_Sym_I just noticed that every time I build an android project on ubuntu 18.04, the java process remains running in background taking up a lot of memory.  I have to manually kill the java process after the build is finished.  Is that normal?00:09
_Sym_do I want to run gradlew as a daemon?00:11
truexfan81my time with ubuntu will soon be coming to an end i think00:43
truexfan81even on 20.04 some of the -dev packages i need are just too old00:43
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retrantruexfan81, thats why they use snaps now01:04
truexfan81like many in the community i have trust issues when it comes to snaps01:04
retranif you think ubuntu packages are old, try debians :p01:04
truexfan81i even removed snapd and did an apt-mark hold on it01:05
retrantruexfan81, sounds like u wont be satisfied w anything but Gentoo01:05
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retranyou need to go has fun with the Gentoo!01:06
truexfan81actually i'm leaning toward fedora01:06
retranfedora... too old!!!01:06
truexfan81just staying with ubuntu untill i decide if i want to go for f32 or wait for f3301:06
retranwait until f4401:07
truexfan81also considering arch with one of the install scripts01:07
retrantry all the things01:08
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andy50anybody around to help with a ubuntu server problem?01:42
andy50when I restarted the server, proxmox works fine but when I try to boot my ubuntu server VM I get an error01:42
BudgiiDoes anyone know how to delete terminal entries? history -d *line number* did not do anything https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/delete-command-from-history-linux-unix-osx-bash-shell/02:03
Budgiiand yes, i was in history :P02:03
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white_magicis gnome.org down for everyone else? I can't download any extensions..02:26
mishathat looks down to me02:27
white_magicis there a mirror for gnome extensions?02:27
gildartsHow much pain am I setting myself up for if I start trying to transition from using UFW to using iptables directly? Trying to setup a split vpn and having trouble finding information on how to do it without using iptables directly.02:55
Al_nz1I am on ubuntu 1903:49
Al_nz1whenever I try sudo apt get or updgrade I get the repo http://nz.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu disco release no longer has a release file03:50
Al_nz1and I cant install anyting03:50
Al_nz1how do I fix this03:50
rjwiiiAl_nz1: I don't think you can ... You need to upgrade to an LTS version like 20.0403:51
lotuspsychjeupgrading from an eol version is risky03:51
s3nd1v0g1usyou really dont want to run a superceded os03:52
Al_nz1rjwiii: OK03:52
lotuspsychjeclean install highly reccomended03:52
Al_nz1I will just download new one03:52
rjwiiiAl_nz1: non-LTS versions are only supported for a short time ... 6-8 months, I believe ...03:52
Al_nz1its a test VM anyway03:52
s3nd1v0g1usfair enough03:52
rjwiiiAl_nz1: LTS versions are supported for 5 years03:52
rjwiiiyw ... a03:53
blogtenhi, I've been trying to figure out why named keeps spending about 3% of CPU.  also, recently libisc segfaulted and I had to restart bind.  I've no idea where to start looking for potential problems (I didn't see anything interesting in the logs re: bind, and could not find a way to have bind report what it's doing).  where should I look?03:54
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sub526Hi all, I connected to remote machine via SSH and it has the Ubuntu 16.04 server image. Is it possible to install window manager? If so what's the command?04:47
guivercsub526, there are many window managers, eg. icewm (https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/icewm) but it'll depend what WM you want05:16
sub526guiverc: I’m looking for a window manager in X that will listen for headset keypresses(Volume_up & Volume_down) and change volume05:26
sub526*USB headset05:28
EriC^sub526: xorg + xbindkeys?05:32
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sub526EriC^: yes05:32
EriC^sub526: install any ubuntu desktop, ubuntu-desktop xubuntu-desktop etc package it should install everyhting05:32
Maik<rjwiii> Al_nz1: non-LTS versions are only supported for a short time ... 6-8 months, I believe ...  <- Nope, 9 months :) LTS versions are supported for 5 years and with ESM even 10 years. All other official Ubuntu LTS flavors (xubuntu, Ubuntu studio, ubuntu mate, lubuntu, kubuntu, ubuntu budgie etc.) are just supported for 3 years.05:35
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Sazpaimon_I'm having an issue where I'm unable to boot a luks encrypted system, because the generated /cryptsetup/cryptroot file is not including the right entry for my encrypted partition05:55
Sazpaimon_it's omitting the "luks" option at the end05:56
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chaitanya122Hello all. I am getting the following error https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/c5NKH4rKpV/plain/ can anyone tell me the process to solve it06:37
ss23https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime#Using_the_Command_Line_.28unattended.29 <- These instructions don't work for Ubuntu 18.04. If you do them, your timezone is reset to Etc/UTC. Does anyone know the "correct" way?06:55
Sazpaimon_so looking at it further, it looks like the initramfs process itself is creating the bad crypttab file, because the file on the initramfs archive itself is fine06:57
Sazpaimon_i dont know why or where this is happening though06:57
Sazpaimon_to make matters worse, when i do manage to manually unlock and boot the volume, X doesn't start06:58
Sazpaimon_and I don't see any errors in the log06:58
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Habbiehello, I get error 500 on https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=wireguard09:14
Habbieoh it works again09:14
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zambahwo do i convert from legacy networking to netplan?10:41
BluesKajHi all11:46
slyonzamba: basically you need to create a new file in /etc/netplan/*.yaml which describes your network setup and have netplan installed. Afterwards you could test it via 'netplan test' and if everything works remove legacy networking (probably ifupdown?). See https://netplan.io/reference11:48
slyon'netplan try' that is11:48
zambaslyon: yeah, i figured it out :)11:52
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crimson_kingHow could I set tty1 as the default on startup? I'm using startx instead of LightDM now, but after the plymouth loading screen, it shows tty7, which doesn't have anything in it (it's a black screen with the motherboard logo). Switching to ttyt or any other gives me the login prompt, which is what I expect to see after the system loads.12:55
lotuspsychjecrimson_king: startx is not really the way to go anymore12:58
lotuspsychje!tty | crimson_king12:58
ubottucrimson_king: To get to the TTY terminals 3-6, use the keystroke Ctrl + Alt + F3-F6 respectively. Ctrl-Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F1 will get you back to your graphical login (Ctrl-Alt-F7 on 16.04). To change TTY resolution, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution12:58
Hallcyonany ideas what would cause ffmpeg to fail when running from script: but work under cli : error: "Unknown encoder 'libx264'" https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CXNF2cbJyW/12:59
Hallcyoncalling it from plex12:59
HallcyonIt works fine if I call it manually12:59
de-factoPATH or such?12:59
HallcyonI specified the path of the binary12:59
Hallcyon /usr/bin/ffmpeg12:59
Hallcyonwritten directly13:00
Hallcyonbut yeah can't find libx264, so I wonder if that needs a path?13:00
crimson_kinglotuspsychje, how else would you start Xfce with rootless Xorg then?13:00
de-factoinclude echo $PATH and compare13:00
de-factolook at: ldd $(which ffmpeg)13:00
de-factothen you see what is loaded from where13:00
lotuspsychjecrimson_king: are you on a desktop or server?13:01
crimson_kingGDM would be too heavy for this laptop13:01
lotuspsychjecrimson_king: xubuntu-desktop13:01
de-factohmm and what is -disable-libx264 ?13:02
de-factodoes that binary even support that lib?13:02
de-factobtw there is also #ffmpeg13:03
crimson_kinglotuspsychje, Only gdm and xinit can start Xorg rootless. That's why I dropped LightDM. I just wanted to start at tty1, not tty7.13:03
crimson_kingSomething is taking me to tty7 right after boot, and tty7 is just a black/blank screen. All I did was disable LightDM through systemd.13:05
crimson_kingMaybe there's something else I must disable. Is it plymouth? There are many plymouth services, I don't know which one to disable.13:06
BushmasterHi, I am having issue with Ubuntu, every time I am trying to install something,be it command line (apt-get install) or Ubuntu software Center, I am getting this error message, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2wRMGty9wn/   I am in my other machine right now because Ubuntu machine wont even allow me to install IRC client, for same reason as indicated in that link, can anyone help please ...13:21
azizLIGHTon gnome, how come i can move program windows partially offscreen on the bottom, left/right edges of screen but not the top. is there any way to enable that13:49
azizLIGHTis there any way i can make program windows be always on top conditionally? so, if window size is not maximized, then make it always on top, for any new program13:50
transhumanisthttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mRKKzyF2JN/   <<< anyone know how to fix ? This is in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nvidia-cuda.txt not /etc/apt/sources.list Can't find a 3rd party fix for this I tried adding sudo apt-get install -y cuda-toolkit-11-0  --allow-unauthenticated     this is under wsl2 for windows . I guess it could be a proxy issue but I don't think that is fixable because the subsystem is acting as a proxy and I cant do anyth13:50
transhumanist it I think its just the way it works, but I could be totally wrong!!!!13:50
transhumanistRELEASE file systems to be in that location at the top of the tree13:51
oerheksazizLIGHT, hold the windows key and drag with L-mouse13:51
azizLIGHToh wow, amazing. an instant fix!13:51
oerhekstranshumanist, fix is easy, cuda repo gives https, install apt-transport-https13:52
oerheks!info apt-transport-https13:52
transhumanistah thanks !!!13:52
ubottuapt-transport-https (source: apt): transitional package for https support. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.2ubuntu0.1 (focal), package size 1 kB, installed size 156 kB13:52
azizLIGHTthanks as well13:53
oerhekshave fun!13:53
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transhumanistI think I just figured out the problem their repository certificate says its not secure14:05
transhumanistnever mind14:05
jonfenFILENAME=${FILE_FULL_PATH##*/} i found this bash ninja trick online to get the filename, but can anyone explain how it does it or what documentation i need to read?  is it some sort of bash regex?14:08
shinobiDo I use apt install to update a deb package to a newer version?14:20
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jonfenshinobi: you have lists of what the latest packages and versions are locally, but it gets outdated, so you need to do an `apt update` first to update those records.14:36
jonfenassuming you are on ubuntu it will guide you, 'apt list --upgradable'14:37
jonfensudo apt update && sudo apt -y dist-upgrade && sudo apt -y autoremove14:37
jonfenthat will just update everything on an ubuntu box14:38
jonfen`apt -h` and `man apt` are good places to look and see what options you have14:39
transhumanistHi! can someone check and verify there is something wrong with this gpg key?   https://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/repos/ubuntu2004/x86_64/15:03
transhumanistno worky , no way15:08
Habbietranshumanist, what did you put in sources.list?15:10
oerhekstypo, ubuntu1604 >>> ubuntu180415:10
oerheksor even 2004 .. https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/cuda-10-1-on-ubuntu-18-04-problem/7169215:11
Habbietranshumanist, did you follow https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-installation-guide-linux/index.html#ubuntu-installation ?15:12
meganv1999Yesterday I installed some updates, added an alternate repo and installed some software to try to get my laptop to be brighter, then uninstalled that software. Now everything on my laptop seems to take many seconds longer. Pings are OK but opening software -- the calculator for instance took 20 seconds the first time, and now 2 to 3 seconds to open15:13
meganv1999where it used to be nearly instant. But I can't think what might be causingn it. Nothing obvious in `top` other than that the programs that are slow seem to be using up a lot of processor.15:13
transhumanistsudo apt-key adv --fetch-keys    << cant remember if I originally did this but I am using what is shown now15:13
transhumanistalso that is for 18.04 not for 20.0415:13
transhumanistthey have a 20.04 repository15:14
meganv1999Any thoughts about what I might have done?15:14
Habbietranshumanist, the 404 Not Found is not a key problem15:14
meganv1999For instance, changing a channel in slack is taking 45 seconds or more... should be a simple network request.15:14
Habbietranshumanist, the 404 is an error in sources.list - i'm just not sure what it should say15:14
meganv1999another computer, on the same network, is speedy.15:15
oerheksubuntu20.04 without '.'15:16
transhumanistah crap , thanks15:18
oerheksthey do give 20.04 packages,.15:18
transhumanistthank you so much! Guess I will never build bridges!15:19
transhumanistafter all that the packages were the same, no difference between the 1804 and 2004  repositories15:25
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meganv1999sorry I was disconnected.15:30
meganv1999Any thoughts about what I should do about this slowness? I realize I also installed codecs for some youtube videos... I hope that wasn't it.15:30
oerheksmeganv1999, "added an alternate repo" .. what was this?15:36
oerheksand yes, youtube needs no codec anymore, html5 works fine, and flash is dead.15:37
meganv1999Sorry, an alternate apt source.15:37
meganv1999though as I said, I uninstalled the software that I installed from it.15:37
oerhekslittle vague, not even mentioning what ubuntu version15:38
leftyfbhttps://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/3ZFSZ3x962/   I can't seem to find much about "Lost carrier" or "DHCP lease lost" as it pertains to wifi. Anyone seen this? We didn't see this with 16.04 but do on 18.04. I have ipv6 disabled. power management disabled. Using multiple wifi chipsets/drivers. This is on Ubuntu server using systemd and wpa_supplicant. This happens when trying to switch wireless AP's. wifi drops completely, reconnects and requests DHCP15:38
leftyfbagain. This can take from 1-4 seconds which is very bad.15:38
meganv1999I'm on 18.0415:39
transhumanistso, i just thought of something. My problems installing Ubuntu-20.04 on WSL2 all derive from the problem that the instruction pages are all over the place and many are outdated. It would be cool to have google or cloudflare allow publication of a date time stamp on such instructions (last updated and to display in a different color or something the updates to the instructional pages) I wonder if this is even possible. I know clo15:39
transhumanists supposedly going to start working with the waybackmachine . Anyone know? Or better off anyone know where to ask or propose such a question?15:39
meganv1999oerkeks: Sorry 18.04. Thanks for the nudge. :)15:39
leftyfb!ot | transhumanist15:39
ubottutranshumanist: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:39
transhumanistwell, ok but it has to do with the welfare of ubuntu too, but thanks15:40
leftyfbtranshumanist: it is not an ubuntu support question.15:40
transhumanistno problem15:41
meganv1999With respect to codecs... i was on FF and went to youtube. It said the right codec wasn't installed but "click here for common issues." So I clicked and it said "You have the latest player everything is great!"15:41
oerheksubuntu-desktop on wsl2??15:42
oerheksinteresting.. but not for this channel.15:42
meganv1999sure. Was just trying to provide context about why I did that.15:42
meganv1999oerheks: desktop. Though I'm not sure what WSL2 is. Will google.15:43
oerheksmeganv1999, youtube.com does not give that question about codex anymore, it must have been an other video site.15:43
oerheksand a scam, probably.15:43
leftyfbmeganv1999: WSL isn't relevant to your issue15:43
meganv1999The "codec" package I installed was "ubuntu-restricted-extras"15:44
meganv1999Should I uninstall?15:44
oerheksyou told it like you reacted on the codec install question in your browser..  no, restricted extras is oke.15:45
meganv1999the package from the added apt source was brightness-controller from ppa:apandada115:45
meganv1999but it has been removed.15:46
meganv1999So if restricted-extras is ok, and brightness-controller was removed, that leaves the updates I guess. Le sigh.15:46
meganv1999I was hoping to avoid rolling those back, seems painful.15:46
oerhekschecking that ppa, it gives an 2019 version for bionic/18.04 .. the github gives newer version. https://github.com/lordamit/Brightness15:47
oerheksnot sure how removal of that package slows down your machine.15:48
meganv1999I installed it yesterday, discovered it wasn't helping, and removed it.15:48
meganv1999Probably no effect, but it's the things you don't mention that cause the most confusion with troubleshooting. :P  or can be.15:49
meganv1999Loading a page on github right now... I'm at 120 seconds and counting.15:49
catbehemothnot using ubuntu but now so do not know, is Ubuntu using NetworkManager by default or is it systemd-networkd or something else?15:51
meganv1999Interesting thing: google chrome works quickly. So Firefox and Slack are affected but not Chrome?15:52
oerheksmeganv1999, remove the ~/.mozilla folder in your /home/ and restart firefox?15:55
oerhekscatbehemoth, desktop uses networkmanager, server systemd / netplan15:55
catbehemothoerheks: thanks for the info off to read up on netplan15:58
leftyfboerheks: desktop also uses systemd/netplan, it just uses NM as the renderer16:12
oerheksleftyfb, correct, but it would make the answer more difficult to understand16:14
oerheksno idea about your wifi drop Q ..16:15
leftyfbyeah, that's blowing my mind16:15
orchardstreet22Installing "libnginx-mod-http-lua" on ubuntu 18.04 gives me "PANIC: unprotected error in call to Lua API (attempt to index a nil value)"16:16
orchardstreet22and fails16:16
orchardstreet22it fails on nginx reload, my nginx version is from the normal repo16:17
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giacohello! I'm trying to build a 4 screen setup using 2 vgas. VGAs are identical. I've first installed one and detected the first two displays correctly, then I've added the second vga. It is listed correctly in lspci, but ubuntu options sees only the two displays from the first vga16:47
giacoam I missing something?16:47
kenperkinsso, I have to identical laptops, both running 20.04.1, and with otherwise identical configurations; one of them the built in mic is inaudible, even at 100% input, the other is completely normal16:49
kenperkinsI've temporarily worked around by using pavucontrol to boost the quiet one up to like +10db16:52
kenperkinsbut that feels like a hack16:53
giacoactually it is the display manager in ubuntu settings that doesn't get the screen. The nvidia-settings program detects both vgas and all monitors16:54
giacobut the ones attached to the second card stays just off with "no-signal"16:55
strixdioHi everyone, trying to have a script automatically set the screen resolution if it's not correctly set. The script works fine if I run it as the user or root, but when I put it in cron it doesn't work (screen flashes, but resolution doesn't actually change). I've googled a bit about this and the things they mention I already seem to be doing. Would17:01
strixdioanyone be willing to take a look at the script, please?17:01
bindistrixdio: what command are you using? xrandr? add --display :017:04
strixdioxrandr --output DisplayPort-0 --mode 1920x1080 --pos 0x017:05
strixdioI have tried using --display :0 before, will try again though.17:06
merpnderpDoes Ubuntu support power and video out over thunderbolt/usb-c ?17:06
bindistrixdio: you might have to put them into /etc/X11/Xsession.d/, although i'm not sure if that's the case on newer releases17:07
bindiinstead of crontab17:07
strixdioI'm not familiar with that.17:07
pavlosstrixdio: you may have to write a small script and add it in Startup applications17:10
strixdiolike a systemd script?17:10
pavlosstrixdio: no, just myres.sh add the xrandr line in there. save exit make it exec. Go to startup apps, add, point to the location of script17:12
strixdioI don't think this has a "startup apps"17:14
strixdioand I need it to continually run anyway, not just on startup.17:14
pavlosstrixdio: you're not on ubuntu?17:14
strixdioit is ubuntu17:14
strixdioIt's just a custom version for a HP thin client. dumbed down if you will.17:15
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:23
ioriastrixdio, not sure makes sense  a script that set resolution continually , but ok17:25
strixdioioria it checks if the resolution has changed and only changes it back if needed. This is done because people change sources on the 2ndary display and it messes up the resolution when they switch back17:28
ioriastrixdio, i see ; so you should have a daemon that check continually the resolution value, and if altered, restore it to default17:30
strixdioWell, this daemon, how does it differ from running a cron job?17:30
strixdiomeaning how does that differ from the script I already have?17:31
ioriastrixdio, what's the script ? the xrandr command  above?17:32
strixdioIt's actually a lot longer, but yeah that's the "meat" of it that's not working.17:32
strixdiothe screen flashes but doesn't change resolution.17:33
strixdioWhen I run it manually, it works fine.17:33
ioriastrixdio, try to set the display in crontab  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto#GUI_Applications17:37
giacoI'd say that ubuntu desktop is not ready for a multi-monitor environment17:44
Southern_Gentlemso how would one install like Virtual Machine manager in ubuntu for running VMs17:45
leftyfbSouthern_Gentlem: look at libvirt-bin or virtualbox or lxd(no GUI)17:46
Habbiei like Gnome Boxes17:46
Southern_Gentlemleftyfb,  why when the virtualization is easy in linux17:47
pavlosSouthern_Gentlem: https://virt-manager.org/17:47
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Southern_GentlemHabbie, myself i have Gnome Boxes17:47
leftyfbSouthern_Gentlem: why what? You asked how to install a VM manager. I gave you 3 options. Without trying any of them you're saying none of them are easy?17:48
giacothe rant is growing in me, xorg log displays no errors, but gdm is not even starting up now. Multi-monitor setup with ubuntu desktop is really broken17:48
giacosame setup with windows ... 35 seconds, 25 to customize refresh rate17:49
Maikgiaco: it's not a ubuntu desktop... It's Gnome 317:49
Southern_Gentlemleftyfb, actually i asked about a certain one17:49
Southern_Gentlemgiaco what video card17:50
giacoSouthern_Gentlem: dual VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF108 [GeForce GT 630] (rev a1)17:51
leftyfbSouthern_Gentlem: so you asked how to install a package on ubuntu where you already had the package name and instructions on how to do it?17:51
Southern_Gentlemi asked then googled17:51
Southern_Gentlemgiaco, and have you installed the nvidia drivers17:52
pavlosthere is also channel #virt17:52
giacoSouthern_Gentlem: yes17:52
Southern_Gentlempavlos,  thanks17:52
giacoproblem is multi-monitor setup. Nvidia drivers (nvidia-settings) detects both cards and all 4 monitors, and it let's me configure what I want and generate a xorg.conf file17:52
Southern_Gentlemgiaco, thats the issue gnome uses wayland17:53
Southern_Gentlemso boot into X instead of wayland that would work17:53
MaikSouthern_Gentlem: not on ubuntu17:53
giacoif I generate a non-xinerama xorg.conf, desktop starts only of first two screen. If I generate a xinerama xorg.conf, all I see is a mouse pointer on 4 black screens on boot17:54
MaikSouthern_Gentlem: Ubuntu uses X by default17:54
giacoSouthern_Gentlem: ubuntu 20.04 uses X17:54
giacomy pid 2245 is Xorg17:55
giacoand gnome-x-session is 224217:55
oerheksgiaco, 2 videocards, maybe your bios gives an option to use both17:56
MaikSouthern_Gentlem: Ubuntu isn't like Fedora ;)17:56
Southern_Gentlemi know17:56
Maiki'm surprised to see you here by the way :)17:57
Southern_Gentlemi usually hang out in here as well17:57
Southern_Gentlemvery seldom do i post17:57
oerheksyes, we love fedora questions here , about vms17:58
Southern_Gentlemgiaco, do you have nvidia-config17:58
oerheksi hope the 2nd card is powered properly ..17:58
giacooerheks: is not a bios problem, is not a video driver problem, is a gnome problem. I now have the xorg-conf generated by nvidia-settings with xinerama mode activated (that would generate a unique DISPLAY=:0 large 1920x4) and it actually works, because once reboot X starts and I have a mouse cursor on black screen that goes correctly on all 4 screens crossing borders. Point is that gdm is not18:00
giacoshowing anything and it stops at that cursors on black screens18:00
giacobut systemctl status gdm shows is running correctly18:01
giacoI just need to run 4 fullscreen web-pages, I actually don't care about gnome, I would replace it completely if that would solve the problem. Any hint?18:02
giacopoint is that if I export DISPLAY=:0 at terminal and run anything like xcalc, it says it launches correctly but it doesn't show anything on screen18:03
oerheksDISPLAY=:0.1 = adapter 1, display 0 ...18:04
oerheksor around, whatever..18:04
oerheksweird black screens with cursor could be fixed with nomodeset?18:05
ubottuSystems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.18:05
giacoubottu: kernel is booting correctly, xorg is running correcty (mouse moves over all screens)18:06
giacoif I shut down gdm (systemctl stop gdm), start $ sudo Xorg manually, DISPLAY=:0 xcalc it works18:08
giacoI've been talking to a bot. My day might be over18:10
giacosudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3 return $! = 0 but outputs nothing18:14
oerheksYou created an xorg.conf, disable that first?18:15
giacooerheks: for what?18:16
oerheksfor that 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3"18:16
giacoxorg.conf works perfectly. Screens coordinates are correct, input devices are mapped correctly, mouse crosses borders, resolution and refresh rates matches. That xorg.conf generated by nvidia-settings is just perfect18:17
oerheksoh, it is perfect, so you have no issue?18:17
giacoI'm having issues with gdm/gnome, not xorg18:17
giacoguess what, just installed lightdm and it worked out of the box18:18
giacoa bug on gdm for non-trivial multi-head setup should be opened18:20
giacono, it is not the gdm, it is gnome. I though it was gdm as I was using autologin18:27
giacobut lightdm does the same. It asks for passwords correctly spanning all 4 screens, then mouse on 4 black screens18:28
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andypoenashola, free secure encrypted connection: https://pastebin.com/rGcZXpie20:05
noalternativeI installed Ubuntu onto an Intel compute stick,,and attached compute stick to a lapdock computer called nexdock 1st gen.20:46
noalternativeIt connect to keyboard and touchpad through bluetooth.  I was able to pair it, but I can't get it to type anything ot the pointer to work.?20:47
noalternativeI updated it thinking it might be a driver issue,but that yealded nothing as well.  I am currently just using the dispay with a wired keyboard and mouse but it seems prtetty ugly and stupid.20:48
noalternativeDoes anyone have any idea what might be wrong?  Is there a ppa with some drivers for nexdock?20:49
noalternativeEdit: Compute Stick connects to nexdock keyboard and touchpad bia bluetooth.  The display connects through hdmi, and that is working perfectly.20:51
noalternativeWell I guess, I'll pin this tab, and see if anyone comes along..    Of coarse you can pm me.20:55
noalternativeBTW, I installed Budgie 18.04 64bit on a Cherry Trail Compute stick with 2gb of Ram, and a 32bit bios, os it is picky about the oses it allows..I consider this a more or less god install.  Just need my bluetooth keyboard and touchpad working.21:04
noalternativea good install.  This old clicky keyboard is hit and miss.21:05
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k0nichiWawas rsync -a copying a dir structure, copy incomplete, i deleted some of the source, and tried to resume rsync quit without error code after processing only a small amount21:24
k0nichiWamaakes no sense, rsync shouldnt care if there are unexpected diretories present in the destination should it ?21:24
john_rambo I have purchased this bluetooth headset >> https://www.samsung.com/in/support/model/EO-BG920BWEBUS/ .....Problem is I am hearing only MONO ...I want STEREO. How to do that ?21:41
mustmodify_What channel would be appropriate to help me diagnose networking issues after a system update?21:54
jeremy31mustmodify_: This one if it involves Ubuntu21:54
mustmodify_great. I'm experiencing intermittent delays in network traffic. Other machines on the same network are not seeing this issue.21:56
jeremy31mustmodify_: ethernet or wifi?21:56
s_im trying to dd from a floppy. where is this going to show up?21:58
s_ubuntu 2021:58
s_using a usb floppy disk21:58
oerheksunder /media/ , i guess22:00
mustmodify_Sorry for the delay. Stupid internet. Ubuntu 18. My first stab at measuring this: https://gist.github.com/mustmodify/41d8cfa3594dcbce5b450c046262ce90/edit22:00
mustmodify_this is wifi. Issue was not present yesterday before the updates.22:00
jeremy31mustmodify_: see https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2354328&p=13614520&#post1361452022:04
mustmodify_In summary, `curl www.google.com` took 6s, 5s, 1.9s, and 21.5s. And as I said, google loads "snapily" (if that's a technical word, and I suspect it isn't) on other machines on the same network.22:05
mustmodify_jeremy31: checking your link now22:05
mustmodify_(page then takes FOREVER to load... ) :)22:06
mustmodify_when downloading multiple assets it's a killer!!22:06
k0nichiWamustmodify_, maybe its just the nameserver you're using22:09
k0nichiWai think ive seen that when i had a slow nameserver selected22:10
k0nichiWafits because single assets download fast once the nameserver returns IP, but each lookup is slow22:10
mustmodify_I have to restart... confused about whether I'm configuring DNS properly.22:24
k0nichiWaon my macbook if i delete the DNS entries it auotmatically loads them from the wifi router22:33
k0nichiWaanother possibility to consider ... maybe you should delete manually provided DNS and let it discover them from the router22:34
analogicalhow do I find what cluster size a file system is using?22:38
mustmodify_ok. It's not the DNS servers. Can you send the other link someone suggested? I hadn't tried the second step yet.22:41
mustmodify_https://gist.github.com/mustmodify/e81e596e59a8a44f4e4d2c16dca02920  Here's where I am now.22:42
jeremy31mustmodify_: what computer and wifi card?22:45
mustmodify_Dell. I'll get the specifics.22:45
mustmodify_dell inspiron22:45
jeremy31mustmodify_: Post URL from terminal for>  lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 net | nc termbin.com 999922:46
mustmodify_working on that now22:49
mustmodify_still waiting for the "new gist" page to come up.22:52
jeremy31mustmodify_: just post the URL from terminal22:52
mustmodify_jeremy31: ^ that was quick!22:56
jeremy31mustmodify_: in terminal>  echo "options iwlwifi 11n_disable=8" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/iwl-opt.conf22:58
jeremy31then reboot22:58
mustmodify_what does that do?23:00
jeremy31mustmodify_: enables aggressive TX, it has helped with Intel wifi in the past23:01
mustmodify_ok thanks. Note again that this started with an update yesterday, used to work. Restarting now.23:01
mustmodify_still slow. :(23:17
mustmodify_When I click on "New Terminal", I get a box and then 5 seconds later a terminal. What's happening during that time?23:20
jeremy31mustmodify_: you might want to use the grub menu and choose an older kernel from advanced options menu23:20
mustmodify_I don't remember whether that's new or not, but it feels like the terminal used to appear in the window immediately.23:20
mustmodify_ok I'll give it a shot.23:21
noalternativeAnyone around that can help with a bluetooth keyboard that pairs but won't type?23:33
transhumanistHi! I have ubuntu 20.04 the latest dlib does not support the compiler that is included with Ubuntu 20.04 and also in order to compile with nvidia support dlib has to be compiled from  the latest. Is this package available anywhere or is there directions for doing this with the compiler included in 20.0423:38
transhumanistah wait pip install dlib workswith compiler and version but the thing I am looking for is still missing. ah well cant get help here with that problem23:41
transhumanistthanks anyway23:41
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