JaySeeHi, I am trying to config ubuntu server with netplan with several NIC. I am not able to make it work with more than 1 NIC. Could anyone help to fix the problem. Config --> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/N9zvQGj76q/11:34
slyonHi JaySee! Is there any error message? Your config looks ok on first glance. could you maybe paste your `ip a` output?12:03
JaySee@slyon: There are no errors. But I am not able to connect using other NIC except first NIC. ip a output --> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/G5zCKYGFQC/12:22
slyonthanks JaySee, 'ip a' shows that netplan applied all the IP addresses correctly to the interfaces12:31
slyonSo i assume the problem must be somewhere else, how are you trying to connect? are there any firewall rules in place? what about routes?12:32
JaySeeThis server is behind the firewall. But I am trying to connect to this server behind the firewall only. If i use the "renderer: NetworkManager", rather than "renderer: networkd" all the 4 interfaces are working fine.12:41
JaySeeI am not sure, what is the problem12:41
JaySee@slyon : to do this, I had to disable, mask, stop systemd-networkd   ... then unmask, enable, ans start NetworkManager12:43
JaySeeI think, netplan has some more configuration some where , which i am missing.12:43
slyonJaySee: can you compare the 'ip route' output when using the networkd renderer VS the NetworkManager renderer?12:45
JaySee@slyon, sure. I will share them in few minutes12:46
JaySee@slyon: this is how it looks after changing it to NetworkManager as renderer. It is adding 4 defaults routes --> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VrRjktm6QV/12:58
slyonokay... are the correct gateways which should be used by this interfaces?13:01
slyonI guess you could try to add the corresponding gateway4: settings to each interface (cf. https://netplan.io/reference/#common-properties-for-all-device-types)13:03
slyon(as you did with eth0)13:05
JaySeeslyon: yes the gateways are correct. But when I add gateways for all the 4 interfaces. Only 4th NIC is working remaining 3 are not working. This is kind of strange behavior.13:07
slyonah.. maybe netplan/systemd overwrites the previous default gateways.. I guess then the (static) routes need to be defined manually13:09
slyonvia the routes: setting... probably something like this:13:10
slyon  - to:
slyon    via:
slyon    on-link: true13:10
JaySee@slyon, thanks. I will try that.13:37
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