guivercI just saw comment on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1152399 by bdmurray, wow :(  that's a feature I like... if anyone is has more details on when this was/will-be implemented I'd love to read03:01
lotuspsychjegood morning03:16
akemHello ;) What's up lotuspsychje ?04:46
lotuspsychjeakem: all good here, how about you?06:21
akemI got some insects that got between the TV LCD and the front glass, makes me sick, if i wanna clean that its complicated i need to dismount the whole thing ://07:06
akemOther than that, i'm ok, still working on my Live Lubuntu stick adding and configuring stuff.07:07
* daftykins hides10:55
daftykinsel chupa cola :o10:55
marcoagpintoI have already drunk a bottle10:56
marcoagpintoa bottle and a can to be more accurate10:56
akemNow you're full of energy ;)11:21
marcoagpintoakem: I have been trying to implement a grammar rule in LanguageTool, but I am getting an error... I asked for help in the forum but so far no suggestions :((((11:43
akemNo idea what this is about.11:43
akemI just do some C and Ruby.11:43
marcoagpintoLanguageTool is an open-source grammar checker11:43
marcoagpintoI am the guy in charge of Portugal11:44
akemHa ok.11:44
akemTo correct errors when typing and so on.11:44
akemGood luck with that then ;P11:45
cucumberhi there everyone16:51
cucumberis anyone else creeped out by the eyes of the new ubuntu background?16:51
cucumberIt feels like it has been backdoored to keep you under watch16:51
cucumberI mean the eyes of the fossa16:51
cucumberwhat is the meaning of the name and the background image?16:52
Maikthought so :P16:53
Maiktoo bad they left, i just wanted to explain what Focal means16:54
lotuspsychjehe scared himself off by the eyes16:54
cucumbersorry I got disconnected16:55
Maikcucumber: Focal = Focus16:55
cucumberI know that much16:55
cucumberthat focal means focus16:55
Maikthe lines represent the focus16:55
cucumberbut on "what"?16:56
lotuspsychjeon YOU :p16:56
cucumberyeah superficially means focus but on "whaaaat"?16:56
cucumberon my needs or on my acitivity?16:56
cucumberI am partly joking16:56
cucumberbut... I guess it is valid question16:56
cucumberdaftykins how so?16:57
daftykinsah nothing serious, i was just teasing that the focus would be stability16:57
cucumberoh ok16:57
lotuspsychjecucumber: the ubuntu wallpapers are designed by community users, best ones get chosen16:57
cucumberyeah a more stable and highly encrypted backdoor! lol16:58
Maikcucumber: paranoia?16:59
cucumberseriously I love the whole GUI thanks to the devlopers but I am going to change the background it is giving me the creeps and I am feeling very uneasy16:59
cucumberbut thanks for the rest16:59
cucumberbeen using ubuntu since 2009 anyways16:59
cucumberMaik: yeah, but would I be wrong i the current state of the world?17:00
Maiki just don't like it when people jump in the ubuntu channels and start talking nonesense just because of a thing like a wallpaper :)17:01
lotuspsychjerfm: those oldskool toolz are the best :p17:02
lotuspsychjerfm: i really miss sux17:02
cucumberBut thank you at least for the "wink" I mean if there is a back door, (lol) you did the honest job of delivering the message with the bright shiny eyes XD17:02
lotuspsychjecucumber: whats this backdoor joke you bring on?17:02
cucumberyeah old times ubuntu was and still is like a chocolate like candy17:03
cucumberloved it and still love it a lot17:03
daftykinsbusiness brown!17:03
lotuspsychjecucumber: if you want a backdoor in your iso, maybe try mint? :p17:04
cucumberlotuspsychje : not a joke they asked Linus Torvalds about it too, remember?17:04
Maikthey asked Linus if he has been asked to implent a backdoor in the kernel17:06
oerhekswhere you there?17:06
cucumberand he noded yes and said no17:06
cucumberwith a very nervous laughter17:06
lotuspsychjeand the fire eyes of a fossa17:06
cucumbersuper firey17:07
cucumberbright and shiny17:07
cucumberto service you better and stuff17:08
lotuspsychjecucumber: so, you like your new install?17:09
Maikwhich stage of the coronavirus is this? :P17:09
cucumberall the jokes aside yeah i toootally do really17:09
lotuspsychjelol Maik17:09
cucumberthe middle stage17:09
Maikouch.... not quite there yet then XD17:10
Maikbe prepared17:10
cucumbernooohh it has been melow so far not that bad17:10
Maikjokes aside, glad you still like ubuntu17:10
cucumberit depends on many things17:10
cucumberoh yeah i do17:10
lotuspsychjecucumber: dont you wanna install an irc client now?17:11
cucumbereasier on web17:11
Maiki myself returned home to Ubuntu a few months ago17:11
cucumberirc clients give me the itches17:11
Maikfirst release i started using was Feisty Fawn17:12
cucumbercould be an allergy17:12
Maikirc clients work well17:12
cucumberoh yeah they do17:12
lotuspsychjerfm: looks nice to me https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xephyr#/media/File:Xephyr-IceWM-Fluxbox-LinuxMint.png17:13
cucumberdaaaaamn, it is even focal ...fooook all get it?!17:16
cucumberI am getting disconnected over and over17:19
lotuspsychjecucumber: try an irc client :p17:19
Maikhe belongs in offtopic... like... for real17:28
lotuspsychjeofftopic doesnt take clowns neither :p17:30
lotuspsychjeMaik: at least they dont rant in main this way17:30
Maiktrue :)17:31
akemAny recommendation for the best USB 3 stick regarding speed etc?20:24
akemFor a live USB. I finished it. I can run wine32 and 64 apps on it, i got gimp, libreoffice, ffox, chromium, it's reaaaallly good, i'm very happy about it :P20:25

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