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ograjuergh, yo ho ... i have a pi3 here that is physically hard to reach, runs UC16 and i'm having a hard time getting bluetooth to work (i'D just re-install UC18 if i could, but would liek to avoid it) ... 12:28
ograjuergh, seems the pi2-kernel snap is missing the required firmware:12:28
ograSep 18 14:22:43 stream kernel: Bluetooth: hci0: BCM (001.002.009) build 000012:28
ograSep 18 14:22:43 stream kernel: bluetooth hci0: Direct firmware load for brcm/BCM.hcd failed with error -212:28
ograSep 18 14:22:43 stream kernel: Bluetooth: hci0: BCM: Patch brcm/BCM.hcd not found12:28
ograogra@stream:~$ ls /lib/firmware/brcm/*.hcd12:28
ograls: cannot access '/lib/firmware/brcm/*.hcd': No such file or directory12:28
ogrado you think we could add it ??12:29
ograogra@stream:~$ snap list|grep kernel12:31
ograpi2-kernel     4.4.0-1139.148    117   latest/edge    canonical*  kernel12:31
ogra(stable misses it too, i only just updated to edge now)12:31
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juerghhey. we don't seem to be providing any BT firmware in xenial.13:27
ograyes, thats what i see here ... 13:31
ograwe should though 🙂13:31
juerghand I presume you want that in bionic as well?13:44
ograUC18 has it ... works fine there 13:46
ograoh, wait ... well, i personally dont care about classic bionic ... 13:46
ogranot sure if we have many pi users there 13:47
ograbut for UC16 it should work as it does in the other UCs13:47
jeremy31ogra: broadcom didn't license that bluetooth firmware for distribution15:14
ograjeremy31, and thats the reason why it isnt in 16.04 but in all later releases ?15:15
jeremy31I haven't seen it in any Ubuntu version, I always just got it from a github site15:16
ograit is in 18.04 and 20.04 ... (and the respective UbuntuCore releases ...) but not in UC16 15:17
ograjuergh, so i decided to find a ladder, climb on the roof of our house and replace the UC16 with UC18 on that pi3 ... it is working fine now, so unless someone else complains, just keep it as-is15:19
jeremy31I think Jesse Sung made the hex2hcd program that converted the windows firmware to hcd files. I have to get back to work15:19
ogra(it wasnt my plan to spend a full vacation day for simply attaching a BLE temp/humidity sensor to an existing Pi (and to do climbing sports !!!!), but well ... ) 15:22
wenchienogra: yes, it's a license issue  :P17:38
wenchienogra: i can only find one hcd file (/lib/firmware/brcm/BCM-0bb4-0306.hcd) in focal17:40
ograwell, i see it in UC18 (bionic based)17:40
ograogra@acheron:~$ ssh
ograWelcome to Ubuntu Core 18 (GNU/Linux 5.3.0-1033-raspi2 armv7l)17:41
ograLast login: Fri Sep 18 12:25:11 2020 from
ograogra@localhost:~$ ls /lib/firmware/brcm/*.hcd17:41
ogra/lib/firmware/brcm/BCM43430A1.hcd  /lib/firmware/brcm/BCM4345C0.hcd17:41
ograand BLE works perfectly fine there (i run a lot of BLE beacon sensors around the house here, all of them attached to various Pi's running UC18 and node-red)17:42
wenchienare they from linux-firmware-raspi2 ?17:43
ograi think so, yeah17:43
waveformyes, those files come from linux-firmware-raspi217:43
wenchieni thought the source of linux-firmware-raspi2 is from https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware17:58
wenchienbut can't find the hcd files there17:58
wenchieni'm curious about their license :)17:59
waveformwenchien, the source of linux-firmware-raspi2 is several things (which ought to be in separate packages, but time constraints blah blah); anyway, the bluetooth bits are from https://github.com/RPi-Distro/bluez-firmware and yes the licensing is ... "messy"18:10

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