jrwrenwow... so I saw the poorly written headlines about msft and linux and hyperv last night.15:47
jrwrenand I ignored it.15:47
jrwrennow that I'm reading the register article, it is really interestin15:48
greg-gThis is more important/interesting: https://thebeverlycrushers.bandcamp.com/15:48
jrwrenhaha, definitely a great name.15:49
greg-gST:TNG themed funk/jazz/indie music15:49
jrwrenI'm more partial to S.P.O.C.K.15:49
cmaloneyYeah, the Hyper-V article seemed more evolutionary than anything16:48
cmaloneyI'm just tired of folks say "This is the EMBRACE part of the plan"16:49
cmaloneyor "EXTEND" or whatever16:49
cmaloneyThat's like digging up Digital memos for what HP will be doing in the future16:49
cmaloneysure, it might fit your narrative, but it's doubtful it's a long-term strategy now16:50
Scary_GuyS.P.O.C.K. gang represent17:51
Scary_Guyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUx2C7Pn7ZE also this guy18:01

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