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hihello i need help downloading ubnutu02:32
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xCfat_I cannot get any sound06:38
xu-irc41whi, where to add external toolbar or desktop plug-in on xubuntu ? For theme is ~/.theme but for plug-in ?10:23
xu-irc38wOlá, último Xubuntu 20 está entrando na tela de bloqueio mesmo desativando as funções de energia16:30
xu-irc38walguém me entende?16:32
xu-irc38wessa distro está com este defeito, desde a 16 nunca aconteceu isso16:33
xu-irc38wXubuntu 20 is entering the lock screen even though disabling any type of function in Energy16:36
Maiki don't have xubuntu but i know there are many topics about the same subject to be found on the web. :)16:52
Maikxu-irc38w: ^16:52
xu-irc38wthis is the #xubuntu channel, this is where i will find answers, there are many Ubuntu forums, but Xubuntu is one of the least busy16:54
xu-irc38wI will virtualize and be more specific16:58
Maiklol.... whatever17:05
Maikxu-irc38w: have you checked the screen saver too?17:09
Maikalso, be more specific which *buntu 20 it is, 20.04.1 or a daily build of the upcoming 20.10 release ;)17:12
xu-irc38wyes my virtualization is ending, 20.04.117:17
xu-irc75weu cai17:28
xu-irc75wi down17:28
xu-irc75wmy nick change, Maik17:29
xu-irc75wneed register my nick, but i here in web17:31
xu-irc64wdone, in Power Manager, it's off Screen power management, so you shouldn't go into the lock screen alone17:39
xu-irc64wwhere is the development team interested in fixing the bugs18:10
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xu-irc28wNot sure managed to wipe windows from the laptop and install puppy linux. Now would like to make a start disk for linux mint cinamon. I used Rufus to get here. What do use on linux to copy the .ISO to the USB stick???20:04

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