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drewhat's the easiest way to sync settings between my work pc and my home pc?03:42
drexfce stores things in ~/.confg don't they?03:42
Unit193Yep, usually ~/.config/xfce/04:11
Unit193Note that it's a daemon storing settings, so that may complicate matters.  Also if something uses dconf or gsettings that also would be a different store (though one can use xfconfd as a backend for gsettings)04:11
dreI was hoping that there was some sort of cool "xfconfd-sync" program that syncs between computers.04:12
drei guess it doesn't matter.04:12
dreliterally the only thing i want merged automatically is the Super+1234 => go to desktop 1 2 3 404:13
Unit193If you have a daemon that syncs them when the desktop isn't logged in, then xfconfd will be launched after they've already been sync'd.  Problem solved! \o/04:14
drehmm cheers04:16
Unit193Not that it's really asked, but one would have to acquire xfconf-gsettings-backend from somewhere for the gsettings backend aspect.  I pushed it to a PPA, but I can't remember which ones.  ppa:xubuntu-dev/experimental has it, but that also has 4.15 stuff which one wouldn't want.04:18
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xCfat_Can someone help me get alsa working so i can play a vinyl with audio loopback? I cannot even find my soundsetting in xubuntu :D14:47
christophergrayxCfat_: If you click on the volume control in panel, sound settings is at bottom of popup menu.  Or run alsamixer in a terminal.14:50
diogenes_alsamixer? it's pavucontrol.14:54
xCfat_i cannot find athe sound settings and what panel? The top one doesnt display the settings14:56
xCfat_diogenes_: More like, audio settings14:56
xCfat_USB record player doesnt show up as output device and i cannot find the sound settings. That is the problem14:56
christophergraydiogenes_: I meant as an alternative program to set.  xCfat_: If you can't find the icon just run pavucontrol & in a term like diogenes_ said.15:09
christophergrayxCfat_: cat /proc/asound/cards15:18
christophergrayxCfat_: lsmod | grep snd15:27
xu-irc90wPrompt command to restart server x15:41
xu-irc90wAnd how to enable Magic SysRq keys15:42
diogenes_systemctl restart lightdm15:46
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MisterHi how do I change the folder colours and or the whole folder? Cant stand the blue in my dark as sin theme ;)20:22
gnrpMister: In the theme settings20:40
gnrpI guess it is called "Appearance" in English?20:40
MisterI tried that, cant find anything to my liking. So I guess its just to download new ones? If so, do you know any god sites?20:42
diogenes_Mister, xfce-look.org20:45
MisterSterling mate, sterling!20:46
MisterDamn son, if I had a few cents over I would buy you a beer!20:47
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