[42]is it possible to define a network without gateway?17:19
[42]i'm using v2 with netplan17:19
[42]cloud-init v. 20.2 on debian buster, cloud-init[262]: KeyError: 'gateway'17:20
[42]my network config does not configure the default gw via gateway key as i'm setting explicit routes17:20
ebal[m]I am trying to use cloud-init with archlinux and I have an issue with a known issue regarding swap and fallocate18:26
ebal[m]and although it seems to focus on xfs, I can attest that this is also happening with archlinux and ext418:29
ebal[m](or btrfs or kernel <4,18)18:30
* ebal[m] sent a long message: < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/okBEKvpTfufTzlNxKIRVxxoF/message.txt >18:35
ebal[m]Is there a workaround on this ?18:35
ebal[m]Do I need to file a bug ?18:35
ebal[m]Thanks in advance for any help18:35
meenaebal[m]: which version of cloud-init are you on?20:11
[42]after reading a bit in the cloud-init source it looks like my netplan config can't be represented in the cloud-init network config :( (I'm using routes with variable src ips)20:38

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