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rneesehey guys00:45
rneesewe are building a new arm64 install based on ubuntu/debian00:45
rneeseI need to output a dpkg -l but with only the file installed with out the version mbr and such00:46
rneeseI just want the list of files so we can merge with our install00:46
rneesethis is armbian os we are using wich is ubuntu and or debian00:47
leftyfbrneese: your question is not an ubuntu support question. Try #debian or #armbian.00:52
rneeseno the question is how to make dpkg output the list from the iso for ubuntu dde00:54
rneesejust pkg names only00:54
leftyfbrneese: apt list --installed|awk -F/ '{print $1}'  # this will give you a list of all the packages installed on your ubuntu install00:56
rneeseok tanks00:58
leftyfbrneese: someone trying to create their own distro should know some basic shell scripting00:59
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arooni_team_bhey team; trying to mount a samba network file drive; but running into trouble with "sudo mount -t cifs -o sec=none "01:35
arooni_team_b sudo mount -t cifs -o guest // /media/HardDriveArooni;; rather ; getting "mount error(22): Invalid argument"01:36
Chuckfuok trying to add this to the ~/.bashrc  export PATH $MINDSROOT=/home/kdmiller45/minds and get the error -bash: export: `=/home/kdmiller45/minds/': not a valid identifier01:36
Chuckfucan anyone help with that question01:44
pavlosChuckfu: export MINDSROOT=/home/kdmiller45/minds       then echo $MINDSROOT should give you that path01:56
pavlosarooni_team_b: I do not see an exported share after //
arooni_team_bdo i need one?02:00
arooni_team_brouter doesnt seem to indicate what the name of the shar eis02:00
pavlosyour samba server should have a section at the end [myshare] path = ... guest ok = yes02:01
pavlosthen it should be in the doc of the router what is the default share02:01
arooni_team_bah ha;  didnt know that;  i need to create a network share first02:04
arooni_team_bnot sure how to format the drive for use with linksys02:04
pavlosformat the external drive as ntfs so that linux,win clients can access02:04
pavlosif you have only linux, ext4 is ok02:05
arooni_team_bapparently linksys only supports fat32 or ntfs02:07
arooni_team_bso i need to do ntfs i suppose02:07
pavlosarooni_team_b: example: sudo mount -t cifs -o username=John,password=********,vers=1.0 // /media/drive/02:19
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UbuntuLostUserI tried joining #ubuntu-helpteam. I have a question about an issue I have with fresh install of ubuntu on a new laptop that had windows 10. Its only showing half my hard drive. Is this the appropriate channel?02:56
Chuckfu   @pavlos thank you had to leave for a while02:56
Bashing-omUbuntuLostUser: Sure, this is a good place to ask. Pastebin ' sudo parted -l ' so we see what there is to work with.03:03
UbuntuLostUserModel: ATA Hitachi HTS72321 (scsi)Disk /dev/sda: 160GBSector size (logical/physical): 512B/512BPartition Table: msdosDisk Flags: Number  Start  End  Size  Type  File system  FlagsModel: Linux device-mapper (linear) (dm)Disk /dev/mapper/vgubuntu-root: 158GBSector size (logical/physical): 512B/512BPartition Table: loopDisk Flags: Number  Start  End03:03
UbuntuLostUserSize   File system  Flags 1      0,00B  158GB  158GB  ext4Error: /dev/mapper/vgubuntu-swap_1: unrecognised disk labelModel: Linux device-mapper (linear) (dm)                                  Disk /dev/mapper/vgubuntu-swap_1: 1023MBSector size (logical/physical): 512B/512BPartition Table: unknownDisk Flags: Error: /dev/mapper/sda6_crypt:03:03
UbuntuLostUserunrecognised disk labelModel: Linux device-mapper (crypt) (dm)                                   Disk /dev/mapper/sda6_crypt: 159GBSector size (logical/physical): 512B/512BPartition Table: unknownDisk Flags:03:03
Bashing-om!paste | UbuntuLostUser03:04
ubottuUbuntuLostUser: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:04
UbuntuLostUseroh pastebin. wow. im sorry. im such an idiot03:04
Bashing-omUbuntuLostUser: All in the process of learning - even IRC :P03:04
UbuntuLostUserIve been going crazy. This laptop started off with Windows 10. I tried to put Kali linux on here and noticed its not as friendly as Ubuntu and I decided to get rid of it. Well i noticed that it wiped over my Windows 10 so I just installed Ubuntu over everything. It shows only half my hard drive =/. Thank you in advance everyone I have been trying03:06
UbuntuLostUserto fix this for over 8 hours03:06
Bashing-omUbuntuLostUser: Sorry - I do not know encryption. others here will have to aid.03:07
UbuntuLostUserI appreciate the attempt at least. Im open minded to anything really. Was wondering if there was a way to install some program on my flash drive that would wipe everything completely clean on my entire hard drive.03:08
Bashing-omUbuntuLostUser: In the installer of ubuntu is "wipe disk and install ububntu". Will do exactly that.03:09
UbuntuLostUserWhen I do that it only shows half my hard drive 160 gb when I have 320gb.03:09
UbuntuLostUserDid a reinstall 2 different times with Ubuntu and the second time i tried encryption and to wipe over empty space03:11
Bashing-omUbuntuLostUser: "sudo wipefs /dev/sda". Note that you should not just trust me that that command is safe (even though it is), you should run "man wipefs" and confirm for yourself that the command will just list all visible filesystems (and in this case, RAID metadata) and their offsets.03:11
UbuntuLostUserYou seem like a trusting person :)  . So by typing this it will fix my issue you believe? I have a lot to learn but I am eager to learn I just need to get this running from my morning python lessons :/03:13
Bashing-omUbuntuLostUser: Will not fix - info as to the why the drive shows as 160 GB. Maybe the system is not lyeing ?03:16
UbuntuLostUserWell initially i had 320 gb and i partitioned my drive into 2 sections. Half of it was supposed to be Windows 10 for work but it disappeared. Dont see it on boot or anything. Also my paperwork shows 320gb03:17
UbuntuLostUserI bought a new laptop for work and decided this is going to be my linux only machine03:17
SCHAPiEWhy doesn't work pay for the machine?03:18
SCHAPiE*the company03:18
UbuntuLostUserThats a good question. They probably would have but i panicked and got a new one. This has all happened today. Now im just trying to salvage this machine in hopes that its not forever a half drive laptop lol03:19
Bashing-omUbuntuLostUser: Reasonabe then that the partition table is hosed - Nothing on the table to reflect the missing 160 GB. But again, I do not know encryption :(03:20
UbuntuLostUserUgh.. *smashes head on keyboard*. Give it to me to lose half a hard drive in some crazy fashion haha. I hope someone can guide me on this. You would be doing me a huge favor.03:21
UbuntuLostUserI tried going to safe mode in shell and still cant find it. Tried every command i could duckduckgo03:22
Bashing-omUbuntuLostUser: We are here to help. Pastebin that "wipefs" output for a place to start the looking.03:22
Bashing-omUbuntuLostUser: ^^ "sudo wipefs /dev/sda"03:24
CarlFKUbuntuLostUser: do you want to also boot into Win?03:25
UbuntuLostUserDefinitely not. I want windows off of here. I only want this beautiful distro called Ubuntu on here. Nothing more nothing less03:26
pavloscan you pastebin this ... sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda03:28
CarlFKHitachi HTS72321 seems to be a 160gig drive03:29
pavlosare you see the disk was 320 GB ... the model as CarlFK wrote is 160 GB03:31
pavlos change see to sure03:31
UbuntuLostUser....wow.. I bought this refurbished pc from Rakuten. It shows 360gb on the paperwork. I could have sworn initially it said 320gb when i partitioned it03:32
UbuntuLostUserohhh... they ripped me off. wow03:33
UbuntuLostUserI have a HP Elitebook 8460p corei5 vpro03:33
CarlFKthat implies intent.  good chance someone said "paperwork says 320, charge that much" ;)03:34
CarlFKUbuntuLostUser: good news (really) you have a SSD03:35
CarlFKhttps://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c02753879  " Solid state drive:    128/160GB   "03:35
CarlFKIll take a 160 ssd over a 320 spinny disk any day03:35
CarlFKgo give Rakuten a thank you card ;)03:36
UbuntuLostUserlol i have so much to learn ><03:36
UbuntuLostUserI appreciate you all for helping me. So basically 160ssd beats a 320 any day eh? Originally they were supposed to send a Lenovot420 LT Core i52-5.Ghz, 4gb ram, 320gb HDD. So your telling me that this 160 ssd is better ?03:37
pavlosyes, ssd's are much faster than spinning disks (hdd)03:38
CarlFKssd is electronics, no moving parts.  think memory or SD card.  so it is fast and no motor, so doesn't need as much battery03:38
UbuntuLostUserLess space though unfortunately. I guess i dont need much space plus i do got a 128gb 3.1 flash drive so i guess im good03:40
UbuntuLostUserIm glad there isnt half my hard drive taken up at least. Had me worried for security purposes.03:40
pavlosa 120GB SSD on eBay goes for about $20-2503:42
CarlFKhttps://www.hitachivantara.com/en-us/products.html  if someone can find model number Hitachi HTS7232103:46
CarlFKthe laptop came with a 160 gig ssd, but I think someone swapped it for a 160g spinny04:00
luiserebiiHello, I'm on Ubuntu 20.04, with GNOME. My Caps Lock and left Shift key spontaneously stopped working. Is there some way to diagnose this issue?05:53
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tuxakadjsebIs it the same in several softwares ? And a terminal ?05:56
luiserebiiYup, appears to be consistent everywhere06:01
luiserebiiI tested this in Firefox, the terminal, and a GUI text editor06:01
luiserebiiAhhh, the key that corresponds to the Windows icon also does not register. Forgot to mention.06:02
luiserebiiSo that makes three keys: Caps Lock, left Shift, and the Windows key.06:03
Maikkeyboard dying?06:16
tuxakadjsebYou can clean those three keys.06:17
luiserebiiI would hope not... they seem to work fine for a brief moment when I'm turning on the computer...?06:23
Maikcould still be possible, maybe the contacts ar dirty06:25
luiserebiiI suppose so. I have to admit that I've never cleaned a keyboard before, I'll check out some guides online06:26
Maikis it a usb keyboard or is it one on a laptop?06:27
luiserebiiLaptop keyboard06:28
Maikif you have a usb keyboard or maybe even a bluetooth keyboard you could test and see if it works. If so then there's a issue with the keyboard on the laptop.06:30
luiserebiiI do; I'll try that now06:30
luiserebiiThe keys work perfectly on the usb keyboard... things might be grim for my laptop keyboard maybe06:32
MaikI have a lenovo on which my son spilled some milk on years ago by accident, i cleaned it as good as possible but there are still some issues with a few keys. I gues in need to try some contact spray to clean out the leftovers.06:32
luiserebiiThe thing that had changed with this laptop, was mainly that the adapter had stopped working seemingly06:36
luiserebiiso I stopped using it for around a week or two until the new adapter arrived in the mail.06:37
luiserebiiNow that I've booted back into it, it's having this issue06:37
luiserebiiIt seems to be the only thing that changed that I'm aware of06:37
Maikadapter as in power supply?06:41
Maikif so let's hope it's the right one06:41
luiserebiiyup, power supply, sorry for the delay06:59
luiserebiiit does seem to work, anyways07:00
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Maikluiserebii: if i'm not mistaken a wrong power supply can damage a computer due excessive voltage, insufficient voltage and wrong polarity.07:11
Maikthat's what i've been told once07:11
Maikanyway, i'm off to bed. See you all later. :)07:13
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diverdudeWill this command not look into DOT files (like .env.dev) ? find . -iname "*" -type f -exec grep -Hni "DJANGO_CORS_ORIGIN_WHITELIST" {} \;07:54
bodsdadiverdude: yeah, seems to work fine with dotfiles - https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MWBtgg7xqy/08:07
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topoiHello folks. Is there some ubuntu touch channel?11:10
jeremy31topoi: #ubuntu-touch11:31
BluesKajHi all13:42
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ArtabasdosHi, Does anyone know how to fix the bug with the "Removable Media" section in the Settings not remembering your settings?16:59
ArtabasdosIt keeps automatically switching to the first thing in the application list...16:59
MaikArtabasdos: which Ubuntu?17:00
Artabasdosfully updated17:00
ArtabasdosI;m guessing it's a gconf setting or something, but Google has been no help.17:02
ArtabasdosIt has happened after a reinstall too.17:02
MaikI couldn't find anything yet on the web about the matter. Maybe it's best to file a bug report on launchpad.17:03
ArtabasdosGiven I don't know what is exactly glitching, I', not sure the report would be much use17:04
Maikevery report with sufficient info is usefull otherwise, IF it's a bug, the devs can fix it17:06
ArtabasdosIt's the sufficent info I'm worried about.17:07
ArtabasdosI don't know what logs would be required.17:07
Maikplease don't PM, everything related to ubuntu and bug reporting can be asked here. That's what these channels are for. :)17:09
Artabasdosok, sorry.17:09
Maikwhen it comes to logs they'll let you know17:09
Artabasdosok, i'll try my best. thanks17:10
Artabasdoser, how do i start a new bug reort?17:12
Artabasdosi'm not seeing an option17:12
Artabasdosyeah, this is what i was afraid of17:14
Artabasdosi don't know the name of the application that's malfunctioning17:14
Artabasdostherefore i can't run the bug command17:15
Maikok, np. Then wait until someone comes around to help you with the issue or come back later and ask again.17:15
Artabasdosnevermind, apparently i can run it with an open window17:16
Maikso it's working... nice17:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1896337 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "Removable Media settings don't remember your choices" [Undecided,New]17:27
grubfailureif i have an unresponsive kernel that doesn't allow me to ssh in, what other than mounting the drive to a working instance can I do to secure the instance? After mounting I tried purging the most recent image via chroot but it's still unresponsive17:42
tomreynsome more context may help here17:44
tomreynyou're running some (which?) ubuntu release which some (which?) kernel on a guest system on some (which kind of) virtualization and this system runs the default openssh server provided by this release (right?) but logging in remotely through ssh fails with an error message (which?).17:46
grubfailurethis is an aws ec2 instance17:56
tomreyngrubfailure: you could inspect the logs while you have the storage connected to the other, working, system. you could also install SSM on it, but that's a bit advanced, and more of a topic for ##aws18:05
grubfailuremy concern is not really with stabilizing the kernel so much as getting a mysqldump and just terminating the troubled instance but I can't seem to login while chrooted18:27
tomreyngrubfailure: so you get an error message while you try to chroot into the 'broken' system which is mounted to the other system, with all needed virtual fiel systems mounted in advance?18:41
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grubfailureno i can chroot into the mounted drive just fine, i just can't connect to mysql while chrooted18:42
tomreyngrubfailure: did you start the service, though? and did it start up fine?18:52
tomreynany error messages there? are the distro and kernel you're running the same or similar?18:54
lazaI just updated some packages on my ubuntu 20.04 machine. Before that the compose-key was displayed as a kind of infinity symbol and the sequence was displayed as well. Finally the entered characters were replaced by the composed character. Now nothing will be displayed, although using the compose key + sequence still works. But now nothing is shown. Why the change?19:17
tomreyndisplayed where, by what?19:19
tomreynwhich packages got updated?19:20
grubfailurei was able to get into mysql in chroot, but it's not to the mounted mysql, only the primary system19:23
tomreynwell, if you also run a mysql server on the main OS, you'll want to stop that before trying to start the on in the chroot19:29
tomreyn(or at least ensure they won't interfere with one another)19:30
lazatomreyn: where? anywhere I could enter text. what? so pressing the compose key inserted a small inifinity like symbol in the text area where I was just typing. Then eg pressing u would insert the character u after that little infinity symbol. Then eg pressing " would complete the sequence removing the little infinity symbol and the u and replacing both with the now composed char ü . This is now all not happening an19:31
lazaymore. I can enter the sequence of compose key, u, " and get a ü, but without the visual feedback that was there before.19:31
grubfailurethe restrictions on chroot is the challenging part of this. i can't utilize systemctl to start mariadb on the chroot. it says ignored request19:32
tomreynlaza: hmm, i haven't seen this with the infinity symbol before, maybe that's a feature specific to your graphical desktop. i haven't run 20.04 much, though.19:34
lazatomreyn: This describes my situation pretty well: https://www.reddit.com/r/gnome/comments/eu3wim/how_to_configure_compose_key_visual_feedback/19:35
tomreyngrubfailure: this may be apparmor getting in the way. maybe you can just copy everything to a system configured the same way.19:35
tomreynlaza: do you have this on a tty as well?19:36
tomreynon a proper, non virtual, terminal?19:37
tomreynoh wait, you *used* to have the compose character, no longer have it, so you wont be able to tell now.19:38
lazatomreyn: To compose chars is a X11 feature (as far as I can tell)19:39
lazatomreyn: composing of chars still works. Only the visial feedback is missing now.19:40
grubfailurethe web directory i copied the files just fine. it's the database that's the problem. i created a copy of /var/lib/mysql/database and moved it to a new instance but it's not recognizing it (yes, i changed the owner back to the mysql user). if i connect to the database itself i can physically see it but i get "table doesn't exist in engine" errors.19:40
grubfailureso I don't think a hard copy is really working which is why i was hoping to just get a dump19:40
tomreynlaza: hmm, yes, i think you'Re right it's X based. i don't think i'm able to help, really, other than by re-suggesting to review which packages got updated between when it worked and stopped working.19:41
tomreyngrubfailure: you'd need to copy all of /var/lib/mysql as well as /etc/mysql (or wherever the configuration for yours is stored) to the replacement system. and run the exact same mysql server version and variant (fork) there.19:43
tomreyn(a different patch level may be ok)19:44
lazatomreyn: thanks anyway. Is there a log or history which packages got updated lately on an ubuntu system. I did something like apt update && apt dist-upgrade and can't tell which packages got updated (around 30)19:44
tomreynlaza: /var/log/apt/19:44
lazatomreyn: thanks19:45
tomreynalso /var/log/unattended-upgrades/ if you have that19:45
IntelCoresoftware updater failed to download repository information.. hung.. ubuntu 20.04.1 ??19:54
IntelCoresit n spins19:54
tomreynexactly. please provide more information.19:55
IntelCorethe updater.. says that19:55
tomreynrun "sudo apt update" on a temrinal and share the output19:56
tomreynon a pastebin19:57
tomreyndisable the 'screenlets' PPA (http://ppa.launchpad.net/screenlets/ppa/ubuntu) and uninstall any packages you have instaleld from it.20:01
IntelCorebuhhh i like'em20:01
IntelCorean the settings is still in spinning20:02
tomreynthis repository doesn't provide any packages compatible with your ubuntu release20:02
IntelCoreoh noes20:02
tomreynmaybe you can find a different apt source which does provide the same software for your release.20:03
IntelCoreso, how stop software updater20:04
tomreyni guess you can just kill the process, or reboot.20:05
tomreynsince you were able to run apt update, apt itself seems to be fine20:05
tomreyni'm not sure why the software updater would have frozen, though20:05
tomreyni also don't know what "screenlets" are or were, but you can maybe find other unsupported repositories offering this software for focal (20.04) here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=screenlets20:06
tomreynhmm this software seems to have been unmainteind for a long time. i wouldn't recommend using it.20:08
IntelCoreye before Vivid20:14
IntelCoretmreyn - why does vivid appear as an update - and Xenial on 20.04.1?20:15
tomreynbefore you configure PPAs, and whenever you do a release upgrade, check every single PPA ou have to ensure it is still both maintained and provides packages for your ubuntu release.20:16
IntelCorenews ty20:16
tomreyni don't know what you mean by "why does vivid appear as an update - and Xenial on 20.04.1"20:16
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol and https://ubottu.com/y/vivid20:16
IntelCoreI'll find.20:16
ubottuUbuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) was the 24th release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/16.04/ - Release Info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes20:16
IntelCoreyes can still get updates for them20:17
tomreynnot for vivid, no.20:17
IntelCorei did in-place upgrades since vivid20:17
tomreynthat doesn't make vivid supported20:17
IntelCorehmm.started with on vivid install..kernel updates, I think that what I saw.20:18
IntelCorelet me knock out ppa.. and come back20:19
tomreynyou shouldn't have those 'xenial' apt sources on your 20.04 system20:19
tomreynand you should certainly remove any software installed form there, too.20:19
tomreynit's most likely not compatible with 20.04. but i think you were told that mixing software across ubuntu releases is not supported (and a bad idea most of the time) many times before.20:20
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grubfailurei tried copying over the entirety of /etc/mysql and /var/lib/mysql and get the same result "table doesn't exist in engine"20:57
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mustmodify_slowHowdy. I'm trying to troubleshoot some mysterious slowness on my dell laptop running 18.04. Seemed to coincide with installing a large number of updates a few days ago.22:03
mustmodify_slowProbably not related, but this isn't what I was expecting from `df -h` -- can anyone tell me if this output shows anything troublesome?22:04
mustmodify_slowAlso, as a sanity check, can someone do `time curl www.google.com > /dev/null`22:05
mustmodify_slowtwo or three times and tell me what kind of times you get?22:06
mustmodify_slowI have tried several networks and I'm getting times from 1.5 to 25s.22:06
retranit wouldnt matter what values someone else got22:08
retranit would just be testing googles peerage22:09
retranwhich is probably great22:09
mustmodify_slowWell either way, I'm experiencing some kind of insanity here. I am not sure whether it's in the network, or it's something that is just affecting the network.22:10
retranyou should be getting like 50ms for that on decent wired broadband22:10
retranmaybe 100ms if your wifi is poop22:10
mustmodify_slowI'm on wifi. Still, often above 5s is nutso.22:11
retranyou should test speeds between nodes o  your own network then22:11
mustmodify_slowI'm experiencing some kind of insanity here. I am not sure whether it's in the network, or it's something that is just affecting the network.22:11
mustmodify_slowlike. curling the router?22:11
retranstop saying that and test your own nodes22:12
retransure. or ping22:12
retranwhy not start with ping!22:12
mattflynetcat: invalid option -- 'U ??? in ubuntu 20.0422:13
mustmodify_slowtimes seem great.22:13
mustmodify_slowrtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.806/9.689/51.827/18.850 m22:14
mustmodify_slowbut ping times for google are also good-ish.22:14
mustmodify_slow20 packets transmitted, 20 received, 0% packet loss, time 19030msrtt min/avg/max/mdev = 35.588/38.603/59.686/5.132 ms22:15
mustmodify_slowbut for the router, using `time curl > /dev/null`, I get times like 0.014s 0.019s, 0.024s... very different from Google.22:16
mustmodify_slow(Just a note, it isn't only google ... every website is increadibly slow. Many pages take 45 seconds to 5 minutes to load.)22:17
retranwhat about using a diff device on your same network22:18
mustmodify_slowFor all three networks, other devices (phone, my wife's laptop) the network is fast.22:19
retranis there a vpn youre using?22:19
mustmodify_slowgood thought though22:19
mustmodify_slowCan anyone tell me if this result for `df -h` is "healthy"? https://termbin.com/w7t622:23
mustmodify_slowI wasn't expecting to see all those `/snap` entries.22:23
jpdsmustmodify_slow: That's fine, ubuntu uses snapd out of the box22:24
mustmodify_slowok. Well, I'm open to any ideas. I'm on a road trip and really need a laptop of some kind -- if I can't figure this out will have to reinstall from factory default, which would be windows. :(22:25
oerheksmustmodify_slow, all you need to know is: /dev/nvme0n1p2  468G   35G  410G   8% /22:26
oerheksThat would be your actual status; 8% used, 410g free22:27
mustmodify_slowI just thought there was something else I wasn't seeing.22:28
mustmodify_slowor understanding.22:28
mustmodify_slowIf I did this correctly, here's a list of the packages I updated a few days ago. (It's so long that I'm not sure it's helpful.) https://termbin.com/sy1022:29
mustmodify_slowretran: any other thoughts?22:30
mustmodify_slowIs there some other channel where I could get some help diagnosing this issue?22:35
mustmodify_slowFinal call for help with this networking issue before I restore from factory default.22:44
Guest_6145is wubi dead? trying to install ubuntu on this old windows 7 computer someone gave my mom22:45
Guest_6145I don't have a USB thumb drive or blank CD and trying to install it just from the main harddrive somehow22:45
Guest_6145I already created a 350GB partition for it but I have no bootable media22:46
oerheksYes, wubi is dead.22:46
oerheksand without grub already installed, there is no way to install from iso on the harddrive.22:46
Guest_6145she's stuck with windows 7 for now i guess22:47
Guest_6145this thing came with the ask toolbar and firefox 5.0.122:47
oerheksoh, i am working on a "Vista" machine22:48
oerheksfind a 4 gb usb drive22:48
Guest_6145yeah if i get lucky maybe she has one22:49
Guest_6145my mom does not know how to use a computer22:50
Guest_6145even windows22:50
Guest_6145I get to set her up with linux for her to learn how to use a computer for the first time, she'll be a linux user for life22:51
basenodeim having trouble getting gitmux working, putting => set -g status-right '#(gitmux "#{pane_current_path}") <= in .tmux.conf shows nothing in status right23:45
basenodeany ideas?23:45
oerheksseems a mac issue? https://github.com/arl/gitmux/issues/1723:58
oerheksor wsl2?23:58
oerhekssome ditch VSCode for neovim over such thingy23:59

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