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iceyjamespage: I'm trying to work out how to ensure that one package's autopkgtests run another package's unit tests / tries to build another package with the new dependency08:38
jamespageicey: the autopkgtest infra takes care of identifying the reverse-depends for a package in proposed, scheduling tests and then blocking any migrations on failures10:42
jamespageso basically all you have todo is add unit testing to each package, then and unit test failures in the reverse dependency chain for an update will block its migration10:42
jamespagethus avoiding the dnspython breakage we had10:42
jamespagedoes that make sesne?10:42
iceyjamespage: yeah - except apparently it didn't work for dnspython - as designate is one of it's rdepends, and designate runs unit tests during package build10:55
jamespagewell that is odd10:58
jamespageand its that that need fixing if that is the case...10:59
iceyah jamespage - it's in `reverse-depends --build`, but not `reverse-depends` for python3-dnspython11:07
iceyconfusing since ` python3-dnspython (>= 1.16.0),` is in designate's `Depends` for python3-designate11:08
iceyI failed to read, python3-designate is in there: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/CDkjSPTqWK/11:15
jo-erlendAnyone around? I'm trying to setup an apt-mirror and it's not working and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.11:50
bnasonIs there any way to get the ubuntu server installer to use the cloud config file automatically from a floppy/cd? I'm trying to use Packer to automate creating my vm templates in vsphere and the only way I've gotten it to work (and every example online shows) it using boot_commands and hosting a http server for the cloud-init. The http server is problematic since my vcenter server isn't able to communicate with my local machine.15:22
bnasonSo I've had to create a script to automate creating a ssh reverse proxy to a server it can communicate with.15:23
bnasonOk I was able to get it to use the files when I put them on a floppy with label CIDATA with ds=nocloud-net (without the seedfrom http part). I just wish i didn't have to pass a boot_command as that seems to be a bit finicky and sometimes fails.16:16
smoserbnason: im' not sure why it would be finick. cloud-init is probably running your boot command.16:18
smoserboot commands are not guaranteed to have network access.16:18
smoseri suspect that is the root of 'finicky'16:18
bnasonthis is the boot_commands directive in Packer. It injects keystrokes into the vm in vsphere and randomly (not very often, but still) it fails seemingly because of timing16:19
bnasonI wonder how hard it would be to modify the ubuntu server iso to use "autoinstall net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0 ip=dhcp ipv6.disable=1 ds=nocloud-net" by default16:21
smoseroh. don't know.16:23
bnasonOk, so at least I've gotten around using an http server to host the cloud init files.16:36
bnasonMy next problem is sometimes subqiuity crashes when trying to install packages. Specifically right now, if I use "kubelet=1.19.0-00" it crashes but if I use "kubelet=1.19.1-00" then it works. Both are valid versions16:37
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bnasonArg, ok so apparently my user isnt getting created now that its loading the user-data file from the floppy.17:52
RoyKdid you say floppy?18:02
bnasonRoyK: yup18:10
bnasoni mean its a virtual floppy on a vm in vsphere18:11
bnasonIs there documentation somewhere on all the options that subiquity uses in the user-data file?18:12
bnasonn/m of course i found it right after asking: https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall-reference18:13
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