morthttps://p.mort.coffee/GeX.png sometimes, the screen kind of flashes and firefox resizes to be behind the dock like this13:21
lotuspsychjemort: hmm, we had an early 20.04 similar like that, let me look that up13:22
lotuspsychjemort: check if its bug #184978713:24
ubottubug 1849787 in Dash to dock "The dock is shown in front of full screen windows since 19.10" [Unknown,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184978713:24
lotuspsychjeand bug #185225413:27
ubottubug 1849787 in Dash to dock "duplicate for #1852254 The dock is shown in front of full screen windows since 19.10" [Unknown,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184978713:27
lotuspsychjein my case, xscreensaver didnt fullscreen, and made the dock still visible13:28
morthttps://p.mort.coffee/D0p is journalctl's output when it happens13:36
mortnone of those bug reports look super relevant though it's not a fullscreen window, just a maximized one13:37
mortso the dock and the top bar should be there, the window just shouldn't go behind the dock13:37
lotuspsychjemort: are you on intel graphics?13:37
lotuspsychjewich one13:37
mortMesa Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 (KBL GT2)13:38
lotuspsychjeright, so that would match the bug for sure13:38
lotuspsychjemort: try it with xscreensaver perhaps? see what it does?13:38
mortshowing the previews with xscreensaver works how I would expect at least, it covers the entire screen13:39
mortI'm on wayland though, so it's in xwayland13:39
lotuspsychjedid you try it on xorg to reproduce?13:40
mortthere is nothing to try, it just happens every now and then during normal usage13:40
mortbut I could try to just use X for a while and see if it ever happens13:40
lotuspsychjethere's always something you can try to reproduce13:41
mortwell, gnome just crashed and I was booted back to gdm13:44
mortalright, I'll relog into X11 and just try to use firefox for a while I suppose13:46
mortwell, it hasn't happened thus far in x1114:05
mortseems to only be a wayland thing14:05
lotuspsychjeok mort 14:05

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