JaySeeslyon, I have tried as you suggested with routes. It is not working. After adding the static routes, still facing the same issue. But ip route shows the added routes. --> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vhCbHs7zMn/09:36
slyonJaySee: have you tried removing the 'on-link:' parameter? I cannot see that one in NetworkManager's routes, but it has an additional 'metric:' parameter, which you commented in you config.09:41
slyonother than that the routes look pretty similar09:42
JaySeeslyon, yes. I have removed on-link. I have added the metric value and tried. It's same issue. But the while adding the metrics value. It is getting added to only "default via ..." path only not to the subnet path. Where as when using  NetworkManager, metrics value is getting added to subnet path.10:40
JaySeesubnet path also** @slyon.10:41
slyonJaySee: that is strange, there must be something else going on then... because routes and IPs are looking fine. Can you ping that IPs from the outside? Or could you check via traceroute at what point the connection stops working?11:46

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