realtime-neilHow do I download a package and all of its dependencies if the package in question `Depends:` on a `libfoobar (<< 1.2.3)` and there are multiple `libfoobar` package versions in the available repositories?20:38
realtime-neil`germinate` can't do this because "the newest version of each source package across all archives will win" (https://manpages.debian.org/buster/germinate/germinate.1.en.html)20:40
CarlFKrealtime-neil: it sounds like you are saying germinate ignores version requirements?20:44
realtime-neilit does indeed20:44
CarlFKsounds like a bug - do you have a simple example?20:46
realtime-neilCarlFK: it probably wouldn't take me too much to create one ... is (are) the maintainer(s) responsive ?20:46
CarlFKno clue, but 1/2 of this is to make sure things are as you think they are.20:47
realtime-neilCarlFK: how does one even write a test unit that checks the germinate-ability of itself?21:02
CarlFKrealtime-neil: "unit test" sounds automated.  manually call it with one package that has a version requirement,  look at the results,  show that it ignores it.21:11
CarlFKideally a package with only one dependency, but that might get tedious to find21:12
realtime-neilI'm trying to create the package with the version requirement along with the script that exposes the bug21:12
CarlFKI would use a package that is already in the main repo21:23
realtime-neilCarlFK: got any suggestions? I can't find anything with an uncomplicated `Depends:` stanza that also has a `(<< )` version association22:48
CarlFKrealtime-neil: go with a complicated one.  I think it will be easy enough to show: it should have downloaded X, but it didn't.22:58
CarlFKthe less extra things to deal with the better, but something solid is better than nothing, and also better than something built by hand that might introduce its own problems23:00
realtime-neilCarlFK: okay, I'm using this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/f98gzMSj2J/23:12
realtime-neiland when I `./germinate-this.sh ansible`, I expect to see some kind of version specifier in the `standard.depends` ... but there's literally no version information at all23:13
realtime-neilAm I assuming too much from `germinate`? I thought it was supposed to generate files that told you what to apt-get download?23:14
CarlFKdo any of ansible s deps have version requirements?23:21
realtime-neilYes: `Depends: python-cryptography, python-jinja2, python-paramiko, python-pkg-resources, python-yaml, python:any (<< 2.8), python:any (>= 2.7.5-5~), python-crypto, python-httplib2, python-netaddr`23:22
CarlFKoh... does germinate only give you lists of package names, not download the package?23:31
realtime-neilyes, that's correct23:31
realtime-neiland (I'm discovering) it only respects package names and not package versions23:32
realtime-neilI think I need some kind of tool that will `apt-get depends --recurse ...` _and_ give me the versions of every package in the traversal23:33
realtime-neilOr maybe a `apt install` simulator that attempts to solve the dependency graph and spits a `package=version` list when it finds a solution?23:35
CarlFKlooking at /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/germinate/germinator.py   At this point, we only copy the parts of this seed that were filled         in by planting;23:36
CarlFKplanting is cute23:36
CarlFK        # Does this seed still look the same as the one it was copied from23:40
CarlFK        # after we've finished planting it?23:40
CarlFKgiven it doesn't output any version info, and sounds like you need it... hmm...23:41
CarlFKif apt_pkg.version_compare(last_ver, ver) >= 0:23:43
CarlFKok, I was hoping "newest version of each package" refereed to "same version number, different dates"23:44
realtime-neillooks like I'm using the wrong tool23:44
CarlFKor this tool needs a new feature  ;)23:44
CarlFKI am a little surprised it is the way it is, and seems pretty intentional, not a oversite23:45
realtime-neilCarlFK: I'm not crazy, right? I mean, this would be needed to correctly resolve any situation more complicated than "just give me the latest of everything you can see"23:47
realtime-neilthis == "the proposed feature we're discussing"23:48
CarlFKI don't think you are crazy23:48
CarlFKcjwatson: yoo-hoo... ^^^23:49

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