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IrcsomeBotA A was added by: A A09:08
IrcsomeBot<A A> Hello!09:09
tomreynhi there09:13
IrcsomeBotAB K was added by: AB K10:11
IrcsomeBot<AB K> helo10:11
IrcsomeBot<AB K> can I get a help10:12
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IrcsomeBot<williamconna> @AB K, Say what your problem on Kubuntu13:22
BluesKajHi all13:42
IrcsomeBot<josh_msm> My desktop interface is broken, after using my PC a couple of hours, the menus do not appear anymore (such as start or widgets in the taskbar) … Is there a way to reinstall the desktop without messing it up?14:17
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IrcsomeBot<josh_msm> (Video, 5s)https://irc-attachments.kde.org/6jDJIIXF/file_36498.mp414:21
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IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> try restarting plasmashell:  plasmashell —replace &15:02
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sorcererso peoples, is there a way to install the newest beta of plasma?17:58
smhkCan someone help me with installing bumblebee on kubuntu?18:00
IrcsomeBot<djvanvliet> @smhk, Why would you wanna do that? I installed it yesterday, it worked, but after that I removed it. I didnt know why i should have it.18:01
smhkBecause nvidia driver that is downloaded from kubuntu driver can't turn of my nvidia gpu completely18:05
IrcsomeBot<djvanvliet> Okay. And why would you want to disable your gpu completely?18:06
smhk When I switch to intel (nvidia x server) nvidia gpu is still on18:11
IrcsomeBot<djvanvliet> So?18:11
smhkIt cause more heat and power consumption18:13
IrcsomeBot<djvanvliet> hm, maybe corectrl can do that?18:16
IrcsomeBot<djvanvliet> https://gitlab.com/corectrl/corectrl18:16
tomreyndjvanliet: smhk just reconnected, missing your message.18:18
krytariksmhk: What about just installing the 'bumblebee-nvidia' package then?18:19
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smhkDjvanliet : It cause more heat and power consumption18:30
smhk@Dirk-Jan Does it work?18:33

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