brendantccmy laptop's flipping the bird at me and just won't connect to and use the wifi like a normal laptop... what to do...07:30
akemMaybe get a Wifi dongle :P07:33
akemIt's weird if it used to work fine.07:34
akemIt could be something parasiting the wifi signal, or signal too low.07:34
brendantccupdate: total network reboot later and the router's happy with my laptop now.07:59
brendantcc(also, totally unrelated, but my 'server' is actually just a repurposed desktop in my household)07:59
tomreyn"the wifi [AP]", "router" and "server" could be very different things, or could point to the same system. if you want to be understaood, re-using the same terms to refer to the same things usually helps. ;-)09:00
brendantcctomreyn: i referred to my server cause of the reconnect lol09:34
tomreynoh :) you successfully got me confused there brendantcc ;)09:39
brendantccaha sorry about that mate09:39
tomreynhehe, i'm not sure that's your fault09:39
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lubot<Goose Boooo!> (Photo, 519x753) https://i.imgur.com/m5WikWa.jpg12:35
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