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eclectic_billHello, anyone here?22:16
eclectic_billok, then!22:24
eclectic_billIt's my time to get going producing music on Linux, and I seem to be failing to get results over and over.22:28
eclectic_billNot stupid or lazy, just seem to need some hand-holding or something.22:28
ajan@eclectic_bill have you tried joining #opensourcemusicians and discuss music production tools and specifics there?22:52
eclectic_billyes, I've been in there and asked for help. But there seems to be no one there; I'm the only person listed in the particpants list23:07
eclectic_billWondering if I messed something up, to seem to have that channel all to myself!23:08
eclectic_billNot the real channel?23:08
eclectic_billI'm also in #linuxmusicians, and see the same thing there.23:11
veremitzI see 92 people in #opensourcemusicians23:11
veremitzare you sure you're not in ##opensourcemusicians ?23:11
veremitz(ie. only one #)23:12
eclectic_billok, I put the <...> as part of the #name! trying to redo..23:13
eclectic_billveremitz thanks I needed to be identified. Need to get fluent in irc as well as about 14 other protocols :-)23:36

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