kinghatdid wireguard get ported back to 18.04.5 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.15.0-117-generic x86_64)?05:13
tomreynthere's wireguard-dkms10:10
tomreynwhich i thnk should work with the vanilla kernel.10:11
Bluekinganyone into sas controller hba/raid and sas expanders ?10:47
Bluekingtried google for sas expanders, if it's possibly to connect multiple pc's to one sas expander... if have a big cabinet with two systems  two mobo with their own hba card   can both connect to same expander card ?10:48
tomreynthis sounds like a ##hardware question to me.11:52
kinghattomreyn: wireguard-dkms?13:26
tomreynkinghat: yes?14:20
kinghatdoes the hwe kernel come with it?14:25
tomreyn...-dkms packages allow you to build kernel modules for different kernel versions from source, all automatically.14:26
tomreynand i think the in-kernel changes needed are in both the vanilla 18.04 kernel and the hwe ones, if implemented differently.14:27
tomreynthat's from memory, though, you may want to cross check this yourself.14:27
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slave_blockerwhen i run the following code on a local raspi no problem. When i run it on the vps it throws me AssertionError... Any ideas why? i need to create a user and set it's password in a script.19:02
tomreynlooks like a programming question19:09
tomreyn/join #python19:09
hammer065Hey, I want to install Ubuntu Server 20.04 on a machine. I want to have a RAID 5 and full-disk encryption, but when trying to install it, the installer crashes19:18
hammer065The legacy installer is able to install Ubuntu Server 20.04 successfully, but it fails to boot as it doesn't ask for a LUKS password and falls into the Busybox initramfs shell19:20
locknethammer065, is your ISO integrity good?19:23
locknetdo a checksum19:23
locknetif you are on linux can check with sha256sum and compare with Ubuntu's page SHA256 hash19:24
tomreynhammer065: also make sure you're using the 20.04.1, not 20.04(.0) installer, or update subiquity live.19:28
tomreynlaundry: also, the release version can matter.19:32
laundryDoes anyone know how to view logs of a failed autoinstall?Is there a kernel flag I need to pass to make it interactive so I can view the log file after a failure?19:33
laundryI am using Server 20.04-119:33
laundryIf that is what you mean tomreyn19:33
tomreyndo you know about when it failed?19:34
laundryI'm attempting to use packer to create a template for Proxmox, and I'm using 'curtin' to disable swap, but autoinstall is super new, and not many examples are out so I think I'm screwing something up there... Can I post it on pastebin and share the link here?19:35
tomreynif it failed late and you can access the target storage by other means, you should find logs on the target root file system at /var/log/ (look for 'suboquity', 'curtin', 'installer' there)19:35
tomreyn* 'subiquity'19:35
tomreynhttps://paste.ubuntu.com is preferred around here.19:36
laundryExcuse the bad quality, I'm just trying to get it to work currently19:38
laundryIs there any way I can use preseed instead? Autoinstall doesn't seem too advanced yet...19:38
laundryAlso, I will attempt to pause the VM and extract the files, but no promises...19:39
tomreynyou can also ssh to it19:39
laundryAny way to get the ip during installation? and default login?19:39
tomreynhmm, i don't remember, it may be discussed somewhere on discourse.ubuntu.com19:40
tomreyni'm not sure there's proper documentation, yet (or will be).19:41
tomreynif you really prefer preseed, there's still the mini.iso, well hidden somewhere.19:41
laundryI'm honestly just trying to get something work with packer19:41
laundry(or better yet, know a better OS to use for creating a local kubernetes cluster, that would be much obliged :) )19:42
laundryI might have to just use CentOS 719:43
tomreynmini.iso would be in netboot here http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/focal-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/legacy-images/19:43
tomreynlaundry: serial console should also work19:49
tomreyndocumentation, sourced from https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/introduction/11322 , is at https://ubuntu.com/server/docs19:52
laundrytomreyn: Thank you!!!19:52
laundrythe first link looks promising19:52
laundryI would ideally want to use LVM, but if I have to, I'll use direct19:52
laundryI'll most likely create a thread for help if I still need it19:53
laundryUnfortunately, I am out of time right now to do this stuff, but I will attempt to report back at a future date19:53
laundryThank you very much tomreyn :)19:53
tomreynyou're welcome. i don't see why you can't use LVM.19:53
tomreynmake sure you report a bug, if any.19:54
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QUESTION2ok... so i leave out the assert . How can i ask if a user has any password ?20:04
tomreynman passwd, look for --status20:06
tomreynis this even about ubuntu?20:07
QUESTION2i managed to set up a user with a password in an ubuntu 18.04 vps.20:30
QUESTION2when i try to sftp into it it tells me :20:30
QUESTION2subsystem request failed on channel 020:30
QUESTION2Connection closed20:30
znfSo maybe someone has an idea about this - I've replaced mobo/cpu on a server that has some DVB-S cards in20:33
znfAfter the replacement, I can see the cards with lspci20:33
znfI have the drivers compiled/installed, the drivers were working fine before replacement20:33
znfNow if I lspci -vk, I don't see any driver attached to those cards20:34
znfI tried to modprobe it manually, I can see it in lsmod20:34
znfBut, still... nothing20:34
tomreynznf: anything in dmesg about it?21:45
tomreynsecureboot enabled by chance?21:45
znfnothing, no secureboot21:49
znfheck, UEFI is not enabled at all, it's in legacy21:49
tomreynznf: maybe the code you compiled was optimized to a certain CPU vendor or generation?22:18
znftomreyn, yeah, but I recompiled the driver22:19
znfand rebooted22:21
tomreyni don't have an immediate explanation then, based on the level of details that's available. (and i don't want to spend more time on it either.)22:23
znfmy only guess is that those boards have a molex connector for extra power22:30
znfand something's wrong there with it...22:30
znfbut why would it still show up in lspci, then22:34
oerheksit shows up in lspci, but would not work in HD ,...22:36
oerheksseriously, what makes you think it will work without proper power?22:36
znfI don't know if it doesn't have "proper power"22:36
znfI'm saying that the only reason I could think of is that something happened to that molex connector22:37
znfthe reason I can't check is that it's a remote system and nobody can check it until tomorrow, so I was just wondering...23:36

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