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guivercG'day RickVonMatta, if you have a Lubuntu Support question, please just ask it (try and keep to a single line, be patient awaiting response). Non-support talk belongs in #lubuntu-offtopic05:02
brendantccdoes lubuntu support logging in with a fingerprint out of the box?05:26
Maikbrendantcc: afaik plain Ubuntu is the only desktop that supports it ootb05:31
brendantccwhat extra pkgs am I lookin' at05:35
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Maikbrendantcc: i don't know if it even works, i'm struggling myself getting it to work on another buntu desktop05:45
Maikjust found out it doesn't work on the desktop i use so i guess it won't work either on Lubuntu LXQt05:56
Maikseems it's a gnome thing only then05:57
brendantccMaik - just jumped on google (i know, pls don't start) and it looks as if Light Locker *does* support fingerprint auth, but through some `fprintd`07:42
brendantccaaaand it seems my reader isn't supported.07:45
brendantcci feel like an idiot but... how do i change the scroll directions...?07:52
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