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lubot<Sarah Payne> (Photo, 508x796) https://i.imgur.com/ycHlPbe.jpg13:00
pac1somehow, I've managed to set some configuration in my lubuntu installation such that any text selected is automatically copied.  This makes it hard to paste anything over anything else, because the act of selecting the text to copy over results in a new selection, so paste just replaces the same text instead of the previously copied text.  Any advice on this?14:52
pac1Turns out this was a result of turning on "platform specific enhancements".  Not sure what was intended by this but that is what caused the behavior.14:54
pac1So what is the advantage of this?14:55
tomreyni suspect this is meant for touch input, like on a tab15:15
pac1How would you paste anything on a tab?  wouldn't you have the same problem?15:28
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lubot<anonid> i somehow installed lubuntu using rufus and persistant storage but now i am unable to shut it down. i have shut it down using powerkey is there any way to shut down lubuntu20:46
lubot<anonid> i mean when pressing shutdown button the lubuntu logo appers and nothing happens20:47
lubot<emergencyrussia> Could you please switch to text console and show us the output?20:56
lubot<emergencyrussia> It can be done by pressing arrows then the logo is displayed20:57
lubot<emergencyrussia> This doesn't look like a typical problem, it should shut down correctly20:58
Guest_5lubuntu ati radeon 210021:34
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lubot<anonid> @anonid [i somehow installed lubuntu using rufus and persistant storage but now i am unab …], sorry for the misinformation … lubuntu switchesoff but it takes 6 minutes22:01
lubot<anonid> can i force shutdown always22:01
lubot<anonid> will i have any problems with force shutting down the system22:01
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