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alakxim getting an error: Oops!02:21
alakxSorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad.02:21
alakxwhile trying to login02:21
alakx(Error ID: OOPS-e49f64ec98a62bc9e53566b7bed5a8a6)02:22
cjwatsonalakx: Sorry about that - I've fixed your account, so it should work now06:56
alakxcjwatson, thank you09:34
Laneyinterested in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/geary/ ? or is this a w_grant thing?11:41
Laney(don't retry, it's going to ftbfs)11:41
cjwatsonLaney: Wow, that builder is sad11:53
cjwatson[4105202.978131] systemd-journald[379]: Failed to write entry (25 items, 659 bytes) despite vacuuming, ignoring: Bad message11:53
* cjwatson reboots it11:53
cjwatsonLaney: Do you mean it will FTBFS even if it gets past this error?11:54
Laney cjwatson: Yeah11:57
cjwatsonLaney: I've fixed that builder.  Let us know if you see that error on others11:57
LaneyI mean, you can retry if you want for testing, but it won't get us a successful build, so don't do it to try to help11:57
Laneyroger, cheers11:57
cjwatsonI think maybe its RTC was Very Wrong?  Hard to tell because it wouldn't let me log in11:57
cjwatson(At least not without changing the root password, which I didn't really want to do)11:57
gpiccolio/ cjwatson - sorry to annoy, I'm curious about something. Do you know why ppc64el builders are so likely to get stuck in the cleaning stage?12:38
gpiccoliWe have some there, cleaning...12:38
gpiccolinot all of them, but a considerable amount12:38
cjwatsonI mean.  scalingstack12:43
cjwatsonDepends on reliability of a whole bunch of openstack components and the relevant hardware12:43
cjwatsonWe occasionally go through and burn a couple of hours of SRE time on spot-debugging things12:43
cjwatsonI don't have a general answer for you12:44
alakxhow many CPU threads does the builder usually have?12:48
alakxif i set it for 16 for example, would it be a overkill ?12:48
cjwatsonalakx: In the Launchpad build farm, you mean?  They're mostly VMs with 4 cores12:53
alakxcjwatson, i see. so if i would like the builder to run some tests then 4 threads should be maximum12:54
cjwatsonThat would probably be wise12:55
cjwatsonIn general it's usually best for packages to detect the number of cores at run-time12:56
alakxdefault under settings is 1, so i figured it would use 1 thread at most, but perhaps it will detect threads and use them accordingly12:57
alakxbtw, im talking about apache tomcat 8.5.58 and 9.0.3812:57
gpiccoliok, thanks cjwatson =)13:05
cjwatsonThe last time I used Tomcat was in 2003 :)13:07
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