cjwatsongerminate only cares about running on a single suite, and in general there's only a single version of a given package in a given suite on a given architecture, so I have to say I don't see a lot of value in this proposed change01:11
cjwatsonAnd the starting point was "download a package and all of its dependencies", for which germinate would be the wrong tool anyway01:11
cjwatsonIt is not true that germinate ignores version requirements in dependencies.  Packages won't be considered as valid candidates to satisfy a dependency if the version doesn't match any constraints in the dependency.  It's just that germinate disregards all but the latest version of a package in the input Packages file - but, as I say, there's generally only one anyway01:14
cjwatson"generate files that told you what to apt-get download"> No, that isn't really germinate's job.  Its main purpose is to prepare fully-expanded lists of dependencies for use in maintaining the Ubuntu archive and preparing Ubuntu images.01:15
cjwatsonrealtime-neil: ^ I think what you're looking for may be the "Using APT Offline" how-to, in /usr/share/doc/apt-doc/offline.html/index.html (if you have apt-doc installed)01:17
CarlFKcjwatson: ah.. so this is comparing packages that are a valid version?  if apt_pkg.version_compare(last_ver, ver) >= 0:01:54
cjwatsonCarlFK: That's picking the newest version for each package from the package stanzas that actually exist in the Packages/Sources files01:56
cjwatsonCarlFK: Those will be valid versions in the sense of being well-formed; at that point it's not known whether they satisfy any particular dependency01:57
CarlFKsounds like there is a better solution to the root problem, so  I'll stop considering patching germinate to print out version stuff.01:59
UbuntuLostUserI tried joining #ubuntu-helpteam. I have a question about an issue I have with fresh install of ubuntu on a new laptop that had windows 10. Its only showing half my hard drive. Is this the appropriate channel?03:00
CarlFKUbuntuLostUser: #ubuntu is the place for that03:23
UbuntuLostUserI dont want to break the rules because I am asking in #ubuntu-helpteam. Would that be ok if i ask here as well?03:24
UbuntuLostUseri mean #ubuntu03:25
realtime-neilCarlFK: if there are better solutions to the problem of downloading a package and all of its dependencies, could you share a few ideas? The ones I've tried don't respect version associations14:00
CarlFKrealtime-neil: sorry, I don't know what they are.18:24

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