ItzSwirlzGood morning everyone and those observing the holidays17:18
ItzSwirlzI have focal patches and a groovy patch awaiting, and if any MOTU's are available to review to hopefully get a sponsor that'd be great17:18
ItzSwirlzI'll remain online17:18
ItzSwirlzHey there everyone it's been a while, i can still check logs if I'm offline and I'm not getting any response22:24
ItzSwirlzJust silence and others still do get their help, I think I'm being a bit IGNORED here22:25
ItzSwirlzSo again let me know when someone is available22:25
ItzSwirlzOkay it has been an hour23:43
ItzSwirlzI'm still not seeing anybody. This is getting concerning23:44
ItzSwirlzI won't hesitate to go to the next DMB meeting and talk about this and why you have this position as your job, this is pretty unbelivable.23:45

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