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noel_Hello. It would be very kind if someone could run "sudo sha256sum /boot/vmlinuz-5.4.0-47-generic" on his Xubuntu 20.04.1 system and message the hash to me, since I've just installed Xubuntu on my PC with and .iso from a mirror and grub2 says that the signature is invalid. I would just like to make sure that nothing is wrong with my system. Thank you.11:04
pjotterIn whiskermenu, the category 'Other' seems to randomly disappear en reappear after a log-out/in. Does anyone know what is causing this?13:08
max12345Hello everyone, I want to make a change/improvement. Not sure if this is the right channel to ask and not sure who and how to get into contact with the maintainers. Any advice?13:19
gnrpmax12345: It is likely not the right channel. However, if you have a proposal, jsut write it, and maybe somebody will react to it13:22
gnrphowevre, there are separate dev channels (-dev?) and you can also open a bug report13:22
ubottuInterested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment13:22
max12345gnrp: thanks that's maybe hopefully the answer I needed.13:23
gnrpmax12345: There are also people reading here or might have comments, so it might make sense to already propose it here13:28
max12345Not much of a proposal, I want to make apport more helpful for users. Depending on interpretation that's not a bug though.13:32
xCfHi, I have a question. I need to login to either ubuntu ONE or windows Live so I can configure live patch. I just started using xubuntu..16:17
GridCubecan't you just log froma  website?16:30
pmjdebruijnxCf: on a desktop, there's little reason to use livepatch really16:36
pmjdebruijnxCf: but aside from that, what's the question, you only made a statement16:37
Maikpmjdebruijn: why not if Ubuntu provides it for the desktop and up to three machines for users?16:42
pmjdebruijnjust because someone provides something, doesn't mean you need to use it16:43
pmjdebruijndesktops are easy enough to reboot once a day or so16:44
pmjdebruijnand I'd rather not have Canonical datamine me16:44
pmjdebruijnthe fact you need an account, at least for me is a big turnoff16:44
pmjdebruijnthe bigger point being, it's choice one needs to consider, not just do because you can16:45
skauvikenStill struggeling with connecting to ubuntu one with xubuntu16:48
Maikskauviken: would be easier if you use one nick when asking for support otherwise it might work confusing.16:50
Maikalso... did you read the rest?16:50
Maikpmjdebruijn: hmmm... good points16:50
skauvikenjust configured it in config file sorry16:51
skauvikensetting up system now16:51
Maikthat doesn't answer my/our question(s)16:51
skauvikenneither mine what was the question?16:51
pmjdebruijnskauviken: did you get my point ,about not actually needing livepatch ?16:55
pmjdebruijnor what goal are you trying to achieve?16:56
skauvikenactivating livepatch16:57
pmjdebruijnthat's not really a goal, that's means, the goal would be to never have to reboot your computer16:58
Maikpmjdebruijn:  i guess he didn't since he doesn't answer our questions16:58
pmjdebruijnskauviken: for question of livepatch you might want to visit a server oriented channel, I doubt many desktops users have ever used it16:59
Maikit's all explained on the webpage....17:18
xCfatWhat advantages has xubuntu over other flavours?19:13
diogenes_xCfat, flawless.19:15
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xCfatI am trying to wrap my head around this, is it using gnome or can it use gnome? I want to tweak something20:39
xCfatI am using lightDM GTK+ settings i was wondering how to add more themes20:41
ubottuTo change your theme in Xubuntu, go to Settings Manager -> Appearance (tabs Style, Icons) and/or Settings Manager -> Window Manager (tab Style). Starting with Xubuntu 13.10, you can control some of your theme colors from Settings Manager -> Theme Configuration.20:42
xCfatI want to add more :)20:42
Bashing-omxCfat: Have you seen: https://wiki.xfce.org/start?id=howto/install_new_themes ?20:47
arktvrvsi like xubuntu a lot. well done xubuntu developers22:01

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