspersonit never works for me05:48
cluelesspersonThe printer is there, the job says pending05:48
cluelesspersonbut never prints05:48
nachtkriecheranyone here know how to get ssh tunneling to work using an ssh config on the jump box?06:21
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wip_hi! i got an ubuntu server 18.04.5 lts in an offline enviroment that needs a desktop. according to docs i can use ubuntu desktop 18.04.5 dvd, use apt-cdrom, apt update and apt install ubuntu-desktop. but it doesnt seem to find ubuntu-desktop package?08:20
wip_what am i missing here?08:22
mrbell1984why does it need a desktop? ubuntu server usually is used without the desktop, ubuntu desktop is used with a desktop08:51
wip_it need to run tools which requires X during install08:57
neicIs it correct that the GA kernels of LTS releases only receive CVE/Critical updates after the first two years of support? It is indicated at the bottom of this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack#Kernel.2FSupport.LTS_Kernel_Support_Schedule09:08
guivercneic, I believe you're reading it incorrectly.  GA kernels are supported the full life of the product, as are HWE kernels.  The HWE kernel advances every 6 months for the first two years (ie. 18.04 advanced to use 18.10's kernel & stack, then 19.04's, then 19.10's before using 20.04's GA stack from then on).  That's the significance of the two years09:11
* guiverc adds in my words anyway09:11
guivercI believe I recall prior cases (12.04 maybe) where in the last few days of it's 5 year cycle, a CVE annoucement came out stating to get that patched you had to switch to HWE; but it was days before it's EOL anyway (significant if you were planning on using ESM though probably) -- but this is historical data as I remember it & it maybe missing details (wrong version etc)09:13
neicWhat is then happening with the 16.04.0 (v4.4) line at Apr 2018?09:13
guivercThe 4.4 kernel will be supported until 16.04 reaches EOL on 2021-April (5 years from release) unless you use ESM.  The HWE kernel for 16.04 is 4.1509:14
lotuspsychjewip_: are you possible to connect your machine to internet?09:16
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neicguiverc, And there is no change to the level of support of 4.4 at april 2018?09:17
wip_lotuspsychje: no, that's what makes it a problem09:17
lotuspsychjewip_: https://phoenixnap.com/kb/how-to-install-a-gui-on-ubuntu09:17
guivercneic, No.  4.4 is supported until 2021-April (5 years from it's release).  The HWE kernel for 16.04 reached it's final *bump* to the 18.04 kernel (4.15) and didn't advance any further.09:18
lotuspsychjewip_: think if you add the desktop cdrom in your sources you can pull off packages offline09:18
neicguiverc. Great. Thanks for clarifying.09:18
guivercyou're most welcome neic09:19
wip_lotuspsychje: ye, manage to mount filesystem.squashfs on the desktop dvd, dont yet know how to pull the packages from there09:20
lotuspsychjewip_: you might wanna talk to the #ubuntu-server volunteers howto do it cli09:21
wip_lotuspsychje: just adding the desktop dvd with apt-cdrom was not eniugh tho09:21
wip_lotuspsychje: ah thx09:21
lotuspsychjewip_: did you sudo apt update, after adding the dvd as source?09:22
wip_lotuspsychje: yea09:22
wip_you can pull gcc and a few pkgs from the desktop dvd, but no ubuntu-desktop09:23
lotuspsychjewip_: well you can install packages from the dvd, but yeah its limited offline for sure09:24
lotuspsychjenot sure exactly wich packages and depends are included or not09:25
iekfkkhey guys09:32
rana_anshi, anyone can help me with this error? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/wpKZyG9DmV/09:32
BlueSharkHi. I have many snap packages installed, and the mounts are slowing the startup by around 30 seconds. Is there any way to fix this? Output of systemd-analyze: http://ix.io/2xCX09:34
BluesKajHiyas all10:20
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sub526Hi all, I'm having an Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS system. It has the server image.  USB audio headset volume control does not work in my system. How to fix this issue on server image?11:01
sub526In Ubuntu server image which program listens for media keys and changes the volume?11:31
marcoagpintosub526: Ubuntu 16.04 is unsupported11:31
marcoagpintothe most recent one is 20.04 LTS11:31
ZPQmarcoagpinto: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is still supported11:33
ZPQmarcoagpinto: yes11:34
sub526marcoagpinto: Sorry did not understood. USB headset won't work on Ubuntu 16.04?11:34
marcoagpintosub526: What I am trying to say is that if you a more recent version, it will have better compatibility with hardware11:34
ZPQsub526: what desktop are you running? Gnome, XFCE or what?11:36
ZPQsub526: usb-headset is running as a separate sound card11:37
sub526ZPQ: I'm using the server image11:37
ZPQsub526: no desktop?11:37
sub526ZPQ: yes, system detected it as sound card11:37
sub526ZPQ: We use server image, how to check what desktop my system is installed?11:38
ZPQsub526: try "startx" in cli11:39
ZPQsub526: then you see if you have it or not11:39
sub526ZPQ: The program 'startx' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing, shall I install it?11:39
sub526ZPQ: it looks like startx is part of xinit package.. My system don't have it.. Do I need to install it to use the USB headset?11:41
ZPQsub526: if you are installing that you get x.org and things with it and that may not be a good idea (depends what you want to use on it)11:41
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ZPQsub526: why do you want to use usb-headset on a server?11:42
ZPQsub526: and what program do you want to use11:43
sub526ZPQ: In our project we are using the server image.. And this test scenario is part of automation tests11:43
sub526ZPQ: I'm using Alsa utilities aplay\arecord11:43
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ZPQsub526: server image is just a ubuntu image witout bloat as x.org and gnome/xfce/lxde + lots of programs for desktop use11:46
ZPQsub526: I have not tried that program and I have not runned audio stuff in cli11:47
rana_ansEriC^^: hey remember me? :D  I got into a new problem, Ubuntu wont boot, shows this: https://ibb.co/0cpVXmg11:47
ash_worksiso I created a user and keys and used ssh-id-copy to get it up to the server. I ended up having to move the key to the new users home directory and chmod'ing it to allow a connection without a password. I have in the authorized_keys command="internal-sftp",no-blah-blah-blah, and the same settings as well in sshd_config for Match User TheNewUser... yet I can ssh into as that user using the password11:48
JakdawI've an Ubuntu 20.04 system that has been upgraded through many versions (since pre-systemd). I want to switch root from a SATA SSD to a newer NVME SSD so I also want to transition from legacy boot to UEFI.... so to do this I wanted to go into Single User Mdoe - but it seems that this fails(!) I think this might be due to the 'initscripts' package being installed (it appears /etc/init.d/single is being executed) - can anyone confirm whether this should be11:48
Jakdawsafe to remove?11:48
ash_worksiI would think I wouldn't be able to do that, *and* that it would only be able to download what's in the chrootdir11:50
ash_worksi(which doesn't actually include it's home)11:50
ZPQsub526: normally ubuntu use PulsAudio, Alsa is legacy stuff11:51
sub526ZPQ: How to verify whether PulseAudio is enabled or not?11:53
BluesKajZPQ, alsa is not legacy pulseaudio runs on top of alsa11:53
ZPQsub526: you can install pulseaudio-utils and that is Command line tools for the PulseAudio sound server11:53
ZPQBluesKaj: maybe it does..?11:54
rana_answho can help me here? https://ibb.co/0cpVXmg11:54
BluesKajtry running pulse without alsa :-)11:54
ZPQBluesKaj: never tried :-)11:54
ZPQsub526: try "pulsaudio" in cli11:55
sub526ZPQ: resulted "pulsaudio: command not found"11:56
ZPQsub526: install it, and the cli-tools for it too11:57
ZPQsub526: did you use " ?11:58
ZPQsub526: it should be without "11:58
rana_ansI cant boot into ubuntu, its sending me into emergency mode, anyone who can help? : https://ibb.co/0cpVXmg11:59
sub526ZPQ: I tried without "11:59
BluesKajsub526, install pulseaudio, pulseaudio-utils and pavucontrol12:01
ZPQsub526: ok, then you may need to install as BluesKaj says, he was faster then me12:02
sub526ZPQ: BluesKaj: Installed pulseaudio, pulseaudio-utils and pavucontrol12:04
ZPQsub526: you may have to reboot... I dont know if it's needed but doit to be sure12:05
ZPQsub526: btw, pavucontrol is GTK+ based gui-thingy and he does not need it if he/she is running cli without desktop12:11
ZPQBluesKaj: it was to you.. npt sub52612:12
BluesKajyeah, I should have scrolled up to see his original question12:14
ZPQBluesKaj: you can have x.org and desktop and gui-stuff on a server image, thats why I asked if he was running desktop stuff12:16
BluesKajyes, I've done that, but it was long time ago12:16
BluesKajbefore pulseaudio :-)12:17
ZPQBluesKaj: sometimes it's best to start there if you not running netinstall12:17
BluesKajsome server users like to have a desktop gui thi12:18
ZPQBluesKaj: yes and it can be usefull but it depends on use12:19
rana_ansEriC^^: you here?12:19
lotuspsychjeZPQ: whats up?13:00
ZPQlotuspsychje: not much right now... I tried to help someone with usb-headset in cli but he/she leaved13:02
lotuspsychjeah, kk13:02
ZPQlotuspsychje: or else, I'm fine :-)13:03
BluesKajusually when they don't return in a few mins one can assume the issue has been solved13:07
ZPQBluesKaj: yepp13:13
chaitanya122Hi. when I am trying to install opencv with "pip3 install pytz opencv-python" it is showing the following error Command "python setup.py egg_info" failed with error code 1 in /tmp/pip-build-zus_w6e8/opencv-python/ so please help me in installing13:19
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LutinIs it still possible to install specific versions of software like nxinx with the first part of the versionnumbers ?14:01
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sub526When I use amixer with the set command to set the volume(amixer set Master 50%) it failed with "amixer: Mixer attach default error: No such file or directory", What is amixer looking for that it does not find?15:01
BluesKajtry alsamixer15:02
BluesKajin the terminal15:02
sub526BluesKaj: alsamixer resulted "cannot open mixer: No such file or directory"15:03
BluesKajinstall alsamixer and alsa-utils15:04
sub526My system had the /usr/bin/alsamixer and alsa-utils package too.15:05
BluesKajyeah, it's normally installed by default15:06
BluesKajboth are15:06
sub526I see that alsamixer binary is part of alsa-utils package..15:07
sub526dpkg -l | grep alsa resulted 2 packages, alsa-base & alsa-utils15:08
sub526Any other package need to be installed to use command line to change volume?15:09
giacoI've upgraded my server to 18.04 to 20.04 and it changed my interface names completely and my netplan was not applying anymore. I had to plug a monitor. No issues ad there's nothing important running there, but is this what an upgrade via dist-upgrade supposed to do?15:32
BluesKajsub526, yes, but you can also use pavucontrol for master volume15:35
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sem2peiejust a question is qnap actually an OEM partner of ubuntu?17:01
ses1984i just had a system totally lock up, not saved by alt-sysreq REISUB17:02
ses1984i wanted to see if alt-sysreq REISUB actually worked, so the first thing i did after rebooting was to ctrl-alt-f1 and try to do it, and it says REI are not supported but it did happily reboot on SUB17:03
ses1984anyway, is there anything specific i should check for evidence on why it locked up in the first place?17:03
oerheksses1984, journalctrl can sho what has happened, except if it was severe there might not be a line wrtten https://askubuntu.com/questions/1068720/what-can-i-do-to-find-the-crash-reason17:10
sine0hi folks. can someone help me, I have a headless ubuntu server, and I want to run a gui program, which can be invoked via cli, how can i check if or what I have for desktop installed17:10
oerheksor 'logs' in dash https://vitux.com/view-system-log-files-ubuntu/17:10
sine0im sure i had a go a while ago and might have installed something17:10
oerhekssem2peie, no idea, is it shown on qnap homepage?17:10
sem2peiee g17:13
EriC^^sine0: you can install any of the desktop meta packages and it will install everything needed17:16
EriC^^e.g kubuntu/lubuntu/xubuntu-desktop etc17:17
sine0EriC^^: ok is there a way to see if i have already done that, how do I check. I only have ssh access currently, but I can open ports17:17
egrainwhere do you put your quake pak files? i installed darkplaces hoping it would tell me where to put them. didn't though.17:17
EriC^^sine0: "dpkg -l | grep desktop" should list any installed ones17:18
ioriasine0, it's weird that you don't know that; but check ls /usr/share/xsessions/17:18
sine0ioria: sorry ive been stuck on windows for a few years now lost touch with linux stuff, just using cli17:19
ioriasine0, ls /usr/share/xsessions/17:19
sine0ls: cannot access '/usr/share/xsessions/': No such file or directory17:19
sine0EriC^^: looks like no: https://bpa.st/R2LQ17:20
EriC^^sine0: yeah nothing seems installed from the meta packages17:21
EriC^^sine0: you could still have packages such as 'xfce' or so, you could always see /var/log/apt/history.log to see what you installed before, if anything17:22
sine0right, i would go for light as the box is old from ex corp17:23
sine0grep xfce /var/log/apt/history.log << nothing17:23
sine0so can i install a desktop from remote command line ?17:24
sine0what do you say, should i do a bit of : sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop17:29
EriC^^sine0: it's up to you, that works17:37
EriC^^btw i didnt mean just xfce, there are other ones lxde blabla17:37
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sine0yea i know of them17:52
sine0its all good im connected rdp to xfce cool etc17:52
sine0this was a lot easier than I remember it17:52
rana_ansEriC^^ : hey you here?18:14
isomarigreetings, can anyone tell me how to completely kill tracker? I've tried every method I googled and damn thing still persists.18:14
EriC^^hey rana_ans18:16
EriC^^what's up?18:16
rana_ansstuck at adding windows 10 entry in boot menu18:16
rana_ansaltho I can access windows 10 from grub>chainloader18:17
rana_ansno solution from google is working for me18:17
EriC^^rana_ans: why are you adding it manually?18:18
rana_ansbecause boot-repair isnt recognising it either18:19
rana_ansits in hd0, gpt318:19
rana_ansits not showing in grub-customizer either18:19
rana_ansEriC^^: it was showing error sof-audio-pci 0000:00:1f.3: error: no reply expected , received 0x018:22
rana_ansso I tried finding the solution for it18:22
rana_ansthat was while booting into ubuntu18:23
rana_ansand it send me to emergency mode18:23
rana_ansnormal start didnt work, I was stuck in a loop, so after not finding any solution on the web, I decided to reinstall ubuntu, now Im stuck at getting windows 10 boot entry ):18:23
rana_ansEriC^^: since you helped me with the same before, I thought to contact you, I kinda forgot how we fixed it last time :|18:26
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EriC^^rana_ans: alright, type '(sudo parted -ls; cat /etc/default/grub /boot/grub/grub.cfg; ls -l /etc/grub.d) | nc termbin.com 9999"18:31
rana_ansis that closing bracket important?18:32
summonnerthey should match18:32
rana_ansbash: syntax error near unexpected token `)'18:33
rana_ansEriC^^: https://termbin.com/pg7j18:34
rana_ansWindows partition is in SSD which is 128GB, rest windows partitions are in HDD which is 1TB, also Ubuntu partition is in HDD as well18:35
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EriC^^rana_ans: do sudo chmod -x for all the ones after 45_os-prober18:37
EriC^^also please pastebin 'cat /boot/grub/custom.cfg'18:38
EriC^^boot-repair makes such a mess of stuff sometimes with so many grub.d entries, eek18:38
rana_ansEriC^^: cat: /boot/grub/custom.cfg: No such file or directory18:38
EriC^^ok good18:38
EriC^^rana_ans: try 'sudo os-prober' in the terminal, any windows?18:39
rana_ansno that doesnt output anything18:39
EriC^^rana_ans: type 'ls -lR /boot/efi | nc termbin.com 9999'18:39
EriC^^rana_ans: windows isnt there, all the files are grubx64.efi and shimx64.efi and renamed18:44
EriC^^see the sizes18:44
EriC^^rana_ans: right now you say you're able to boot windows manually using chainloader?18:44
EriC^^1334816 Sep 15 22:03 bootmgfw.efi that's shimx64.efi18:44
rana_ansI was gonna ask about that can we not add that chainloader(hd0,gpt3)/path to bootmgfw.efi in grub menu entry?18:45
rana_ansyeah I did chainloader (hd0,gpt3)/ and got to that file and entered boot and it went straight to WIndows18:46
rana_ansgpt3 is labelled 'OS' in grub terminal,18:46
rana_ansas ntfs fs18:46
EriC^^rana_ans: ah interesting18:47
rana_ansyeah I dont see any of that in ubuntu commands here18:48
EriC^^rana_ans: type 'sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt'18:48
rana_ansaltho I can access all the drives in Ubuntu and my windows files18:48
rana_ansit returned nothing, anything further?18:48
EriC^^oh i see, i reread above, so windows is in an ssd18:49
EriC^^you're able to mount this ssd in ubuntu and access it?18:49
EriC^^rana_ans: btw try a quick 'ls /mnt/bootmgfw.efi' is it there by any chance?18:50
rana_ansno such file or directory18:50
EriC^^rana_ans: i guess it's in the efi partition on the ssd18:51
EriC^^where is it mounted right now? try to mount it then type 'df | nc termbin.com 9999'18:51
EriC^^for some reason the ssd isnt showing in parted's output18:51
EriC^^only 1tb sda18:51
rana_ansyea I restarted my PC, it isn't showing now, altho I was able to access directories like program files and (x86) programDAta folder as well18:52
rana_ansmybad, didnt check it this time18:52
EriC^^maybe if it shows up, if os-prober can mount and see the efi partition it should automatically add windows18:53
rana_ansI dont know, its not showing HDD either in other locations now18:53
EriC^^if os-prober shows it and update-grub doesn't, it might be something wrong with the grub.d/*os-prober file18:54
EriC^^rana_ans: try to restart to get it back i guess18:54
rana_ansIdk, is there a problem with the .iso coz it happens everytime18:54
rana_ansyeah I'll restart right now18:54
EriC^^if not, you can always add the entry manually for windows, if the ssd/os-prober doesnt pan out18:54
rana_ansaltho I downloaded that .iso from Ubuntu18:54
rana_ansok if it doesnt work after I restart, help me add it manually, coz I have been trying for several hours with no luck18:55
rana_ansEriC^^: its showing 1 thing now, HDD only. No signs of SSD partition in other locations18:59
rana_ansIdk I did access it before tho18:59
EriC^^rana_ans: ok, type 'sudo chmod +x /etc/grub.d/47_custom_proxy'19:02
EriC^^then sudo nano /etc/grub.d/47_custom_proxy19:02
EriC^^add the lines you usually use to load windows at the bottom, "chainloader (hd0,gpt3)/....."19:02
EriC^^then save & exit, and sudo update-grub19:02
rana_ansshould I add it at the end?19:03
rana_ansI'm restart again and note the path then :D19:04
rana_ansI'm gonna*19:04
rana_ansEriC^^: hey, I need to add just the chainloader command at the end right?19:14
rana_ansnothing else?19:15
EriC^^rana_ans: up, that's it, then sudo update-grub19:15
rana_ansit will show in grub-customizer or should I restart and check?19:16
EriC^^i have no idea, i think it should though19:16
EriC^^actually one sec19:17
rana_ansits giving me an error 'sudo update-grub'19:17
EriC^^sudo nano the file again, yeah i forgot about something19:18
EriC^^add this instead, and modify the path if you need to, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/TtPZtWvwHZ/19:18
EriC^^you can call it what you want, just "Windows" etc19:19
rana_ansIm removing chainloader line as well19:19
rana_ansshouldn't there be chainloader ($root)/path?19:20
EriC^^nope, the set root= takes care of it19:21
rana_ansEriC^^: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XsDpCkgT5x/19:21
EriC^^rana_ans: type 'cat /etc/grub.d/47_custom_proxy | nc termbin.com 9999"19:23
rana_ansthis is how my file looks like: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KWzc3JsSMr/19:23
Lutingusy can't we install package like nginx 1.18.0 without -0ubuntu1 ?19:23
rana_ansEriC^^: https://termbin.com/40zq19:24
rana_ansinsmod gpt and insmod ntfs? coz isnt windows ntfs based?19:25
EriC^^rana_ans: edit the file again, remove everything in it19:25
rana_ansin everything like all the stuff even before the lines I added?19:26
EriC^^rana_ans: yes, everything19:26
EriC^^rana_ans: paste this instead in the file https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FhrthWBszs/19:26
rana_ansI changed gpt3 to gpt2 coz that works to boot into windows19:28
rana_anssuccessfully updated grub19:29
rana_ansImma restart and check if it worked, BRB19:29
rana_ansEriC^^: so that worked, can you give me that link again? Imma save everything this time which fixed it19:34
EriC^^sure, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FhrthWBszs/19:34
rana_ansthank you tho! (again) :D19:36
EriC^^no problem :D19:36
rana_anshave a great night brother! good night19:38
oerheks!cookie | EriC^^19:38
ubottuEriC^^: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!19:38
rana_ansyea he has helped me several times now19:38
oerhekshave fun!19:39
EriC^^thanks, you too19:39
rana_ansEriC^^: btw I get this error sof-audio-pci 0000:00:1f.3: error: no reply expected, received 0x019:43
rana_ansit showed this time as well, Im afraid next time I restart it will send me into emergency mode where I'll get stuck again19:43
rana_ansis it a problem with kernels or something?19:43
EriC^^rana_ans: doesn't seem really important, just a warning kind of19:45
Exterminadorso, I'm a bit puzzled. when I installed Xubuntu in my new laptop (a Lenovo notebook), seems that I have 2 boot entries? if I press F7 while turning the laptop, it goes to the boot manager and I have 4 entries: Ubuntu, Windows Boot Manager and 2 disabled entries19:46
rana_anslemme show u SS of what it does when I get stuck in loop19:46
Exterminadorcan someone shed a light why this happens? it's the 1st time I see such thing19:46
EriC^^Exterminador: that sounds like the uefi menu entries19:47
oerheksExterminador,  sounds like an UEFI thingy, there is still a Windows entry there?19:47
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:47
EriC^^that's not in grub right Exterminador ?19:47
Exterminadornope, it's not in grub. it's the laptop boot manager, sort of speaking19:47
rana_ansEriC^^: https://ibb.co/0cpVXmg19:48
EriC^^Exterminador: that's normal, windows boot manager is standard i'd guess, and ubuntu added its own19:48
oerheksit is in the 1st partiton on the drive19:48
Exterminadorin my older laptops I've never seen such boot manager. is that something kinda new? my oldest laptop is like 11y old19:48
oerheksyes, see the !uefi factoid19:49
oerhekslegacy mbr > uefi19:49
Exterminadorwill do it right away. I was thinking that I've borked something :x19:49
EriC^^rana_ans: very odd, i think that's related to something else happening and not the error, i'd guess19:50
oerheksExterminador, no, you did not wipe the disk fully.19:50
oerheksbut that is oke19:50
EriC^^rana_ans: right now while you're booted you can try 'grep -i error /var/log/boot.log' i guess it might also have happened during the current boot19:50
rana_ansit shows that error several times in the list journalctl -xb19:50
rana_ansyes it did, thats why I came to you right away19:51
EriC^^rana_ans: could it be the hdd is on it's way out?19:51
Exterminadoroerheks: indeed, I'm dual booting xD19:51
rana_answdym? :c19:51
EriC^^try a smart test on the hdd using sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda    (from smartmontools package)19:51
EriC^^rana_ans: that emergency error is usually when the fs is corrupted and stuff, and since its intermittent, seems might be hardware related19:52
rana_anssmatctl command not found19:52
EriC^^anyways a smart test should show the hdd health easily19:52
EriC^^rana_ans: sudo apt install smartmontools && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | nc termbin.com 999919:53
EriC^^rana_ans: anything in /etc/fstab that is out of the ordinary? any network mounts or something19:54
rana_ansIm waiting on that smartmontools, then Ill check that19:54
rana_ansEriC^^: https://termbin.com/h1jsd19:57
rana_anshow do I check /etc/fstab? ls /etc/fstab?19:58
EriC^^rana_ans: smart test looks good, cat /etc/fstab19:58
rana_ansEriC^^: https://termbin.com/zh7s419:59
EriC^^rana_ans: looks ok20:02
rana_ansalright, I'll contact you if I get stuck in the loop then. Thanks a lot!!!20:03
EriC^^rana_ans: i think when the emergency mode happens, see the logs of that boot to see exactly what happened, maybe you have to turn on persistent log to see it20:03
kur1jCan someone tell me where in the world a system I have is getting its DNS information? My wifi device is setting as the DNS in /etc/resolv.conf instead of leaving it as Nothing in /etc/system/resolved.conf20:03
rana_ansI checked journalctl -xb it showed only red lines which had sof-audio-pci only20:03
rana_ansnothing else20:03
EriC^^rana_ans: right now?20:04
rana_ansno no not right now, the last time I got stuck like in the morning today20:05
EriC^^if you type now journalctl -xb | grep -i "error.*audio"    what happens20:06
EriC^^sorry "audio.*error"20:07
rana_ansEriC^^: https://termbin.com/loq120:07
rana_ansand they are all red in terminal20:08
EriC^^ok, so the current boot also has it20:08
rana_ansyeah, its prolly gonna get stuck if I restart20:08
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EriC^^next time the emergency mode happens, try journalctl -xb   in the maintenance shell if that shows any info20:09
rana_ansyeah it shows these in red20:09
rana_ansnothing other than audio in red20:09
rana_ansI check it last time it happened20:09
rana_anscan this be fixed?20:10
EriC^^probably the emergency mode is due to something else though, these are just warnings that will keep on happening20:10
EriC^^it's saying that it didnt expect any reply, but it got one, that's all20:10
rana_ansI cant pastebin the data from there, so I will try getting SS of all red lines then if it happens20:11
rana_ansI hope not20:11
EriC^^rana_ans: if you want enable the persistent storage of journal so that you can lookk back on the bad boot once it boots20:11
EriC^^sudo mkdir -p /var/log/journal && sudo systemd-tmpfiles --create --prefix /var/log/journal20:12
EriC^^alright, that should do it20:13
rana_ansthanks again!20:13
EriC^^no problem20:13
rana_ansgood night!20:13
EriC^^thanks, you too20:13
abyssangelpls how do i reconnect my X tty from broken socket20:26
geosmilemy bluetooth is not working on my machine- any ideas on how to debug this?20:42
geosmilenow its working20:44
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jonfenthis works "ssh jonfen@machine 'bash -s' < ./install.sh" but how can i pass a parameter into install.sh?21:05
bipulI  have .vdi file and i would like to mount it on /mnt does anyone have any idea? how to do this?21:26
rfmbipul, virtualbox has vboximg-mount now for this.  https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/UserManual.html#vboximg-mount   #vbox is probably a better place to talk about it than #ubuntu21:29
bipulokay thanks rfm21:31
icarnorhi i have a question22:07
icarnorhopefully someone can answer it22:07
arcatechwhy not just ask?22:08
icarnori was in ssh editing a file on nano. then my wifi glitched and i lost all my changed. can i get those back?22:08
Texasicarnor: You can, actually22:08
TexasIs the nano process still running?22:08
Texasicarnor: What is the output of 'ps -aux | grep nano'?22:10
Texasicarnor: Run it, please. And then send the output to a pastebin.22:10
icarnorwtf is a pastebin22:10
Texasicarnor: https://pastebin.com22:11
icarnoricarnor      1392727  0.0  0.3   9648  3236 pts/1    T    18:09   0:00 nano22:12
Texasicarnor: Now type 'kill 1392727'22:12
TexasAnd there should be a file called '<filename>.save' in the directory where the file was located22:13
icarnorwtf is a directory?22:13
Texasicarnor: It's like a folder in your filesystem.22:14
icarnorso like cd22:14
oerheksicarnor, please watch your language, keep this channel family friendly, thanks22:14
Texasicarnor: cd is short for change directory22:14
Texasicarnor: Did it work?22:15
icarnorthank you texas22:15
icarnorur a lievsaver22:15
icarnorbye now22:15
bipulHow to solve this umet dependencies22:23
bipul.dpkg libvpx522:23
balun[help] my nice commands are sendcoins, balance, richest, lookup, admin, help, more, owo, modules, findalt, maskfind, radioremind, rpn, rt, keep, addkeep, grabkeep, rmkeep, fact, addfact, rmfact22:23
oerheksdid you properly update before install?22:24
bipulapt-get update22:24
oerheksAnd on what ubuntu version, virtualbox from our repos?22:26
bipulUbuntu 20.04 LTS22:26
bipulI'm using it from bionic deb [arch=amd64] https://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian bionic contrib22:28
bipulsince they don't have for focal22:28
oerheksmust be the 3rd party repo then,  libvpx5 does not exist anymore22:28
oerheksgood luck!22:28
bipulwhat the heck22:29
oerheksit is 6 now, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal/amd64/libvpx622:29
oerheksand libsdl-ttf exists.. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal/+package/libsdl-ttf2.0-022:30
bipuloerheks Do you know how to mount .vdi ?22:31
oerheksyes, virtual box does that22:31
hggdhbipul: also, there IS a vistualbox on Focal: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7SWwqYKJbq/22:32
bipulokay but i need to access  it to make changes22:32
bipulI'm looking for this command vboximg-mount22:33
oerheksIn this small tutorial, I will explain how to simply mount a VDI image to Ubuntu" .. it is not that simple.. https://www.cyrill-gremaud.ch/mount-virtualbox-image-drive-on-ubuntu-vdi/22:35
oerhekswhy not use kvm all along..22:35
bipulbecause i don't know kvm22:36
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lapionHow can I disable nvidia drivers for a single boot if nomodet and modeset.nvidia=0 does not work23:44
lapionI think systemctl ignores the modeset option.23:46

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