shailangsaanybody know why im getting an error message which shows "Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend (permission denied) when trying to install git? https://prnt.sc/uko6pk18:51
oerhekssome unattended updates are waiting/processed in the back ground.18:59
oerheksthis happens after boot, right?18:59
oerheksJust wait a minute or so ..18:59
shailangsaanybody know why im getting an [Errno 13] Permission denied when running a repo command? http://prnt.sc/ukov8k 19:39
shailangsaoerheks i solved it by running sudo before the command, im now getting an errno 13 permission denied, why is that?19:39
oerhekswhy a screenshot for soem text..19:40
shailangsai provided a screenshot as im running ubuntu on a VM19:41
oerheksi am not going to type over your command to see what is wrong.. sure you can use paste.ubuntu.com19:42
juliankshailangsa: you are running a snap which like is confined to $HOME as root, root's home is /root - you should be running it as your own user19:47
oerheksfor snaps, go into softwarecenter > installed <snap> > permissions19:51
shailangsai cant see softwarecenter, perhaps its because im running ubuntu 20.04?19:54
shailangsajuliank ive pasted the error on pastebin https://pastebin.com/015XnL0S i get the same when i run the command as admin1 too , why is that?19:56
juliankshailangsa: those are clearly different errors19:57
juliankshailangsa: You probably created directories/files as root now, and now your own user can't write to them19:57
juliankshailangsa: In any case, this feels like you should take it to #ubuntu19:58
juliankand don't run stuff as root :/19:59
shailangsais there anyway to see logs of the terminal?20:00
oerhekspython2.7 ..  https://snapcraft.io/git-repo is pretty old20:01
shailangsawhat do you mean?20:01
oerheks2017 ?20:04

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