lotuspsychjegood morning01:09
Maikgood morning03:38
ducassegood morning06:41
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akemAnyone knows something about bluetooth 5 dongle adapters for Linux?16:53
akemI want one, gonna order one on Aliexpress, with the hope that it will work.16:54
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akemI'm testing bluetooth MIDI on Ubuntu, it's pretty recent stuff apparently.17:25
akemI got am adapter, i can connect it on another Lubuntu laptop, but it looks like it does not map the MIDI part, it just see and connect the controler but that's about it.17:26
akemIt's a mixtable, not a keyboard, but it has few buttons.17:26
akemIt's a chinese one called 'doreMIDI'.17:27
akemThe adapter, the mixtable is AKAI MIDIMIX.17:28
akemThat's the only MIDI device i have btw.17:29
sarnoldakem: the general guideline for linux bluetooth is "don't get your hopes up"18:45
akemsarnold, I see...I have one, it works, but it's an old one bluetooth 2.0.18:46
akemI know that MIDI to bluetooth adapter will be usefull one day :P18:47
sarnoldakem: it just nevre works as well as android or ios or os x or windows; so long as you know that, you'll probably be happier :)18:48
daftykinsyep, anything wireless = all bets are off18:48
akemYou guys are too negative! :P18:54
akemI mean wireless is good, i use wifi and 4G all the time, i have wireless keyboards and mice but USB not bluetooth...18:55
akemI choosed the adapter that is plug n play on Windows 8 and 10.18:56
daftykinsno it's called being realistic19:09
daftykinsand how much data are you regularly throwing back and forth? ;) browsing online might be fine with some wireless tech, but when you do some real work things change19:10
daftykinsthat said, my budget 802.11ac 866Mb wifi AP does about 40MB/sec throughput real-world19:10
akemYeah, if you work with HD content or need high bandwidth it's not adapted, but remember we used to have much lower connections even with wires in the 90s. If you just need to work with emails or websites then you're fine, i can watch videos etc no problem. I download at 1MB/s ...:P19:24
akemBut yeah for 2020...everyone wants higher bandwidth. I heard 5G is 10times faster than 4G.19:25
daftykinsdepends on the implementation, we're on a trial of a basic one at a clients house right now, speed test comes in @ 400Mb download19:26
daftykinsbut it's definitely capped, an employee told me their test gear did a full gigabit down19:26
daftykinsdon't have to talk to me about the past, when i was at Uni in 2005 once i got into a house, i had the best connection you could get at the time - 10Mb down cable xD19:27
daftykinsi used to network at that speed over coax at home on 486s/Pentiums19:27

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