henninbhello, after installing lightdm on ubuntu 20.04 - when I try to login it returns to login screen, any advice?00:12
guiverchenninb, check you have free disk space, if insufficient free disk space in exists in $HOME (your user directory), login will fail causing you to logout00:13
henninbguiverc, 13% used on the root file system.00:14
guivercspace in $HOME is what matters, /home if partition seperately00:15
henninbguiverc, good point. my home is part of the root file system.00:15
henninbin the journalctl, i do see 'gkr-pam: unable to locate daemon control file'00:18
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arooniif i wanted to encrypt the /home/ partition on ubuntu 20.04 after its already installed is that possible01:02
aroonior would i need to reinstall01:02
lapionGrub adds the same root=UUID=xx for 2 installs on 2 different partitions01:04
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lapionOkay I had to update-grub for the secondary partition01:10
lapionso first update the grub in the secondary partition then update the grub for the running system and then install the grub to the bootsector01:11
Bashing-omlapion: My experience dual booting 'buntus - you might consider disabling 30_os-prober ( /etc/grub.d/ ) in the secondary system to preclude recursion in grub's config file.01:18
lapionBashing-om, the booted and the secondary where copies using dd and after the fact forgot to change the uuid in fstab so grub used the wrong uuid even though after the fact the uuid was changed on the ext4fs01:20
Bashing-omlapion: Still, you only want one system controlling booting per drive.01:22
jayjo-Is there a "recommended" way to run virtual machines on ubuntu today? In particular for running other linux machines (tails, kali, raspbian). I'm reading a lot about qemu. Do I need KVM to use it? Is this the right way to go?01:31
lapionBashing-om, disabling that will only allow the secondary os to overwrite grub with a menu that cannot boot the primary01:43
DouglasKapt says I have "held broken packages", but when I run apt-mark showhold, I get no results... also dpkg -l | grep "^hi" gives nothing.  Ideas on how to fix things? This is Ubuntu 18.0401:54
Bashing-omDouglasK: Show us what you see, in a pastebin ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' - and we look for a PPA issue I bet :P01:56
DouglasKcould well be ... one moment.01:57
DouglasKBashing-om, https://pastebin.com/Jpwfhiwq02:01
DouglasKI included the requested, plus an apt-install that shows the error.02:03
Bashing-omDouglasK: Looking ^ .02:03
Bashing-omDouglasK: We can try - nut all bets are off - bionic install with "http://ru.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial InRelease". Ouch !02:05
DouglasKEh, it was set to ca.archive.ubuntu.com initially, but some recommended trying a different mirror.  Changing seemed to make no difference.02:06
Bashing-omDouglasK: What does the system think is the release ' lsb_release -a ' ?02:07
Bashing-om!info libssl1.0.0 bionic02:07
ubottulibssl1.0.0 (source: openssl1.0): Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - shared libraries. In component main, is standard. Version 1.0.2n-1ubuntu5.3 (bionic), package size 1062 kB, installed size 3415 kB02:07
DouglasKIt says Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS02:07
DouglasKI can pastebin the full ver if you like.02:08
DouglasKIt also says "No LSB modules are available".02:08
Bashing-om1.0.2n-1ubuntu5.1doNaw let's see what we can do . For sure do not want to mix the releases between xenial and bionic.02:09
DouglasKSo, put the sources.list over to bionic?02:09
Bashing-omDouglasK: Yeah - like ' sudo sed -i 's/xenialy/bionic/g' /etc/apt/sources.list . then see what the package manager thinks.02:14
DouglasKNo worries... I've backed the file up and will do it in vim02:15
Bashing-omDouglasK: ' sudo sed -i 's/xenial/bionic/g' /etc/apt/sources.list '02:15
DouglasKOk.  821 packages to upgrade.  wow.02:18
DouglasKYa, this'll be a while.02:18
DouglasKalso, "0 not upgraded" is promising.02:18
DouglasKI'll bbiab.02:19
Bashing-omDouglasK: Fingers crossed :D02:19
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TwoNotesNew 20.04 install sees one of my old disks (not the root disk)  with the wrong UUID so will not mount it.03:11
TwoNotesInstead it sees it as the original (now removed) old root disk03:11
Bashing-omTwoNotes: review /etc/fstab and compare to ' sudo blkid -c /dev/null -o list ' for the correct UUIDs .03:13
TwoNotesIsn't the UUID stored on the disk itself?03:13
Bashing-omTwoNotes: Kernel reads the /etc/fstab file to mount the partitions.03:14
TwoNotesI know that.  The question is how does it identify the disks.  /dev/disks/by-uuid ?03:15
TwoNotesBefore fixing fstab, I am trying various mount commands03:16
TwoNotesIf I physically replace the new boot drive with the old one, IT properly sees the second disk.  But the new boot disk does not.03:18
TwoNotesThat blkid command sees this second disk as the original (now removed) boot disk.03:19
TwoNotesPerhaps if I disconnect the disk entirely and reboot, thinks will match up again03:20
Bashing-omTwoNotes: Humm ... ' sudo blkid -c /dev/null -o list ' <- The switch "-c /dev/null" ensures the command is not using any cached values and polls all of your hardware directly. The "-o list" switch is an option to order the output for easier reading.03:21
DouglasKBashing-om, the system did finish the upgrade.  Now to see if it reboots.03:24
TwoNotesThe blkid command sees the UUID of this phantom disk to be the same as my old boot disk drive, which is physically removed and sitting on my deks here03:24
Bashing-omTwoNotes: Got me - cached data ? where the -c option polls the hardware, does this show correctly  ?03:26
TwoNotesEven with -c it is showing obsolete information about the disk.03:30
Bashing-omTwoNotes: That then is above my skill level.03:30
TwoNotesPerhaps shutting down, disconnect the disk, then reboot, will force the BIOS to update its idea of what is there03:31
TwoNotesThanks anyway for the fancy blkid command.  That is useful03:31
Douglas_KBashing-om, a) it rebooted fine, and b) libssl-dev installed without issue.  Thank you!  Now I can go compile a current version of znc and get back on IRC with style.03:32
Bashing-omDouglas_K: \o/ - Good things can happen :P03:35
Douglas_KAbsolutely!  I work 3rd lvl support, I'm decent with Ubuntu, but it's not my forte.  I truly appreciate the assist.03:37
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Norklevote trump!04:38
lotuspsychjeNorkle: not here please04:42
fosser_joshlaptop microphone not working after upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04.05:21
Maikfosser_josh: http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html#notwork  Please try to be more specific . ;)05:27
MaikThat being said, more info is welcome: what laptop, which specs etc.. That way we can search for bug reports if there are any and try to find a solution.05:30
fosser_joshMaik: to be specific i tried restarting pulseaudio, force reload alsa but my laptop microphone not working. its not picking up any kind of sound. I am not sure how to further troubleshoot.05:30
fosser_joshfor laptop spec i am using thinkpad x1 carbon with i7 vPro05:31
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Maikalso: https://mathieularose.com/ubuntu-19-10-on-lenovo-thinkpad-x1-carbon-7th-gen/05:35
Maikmaybe something usefull can be found there05:35
Ben64all my fonts on websites are bold now.....? how do i fix this05:45
Ben64nvm, turns out it was reading an Arial Black font I had installed as normal Arial? so everything got bold05:54
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andi_can somebody tell me why i get this error? https://paste.xinu.at/zLi0RQ/09:03
andi_i've never heard of Immediat-Configure what i'm doing is https://paste.xinu.at/Kfkha/ on my docker build09:04
omega_doomhello. I am trying to resolve a problem how to enable a hotspot with vpn.09:25
narakrishHello all, I'm currently working on a EPOS application developed using Qt running Ubuntu 16.04. We are using CUPS service for printing. CUPS version is 2.1.3. The system is running with a 2GB RAM. We are observing the CUPS memory keeps on increasing and at some point the printers does not print. We are using default CUPS configuration. We are09:26
narakrishhaving around 7 network printers connected on the network. Any idea why the memory is rapidly increasing ?09:26
omega_doomwithout vpn hotspot works just fine but with vpn it disconnects right away. Does anyone know what might be wrong?09:27
xzuHello. new here. I need to make a bug report, but I don't know where the problem really comes from09:53
xzu(sorry accidental return) I suspect samba. https://askubuntu.com/questions/1272185/20-04-cant-find-brotherdcp-network-printer-when-16-04-does-dcp-j752dw and also https://askubuntu.com/questions/1256728/ubuntu-20-04-windows-printer-via-samba-browse-click-no-response?noredirect=1#comment2160922_125672809:55
xzuSo the question is: what should I use for ubuntu-bug: samba? cups? system-config-printer?09:56
zaizaiz86Hey bros and sisters, just did an upgrade, is this something to be worried about: https://pastebin.com/raw/WswZV0ii10:03
b247_eudear users, i have a strange problem with ipsec, it creates a table 220 route that prevents me to acces my local subnet, if one with same problem (or alike) please advice10:18
wyoungHi, what is with iptables version 1.8? Why can't I type in --dport any more?10:37
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jljHi! I have a ufw/firewall question. (Let me know if I should be asking elsewhere.) I've been able to successful bridge some LXD containers to my Ubuntu host's ethernet device, but only with ufw disabled. I had been thinking that I could just added some interface rules to the before... files to get it working with ufw enabled, but my reading has turned up some folks working with ebtables to ensure bridged10:50
jljtraffic is properly processed by the host firewall. I hadn't even heard of ebtables as of Monday; before I dive in, am I making this too complicated? I can put some of the ufw blocks in the Ubuntu pastebin, if that helps.10:50
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zetheroofrom time to time I receive a USB hard disk which I cannot mount in Ubuntu (I am using 18.04) and I cannot figure out why. The disk is seen by fdisk https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/M6vXHcwxWC/11:47
zetherooit shows up in Nautilus and the right-click menu shows the Mount option, but clicking on it does nothing11:48
BluesKajHi all12:35
malpktmy device is ubuntu certified (https://certification.ubuntu.com/hardware/201812-26716) and it seems like its codename is somerville (canonical-oem-somerville-bionic-amd64-20180608-47+bolt-l+X51) and i need to obtain the driver for the fingerprint sensor. i found http://dell.archive.canonical.com/ but i dont know what repo to use12:40
malpkthttps://gitlab.freedesktop.org/libfprint/libfprint/-/issues/183 someone already managed to extract it but its not public anymore :(12:41
rob_jonesHow can i make a new file created adopt the file system perms of its parent and not my user14:12
rob_jonesI want chmod and chown to match that of its parent14:12
jonfeni use scp, but i have a situation where i am already ssh'd into the remote, and i want to copy a file from local to the remote.  how can i do that?14:16
rob_jonescant you use filezilla?14:17
jonfenscp would be the one i would use, but since i am already ssh'd, i was wondering if there was something else.  i don't have ftp or sftp configured on either box14:19
jonfenrob_jones: https://askubuntu.com/questions/642236/how-to-make-the-newly-created-files-inherit-the-directorys-permissions14:20
rob_jonesthanking you :)14:20
b247_euit will it work if I just create (from a template) the "/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf" file (on #ubuntu 20.04) and enable from here p2p support bits?14:29
Gh0staWhat is the best way to mount iPhone storage on Ubuntu?14:44
oerheksGh0sta, see this howto; https://www.maketecheasier.com/easily-mount-your-iphone-as-an-external-drive-in-ubuntu/14:48
Gh0stawould I be able to copy photos as well?14:48
Gh0staoerheks: thanks14:48
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Gh0staoerheks: thanks, that did the trick14:58
oerheksGh0sta, have fun!14:59
bnasonIs there any way to get the ubuntu server installer to use the cloud config file automatically from a floppy/cd? I'm trying to use Packer to automate creating my vm templates in vsphere and the only way I've gotten it to work (and every example online shows) it using boot_commands and hosting a http server for the cloud-init. The http server is problematic since my vcenter server isn't able to communicate with my local machine.15:07
bnasonSo I've had to create a script to automate creating a ssh reverse proxy to a server it can communicate with.15:08
lotuspsychjebnason: try the #ubuntu-server channel for likeminded volunteers if you want15:16
lotuspsychjemalpkt: i hear gnome 3.38 will get better fingerprint support15:17
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malpktlotuspsychje: i dont think it has anything to do with gnome15:28
malpktgnome wont help me without the proprietary driver15:28
lotuspsychjemalpkt: anything to see in your dmesg?15:29
malpktno. i just need the proprietary driver because fprintd doesnt have one by default15:30
malpktit may be in one of the repos but i dont know how to properly inspect a repo15:30
malpkti also obtained an ubuntu image which may include the driver but i dont know where it would be15:31
oerheksmalpkt, what driver? the list on https://launchpad.net/~fingerprint/+archive/ubuntu/fprint and https://fprint.freedesktop.org/supported-devices.html  is all that is supported15:31
malpktmy device is https://certification.ubuntu.com/hardware/201812-26716 so there will be a driver in the repos or in an ubuntu image15:31
oerheks27c6:530c is not in the list.15:33
malpktyes, its not supported by default, so i must obtain a driver for it manually15:33
malpkti already have an ubuntu image and found out things like my laptops codename, some repos etc15:33
oerheksgood luck with your search, there is no driver on our iso's.15:34
malpktthis is a dell ubuntu image15:35
lotuspsychjemalpkt: there's also an interesting bug #172190915:35
ubottubug 1721909 in usbutils (Ubuntu) "Goodix GF3208 (fingerprint reader) not being recognised by lsusb(usbutils)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/172190915:36
malpktBus 001 Device 002: ID 27c6:530c Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co.,Ltd. Fingerprint Reader15:36
malpktit gets recognized15:36
oerhekseven this post fails https://www.reddit.com/r/Dell/comments/hq3kf3/xps_13_fingerprint_drivers_are_here/15:38
malpkti couldnt obtain an image for my latitude 3500 but for a G3 3590 which has the same fingerprint reader15:41
malpktit contains these files: https://0x0.st/iI6U.txt15:41
malpktso if it doesnt contain anything useful, there has to be something in the repo i mentioned, right?15:42
AlexPortableThe bottom portion of my screen is broken. How would I 'exclude' this area from the OS trying to show something there?16:40
oerheksAlexPortable, no way to do that, AFAIK16:41
lotuspsychjemaybe some kiosk software?16:41
lotuspsychjethat could lock things into a window16:41
AlexPortableand then run every program in that window?16:45
elias_aWhich log does Ubuntu use for logging installed packages?16:45
cucumberhi there everyone16:46
lotuspsychjeAlexPortable: well kiosk mode is actually designed to browse in, but you could try tweaking things perhaps16:46
lotuspsychjeelias_a: /var/log/dpkg16:47
cucumberI just had the chance and the privilege to check the new focal distro16:47
cucumberI have a question if anyone is willing to help me with16:47
lotuspsychjeshoot cucumber16:47
cucumberthank you lotuspsychje  how was the name "focal" chosen? and what does the eyes being brightened and having lines on them mean?16:48
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lotuspsychje!codenames | cucumber16:48
ubottucucumber: Ubuntu has awesome release codenames. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames for more16:48
cucumberHave the backdoors been improved? more monitoring or something?16:48
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cucumberthe eyes give me the creeps16:49
elias_alotuspsychje: TY16:49
lotuspsychjecucumber: lets focus on ubuntu support channels in here please16:49
cucumberoh ok16:50
lotuspsychjecucumber: feel free to use the #ubuntu-discuss channel for other ubuntu talk16:50
cucumberI certainly will16:50
cucumberthank you lotuspsychje16:50
lotuspsychjeAlexPortable: a virtual machine could also be an idea, giving you a window sized16:51
rfmAlexPortabe, lotuspsychje xnest would be less overhead than a VM but setting up the session would take a bit of work16:55
lotuspsychjerfm: i'm not familliar of that, what does it do?16:55
oerheksdoes that help a broken screen?16:56
malpkti wonder if xrandr's --transform could help16:57
lotuspsychjemight not oerheks :p16:57
rfmlotuspsychje, it's an X server that renders into a X window.  so start Xnest, resize its window to the working part of the screen, run everything there16:57
malpktlike this: https://superuser.com/questions/1435053/how-to-use-xrandr-to-crop-part-of-monitor-off16:57
lotuspsychjerfm: interesting!16:58
rfmapparently there's something called xephyr which is also a nested X server.  know nothing of it (Xnest is very old, we used to use it back in the '90s to test new window toolkits without breaking the working session)'17:00
malpktdo you think dell would make an ubuntu image available for my machine (https://certification.ubuntu.com/hardware/201812-26716)? it came with windows 10. i still have warranty17:13
samthewildonewhat is the way to rsync multiple (source) directories to multiple (destination) directories ?17:13
samthewildoneI'm doing "# rsync -avz dir1/ dir2/ dir3/ ... user@server:/dir1" <- how to do create multiple destinations ?17:13
oerhekssamthewildone, you are anwered in ##linux17:15
oerheksmalpkt, ask dell?17:15
oerheksi have no confirmation your fingerprint will work.17:15
malpkthttps://gitlab.freedesktop.org/libfprint/libfprint/-/issues/183 - seems like there is a way17:16
ioriamalpkt, already tried this ? http://dell.archive.canonical.com/updates/pool/public/libf/libfprint-2-tod1-goodix/17:17
malpktno, i will take a look17:18
oerheksioria, good spot!17:20
oerhekswhy did i not find this..17:20
malpktthis looks very promising. it contains the correct usb id17:20
lotuspsychjethe famous dell repos17:20
malpkti will make sure to document it if it works17:21
malpkti wont be DenverCoder917:21
swenssonSo, I've recently started to use screen, I did loose the connection and the screen -r does not work & prompts this: 1264.pts-0.myhostnamehere   (09/16/2020 03:48:19 PM)        (Attached) How can I jump into that screen? .O17:41
leftyfbswensson: screen -D -r17:42
jozefkI got KUbuntu 20.04 and sometimes, often, when I turn on the PC and try to play a video or audio file, the sound is stuttering. Is there a fix for that? It's driving me crazy to keep reabooting always. And now, even after reboot it's still there the same issue17:42
swenssonah, cheers leftyfb ! =)17:43
lotuspsychjejozefk: wich video player are you using? is your sound and graphics driver loaded correctly?17:47
swenssonhow about two screens open?  1735.pts-1.myHostnamehere and  1264.pts-1.myHostnamehere17:50
jozefklotuspsychje: I tried both VLC and MPV. I rather like to use MPV. Graphics must be loaded correctly. About sound drivers I don't know. How do I check that?17:51
lotuspsychjejozefk: sudo lshw -C sound17:51
lotuspsychjejozefk: some cases on nvidia drivers, sound can get affected too, might doublecheck too17:52
jozefklotuspsychje: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/dMdKrRgMC6/17:53
lotuspsychjejozefk: ok seems loaded, what about your nvidia driver version? nvidia-smi17:54
lotuspsychjejozefk: ok tnx, could you try a switch to 435 as a test please?17:54
jozefk450 was installed automatically by CUDA17:55
jozefkHow do I switch to 435?17:55
lotuspsychjejozefk: lets see wich drivers are available for your card, ubuntu-drivers list17:57
lotuspsychjejozefk: ok, so 435 is among them, you can try the switch17:58
jozefkis that done through cli or ?17:59
lotuspsychjejozefk: you can choose, havent used kubuntu in a while, so not sure where they handle drivers GUI there17:59
lotuspsychjejozefk: from apt, sudo apt install nvidia-driver-435 and reboot18:00
jozefkok. I will try and see what happens18:00
jozefkcli is usually more simple to me18:00
lotuspsychjejozefk: if it doesnt influence, we can try other steps18:01
jozefkthat thing didn't work though: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HvR7npGgqQ/18:01
lotuspsychjejozefk: do you have external ppa's added to your system?18:02
jozefkmaybe if they got installed automatically somehow, like for Chrome, or Visual Studio Code. I don't know18:03
jozefkIt could be that some where added when installing CUDA18:03
lotuspsychjejozefk: unmet dependencys often arise when external ppa's fight with apt sources18:04
lotuspsychjejozefk: i think the ubuntu drivers get mixed with your cuda repo18:07
lotuspsychjejozefk: we can only advice to get your system as vanilla possible here, clean the external repos and fix your sound issue first18:07
jozefkthen later I will have another issue, to install cuda and get it working :) but maybe I can't have both, who knows :)18:08
malpktioria: it worked. thank you so much18:08
lotuspsychjejozefk: could you pastebin your dmesg plz?18:08
lotuspsychjemalpkt: tnx for the feedback, interesting for us to know ioria oerheks18:09
ioriamalpkt, good job18:09
malpktioria: i also found a PKGBUILD which automates this: libfprint-2-tod1-xps9300-bin18:11
jozefkby the way I use the sound from MoBo, not from GPU. anyway, maybe there is some conflict between them18:12
lotuspsychjejozefk: there seem to be some errors about sound indeed, nd_hda_intel 0000:0a:00.4: No response from codec, disabling MSI: last cmd=0x0043a03e18:15
jozefkthat's something to do with the sound on MoBo. Maybe GPU drivers aren't affecting that? or what could be the cause?18:16
lotuspsychjejozefk: i would still try the driver switch, ive seen more users in the past with those fixed by driver switch18:17
jozefkin that case I must forget about cuda I think. coz it's not going to work if I have nvidia drivers installed first and I try to install cuda18:19
ax562is there a way to check what version of intel firmware is loaded?18:20
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 205229 in Sound(ALSA) "[Intel Ice Lake, snd-hda-intel, HDMI] "No response from codec" (after display hotplug?)" [Normal,Resolved: patch_already_available]18:30
jozefkthat seems related to my problem. if that error from dmesg is a right track. I don't have Intel CPU though18:31
tomreynjozefk: before you try anything else, fix the vmware network driver problem.18:45
tomreyn(i didn't follow your chat, just looked at your dmesg)18:45
jozefktomreyn: could that affect the sound issue?18:47
tomreynjozefk: it taints the kernel, and it triggers an oops, could affect the kernel in many ways. this doesn't have to affect sound, but can.18:49
tomreynalternatively just don't load those modules tainting the kernel and see whether you can still reproduce the audio problem18:49
jozefkis that done by modifying the grub or how do I do it?18:50
bumblefuzzhow do I disable ipv6 on ubuntu system-wide?19:03
daoumilseiteki have to install an ubuntu 16.04 for work19:04
daoumilseitektowards the end of install it seems ubiquity is removing every single package, one by one19:04
daoumilseitek(and i don't even know where from − install or live)19:05
daoumilseiteklooks like a bug19:05
daoumilseitekanyone run into similar bug19:05
daoumilseitekit takes very long19:05
daoumilseitekit's a virtualbox install (for now) of 16.04.7 desktop19:06
ToTheInternethello. i set up ubuntu with a GUI on AWS EC2 following the official documentation: https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/ubuntu-desktop-aws#2-setting-up-tightvnc-on-aws I can connect to the instance but the resolution is tiny, and all the documentation about changing it talks about the "Activities" overview but i don't have that? how can i bring it up?19:14
ToTheInternetobv i don't usually use ubuntu so pls excuse the basic question. pressing my Windows key ("Super key") doesnt do anything19:14
tomreyn!blacklist | jozefk19:14
ubottujozefk: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »19:14
osseToTheInternet: do you see button in the lower left with 3 by 3 squares?19:15
tomreynalternatively add    modprobe.blacklist=MODULENAME   to the kernel command line19:15
bumblefuzzso, I've disabled ipv6 using /etc/sysctl.conf but 'ip -6 addr' still shows an ipv6 address... why??19:15
ToTheInternetosse: no. there is a button with a tool tip saying "Click here to hide all windows and show the desktop"19:16
ToTheInternetthe button does exactly that19:16
jozefktomreyn: I see I can blacklist modules with kmon too https://github.com/orhun/kmon#blacklisting-a-module19:16
jozefkjust not sure how do I unblacklist them later :)19:17
jozefkOr maybe I should better fix the vmware network card driver issue instead19:17
bumblefuzzcan someone explain how 'cat /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/all/disable_ipv6' outputs 119:20
bumblefuzzand how 'ip -6 addr' outputs an ipv6 address?19:20
ToTheInternetosse: this is what the desktop looks like https://ibb.co/tbz1dB719:21
techiedhey, I'm trying to enable livepatch on my server. I did `sudo snap install canonical-livepatch` which appears to have worked correctly (canonical-livepatch 9.5.5 from Canonical✓ installed) but when I run `sudo canonical-livepatch enable 820---` it just hangs until i ctrl+c19:21
osseToTheInternet: very interesting. that looks like an older ubuntu19:22
ToTheInterneti think it's gnome maybe19:22
ToTheInterneti mean i did do:  sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop19:22
oerhekstechied, what is the use for `sudo canonical-livepatch enable 820---`???19:23
techiedwhat do you mean?19:23
oerheksinstalling the snap makes it start automaticly19:23
techiedno, you need to enable it with the livepatch token according to https://auth.livepatch.canonical.com and https://ubuntu.com/security/livepatch19:23
ToTheInternetmaybe i'm missing some packages that i need to install to get the "normal" ubuntu gui?19:23
techiedi did it on another system (my laptop) and it worked fine with this method19:24
oerhekswait,  820--- is your token?19:26
techiedwell i redacted the rest19:26
techiedit starts with 82019:26
oerheksi see, i wondered about that number19:26
techiedfinally got a message back: `2020/09/16 21:26:20 error executing enable: cannot enable machine: bad temporary server status 500 (URL: https://livepatch.canonical.com/api/machine-tokens) server response: machine token already exists`19:27
jozefkI think I will try to install new VMWare Player version and see what happens19:29
oerhekscheck your ubuntu one account, i guess, to see if you can enable your server, maybe there are 3 attempts already?19:29
bumblefuzzdoes anyone know how I'm still getting an ipv6 address in ubuntu when I've "disabled" ipv6 via sysctl.conf?19:29
oerheksisn't sysctl the old way? you can disable ipv6 in your networkmanager easily.19:31
jozefkwill be back after reboot and test19:31
oerhekssae would be in grub; GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="ipv6.disable=1"19:32
techiedoerheks: thanks, turned out to be the machine's  UUID; https://askubuntu.com/questions/1264961/19:32
bumblefuzzsorry this is ubuntu server19:33
bumblefuzzI don't have a desktop19:33
jozefkafter installing the new version of VMWare Player, and reboot, sound is back. I'm not sure now if that fixed the problem or it's just working randomly :)19:37
jozefkmaybe the dmesg can tell?19:38
TR2990WXhi, right after the installation on my laptop I see a nice logo when the laptop startup. Then I installed a newer mainline kernel and the logo disappeared and the boot process show a few warnings/errors. Is there a way to bring back the nice logo ?19:39
ToTheInternetis there any way how i can bring up the thing that the Action key brings up? without using the Action key?19:41
ToTheInternetbecause its not working. i installed the ubuntu-desktop package on a fresh ubuntu 18 install19:41
ToTheInternetand pressing the windows key doesn't do anything.19:42
daoumilseitekFTR my bad ; it appears to be a normal part of install19:44
ikoniadoesn't a fresh ubuntu 18 install come wuth ubuntu-desktop already installed ?19:46
oerheksikonia, yes?19:49
ikoniaso why would ToTheInternet need to install ubuntu-desktop package on a clean ubuntu '18' install19:49
oerheksbumhow did you control networking on your server? not worthy to mention in your 1st question?19:49
oerheksikonia, no idea, some want to make it a trivia channel19:50
shurdeekI'm wondering what software is used to generate the images at https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/ . I need to use a modified image, as I want to use NFS root and the published images don't have the kernel module for my network card (RTL8111). I thought it uses vmbuilder but that's obsolete.20:24
oerheksshurdeek, all you need is the backport-iwlwifi-dkms package20:45
oerheks!info backport-iwlwifi-dkms20:45
ubottubackport-iwlwifi-dkms (source: backport-iwlwifi-dkms): iwlwifi driver backport in DKMS format. In component universe, is optional. Version 8324-0ubuntu3~20.04.1 (focal), package size 1530 kB, installed size 9804 kB20:45
oerheksfor normal iso's one could use cubic, why would a cloud image need this wireless package?20:46
jeremy31The RTL8111 should be supported by the r8169 kernel module in the Ubuntu kernels20:50
shurdeekthank you for the information, however, that doesn't really solve my problem20:51
shurdeekI boot the cloud images over PXE.20:51
shurdeekI could probably manually modify the image to add the module, but I want a clean solution rather than a hack.20:52
oerheksso, why can't you add that driver to the image?20:52
shurdeekI probably could, but I want a proper way to do that, instead of doing it manually.20:53
shurdeekI could mount the image, add the module, regenrate initramfs and save everything. But there has to be a more normal way to do this.20:54
jeremy31The r8169 driver is part of linux-modules-extra, so that must not be part of the image20:54
shurdeekdo you know if there is a more standardised approach than modifying the image manually? I can't find any documentation on how these images are created in the first place20:55
shurdeekthey used to be created by vmbuilder, but that's now obsolete and I haven't found any info on what replaced it20:55
shurdeekhmm maybe if I used a different prebuilt kernel....20:57
rr123was increasing confused by ubuntu dns, in NetworkManager I set manual DNS to a invalid address, turn interface off/on to make it take effect, systemd-resolve --status showed this DNS's IP(though unreachable), however I can still surf, nslookup reports it gets from, what the hack is that, and where does it got IP from?21:52
rr123is i do: nslookup invalidwhatever.com, it says ""server cn't find invalidwhatever.com: NXDOMAIN", so it seems there is a local cache for all hostnames I have tried21:54
rr123sudo systemd-resolve --flush-caches does not help either21:54
rr123systemd already made linux bad enough, ubuntu's netowrk changes made it even more difficult21:55
leftyfbrr123: use nm-connection-editor21:56
xtao127.0.0.53 is systemd-resolved , and i believe it has a hardcoded fallback in the case of no DNS servers working where it goes to,, and
leftyfband under "Method" pick "Automatic(DHCP) addresses only"21:56
rr123xtao: i hate that hard-code thing, because of it i could not debug pihole21:57
leftyfbxtao: that is incorrect. is pointing to localhost which runs a DNS caching daemon and then goes out to your configured DNS. There is no valid default namesever21:57
leftyfbrr123: setting a manual DNS entry in the NM for the latest Ubuntu versions doesn't do anything unless you also set the entire profile to manual21:58
rr123i mean, let me just change /etc/resolv.conf and be done with it if I need override whatever is hidden, systemd/ubuntu wasted me half of day debugging while in the old days, it should take less then 5 seconds21:59
rr123leftyfb: how to set the entire profile to manual21:59
leftyfbrr123: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-configure-static-ip-address-on-ubuntu-18-10-cosmic-cuttlefish-linux22:00
rr123all I want is to just manually designate a DNS, for god sake22:00
leftyfbrr123: I've given you 2 options22:00
rr123sometimes i feel ubuntu is getting worse than windows, unnecessarily complex22:01
leftyfbrr123: this is a support channel. Please following along with troubleshooting. Keep all rants in #ubuntu-offtopic22:01
leftyfbrr123: and to clarify, the issues you're experiencing are with the Gnome project, not Ubuntu.22:02
rr123leftyfb: in the half day I already tried those, does not work for me22:02
xtaowell it's not incorrect is it. a process called systemd-resolved is listening on as a stub resolver. you can see that with sudo fuser 53/udp and then sudo ls -l /proc/<pid>exe22:02
leftyfbxtao: yes, that is a caching daemon22:02
rr123will systemd-resolve --flush-cache clean that caching daemon?22:03
leftyfbrr123: it doesn't cache which nameserver you have configured. It caches DNS queries22:04
rr123nslookup google.com output first line is always, never saw anything with DNS server22:05
rr123so it always goes to local cache first22:05
rr123which means my tcpdump port 53 can not catch anything?22:06
rr123but i can see tcpdump port 53 on the gateway22:06
rr123so I tried to change /etc/resolv.conf to which is invalid, nslookup still happily reports right IP address, some hidden code somewhere still22:09
rr123actually whatever is in /etc/resolv.conf does not matter, on the gateway tcpdump reports is responding with DNS replies22:10
rr123i delete /etc/resolv.conf that does stop nslookup22:12
rr123the problem with systemd is that, if there is an issue, nobody knows how to debug and fix22:12
sine0how do you get the version number of a software in apt-chace22:54
sine0cache even22:54
hggdhsine0: apt-cache policy22:57
Bashing-omsine0: ?? 'apt-cache show <package>' shows the version. "apt-cache show mousepad >> Version: 0.4.2-1". Maybe I do not understand your intent ?22:59
sine0show worked, thanks23:03
Bashing-omsine0: \o/23:03
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