fagunbHello team, I am Fagun Bhavsar, a QA guy. Want to contribute to Ubuntu in one/more QA related stuff. How/Where to start?16:22
oerheksa good start, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu16:24
fagunb@oerheks Thanks16:26
oerheksand ofcourse the urls in the topic16:27
fagunboerheks yeah, sure16:27
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <ItzSwirlz> Welcome17:37
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <ItzSwirlz> This channel is bridged with the “Ubuntu Testers” telegram17:37
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <ItzSwirlz> Get test ISOs at iso.qa.ubuntu.com17:37
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <ItzSwirlz> You’ll find info there aswell17:37

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