lxleuserCan someone help to fix the partition table? gpart says:  "Error: invalid extended ptbl found at sector(629748000)."11:04
lubot<mmmm> (Photo, 671x804) https://i.imgur.com/K3CTSt0.jpg11:12
akemlxleuser, Did you try to fsck the volume?11:18
akemusually: sudo fsck /dev/sdaX11:19
akemWhere X is the partition ID number.11:19
akemHowever if it's your root partition you will have to do it from a live USB.11:20
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youneswat this12:00
lubot<Aj@¥> can we install lubuntu in extended partition?12:17
akemAj@¥ No afaik.12:32
akemI mean you need to create a regular ext partition. You can have your first windows partition then add another one for Lubuntu.12:33
lubot<Aj@¥> i mean ext 4 logical partition13:15
lubot<aptghetto> Yes13:20
DDinTVHope everyone is well this morning.14:06

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