keithzg-M1Aww shucks, ran updates and rebooted my work PC and now it can't do network resolution, lame00:09
keithzg-M1Wonder if some package I removed with `apt autoremove` was actually holding up that rickety Rube Goldberg machine we call resolvconf, hah00:12
keithzg-M1Removing the `resolvconf` package and rebooting seems to have worked, /etc/resolv.conf is now being provided by NetworkManager, incorrectly arguably (it's ignoring my /etc/network/interfaces DNS settings despite ifupdown being still installed) but at least whatever is providing a nameserver on is providing results.00:15
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Unit193keithzg-M1: resolvconf likes to break your networking, openresolv is much better with it.00:20
keithzg-M1Unit193: Noted! I'll keep that in mind (tempted to just install it now and see how it goes but I also don't want to spend *that* much more time here at the office, heh)00:22
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CruX|hello i am using kubuntu and in console running minicom if I copy some text into clipboard it copies also some image or binary blob (i see it in clipboard viewer in tray) and this blocks taskbar and some other apps for some time07:41
CruX|how can be this disabled ?07:42
smhkHi everyone08:14
smhkIf I remove snapd on kubuntu "discover" will be removed?08:18
diogenes_smhk, when you do: sudo apt remove snapd it will tell you.08:20
smhkI removed snap from discover not by apt08:33
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eeoshi everybody! Anyone in the group has completely removed snap?10:23
eeosI have removed it ....10:24
eeosI wanted to know whether anyone else has done so, and what are advantages and disadvantages in your opinion.10:28
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avinashgHello. I am on 20.04 right now. I wanted to give 20.10 a spin. Can I upgrade early?11:00
guivercavinashg, yes you can, but be aware problems can occur with development releases, and some support sites do not allow #ubuntu+1 questions11:06
avinashgThank you guiverc11:34
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guivercavinashg, I couldn't find a Kubuntu doc with command to upgrade, but I can provide Lubuntu's one that should work if you want/need it  (use at your own risk though or wait for advice from others)11:36
BluesKajHi all12:05
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IrcsomeBot<nash_g5> @guiverc, Thanks. Please do send. :)12:19
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user|98667Hello everyone. I hope this is the correct channel for my question. How can I activate the task bar for both the main and a duplicate screen?22:38
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