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basenodeoerheks: found the issue, for some reason the gitmux binary wasn't being picked up by tmux01:19
basenodecreating a symbolic link from my gopath to /usr/bin/local worked01:20
oerheksthere is ; set -g status-right '#(cd #{pane_current_path}'01:21
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pabedformat lvm partition is needed ubuntu 20.04?09:17
pabedI meant this " fdisk  /dev/sdb"  ?09:18
diguphey guys09:57
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chullMy husband has Libre Office on Ubuntu 18.04.  He was trying to copy text out of Writer, and it detached some big wide tool bar. I'm not sure what I did but it seems to have reaattached to the side of the page. How do we get it back on top?10:47
Hejkkichull: there are dots at the top of the right-sided toolbar, move it using the mouse10:49
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chullHejkki, Thanks for your help.  I expanded his page to the right, but don't see dots.  The left side bar doesn't seem to have dots either.  There are >>> but doesn't seem to apply?10:54
BluesKajHi all11:18
tomreynchull: if that's still an issue, a screenshot should help clarify what the problem is, and what the toolbar looks like for him.11:59
rneesemorning guys13:10
rneesehope your having a great Sunday morning13:10
rneeseneed input I am looking for the ubunto DDE iso build script13:10
rneeseI have looked on the main sites and nothing . but we want to match the build on arm6413:11
KonWow. For some reason PyQt on Bionic depends on >=Python 3.6, and <3.713:48
KonMeaning it can only run on Python 3.6 and installing the newer versions from the Bionic repository renders all PyQt apps broken13:48
KonEspecially bad news for us who were hoping to run an app that has both Python 3.8 and PyQt as a dependency. Not on this system, it seems13:50
agile_prghi all, I need to run a 32 bit program on a 64 bit ubuntu 20, can anyone tell me how to do that?14:16
BluesKajagile_prg, https://superuser.com/questions/1076730/how-to-run-32-bit-app-in-recent-ubuntu-64-bit14:21
tomreynagile_prg: you may need an 18.04 chroot, though, unless it comes with all i386 libraries14:23
agile_prgI have another ubuntu installation that has this program working, it has this installed: libelf1:i38614:25
agile_prgI don't know how to install it on my other ubuntu14:26
agile_prgany ideas?14:26
tomreynwhich ubuntu release is this other ubuntu installation at?14:30
ioriaagile_prg, seems to me that  libelf1 is available on 20.04 as i386 pkg;    apt-cache policy libelf1:i38614:31
tomreyn!info libelf1:i386 focal14:31
ubottuPackage libelf1i386 does not exist in focal14:31
tomreyn!info libelf1 focal14:31
ubottulibelf1 (source: elfutils): library to read and write ELF files. In component main, is important. Version 0.176-1.1build1 (focal), package size 42 kB, installed size 184 kB14:31
tomreynhmm, no architectures listed, but i agree with ioria14:31
ioriaagile_prg, https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/libelf114:32
agile_prgI tried this: apt-get install libelf1:i386 unable to locate package14:35
ioriaagile_prg,    apt-cache policy libelf1:i38614:36
agile_prgsays unable to locate package14:37
ioriaagile_prg,    dpkg --print-foreign-architectures14:37
agile_prgno output from that command14:37
ioriaagile_prg,    sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386  && sudo apt update (but honestly it should already enabled)14:38
agile_prgok that command lists i386 now14:39
agile_prgafter running that14:39
ioriaagile_prg,    beware of 32 libs (you should know what you do)14:39
agile_prgbeware how?14:40
ioriai ave my answer14:40
agile_prgwell, I am worried about introducing i386 libs into a 64 bit environment14:40
tomreynyou don't need to be as long as you use apt for it, with your releases' apt sources.14:45
agile_prgok got it to work, many thanks!14:47
andypoenashola senor and senorita. secure network for personal use: https://pastebin.com/rGcZXpie adios!!!14:49
heebieHello.  I'm having a strange problem with logging verbosity.. and I can't find anything online to help me turn down the logging level on something.   It's strange, because playing "KPatientce" under Ubuntu 19.10... /var/logsyslog is getting absolutely inundated with gdm-x-session messages (from gdm3) for every single change made in the X window for my solitaire game... 45 *GIGS* of these logs in thelast 3615:35
heebiehours.  This is new behaviour since I attached a second monitor to the system, and seems quite crazy.  Has anyone run into this before?15:35
goddardhey any app that can help with more advanced display configuraton?15:41
goddardi have a monitor with a dual driver15:41
goddardshows up as two displays mirrored as one15:41
goddardit works but as soon as I changed the scaling factor it did the mirror15:41
oerheksgoddard,  on what ubuntu version?15:42
oerheksgnome systemsettings is a fine tool to mirror/set displays..why would scaling do that?15:42
tomreyn!19.10 | heebie15:43
ubottuheebie: Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) was the 31st release of Ubuntu, support ended July 2020. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2020-July/005494.html15:43
goddardoerheks: it works on gnome, but as soon as I enable "Fractional Scaling" it breaks15:43
goddardi have to use 100% or 200%15:44
tomreynheebie: chances are you have a broken or loose HDMI or DP wire there.15:44
goddardalso how can I resize wondows so they don't extend past my display size?15:45
oerheksF11 full screen perhaps?15:45
goddardno luck15:47
goddardgnome is nice and smooth, but i need a way to move the window or resize15:50
heebietomreyn: hmm... the monitor that I added uses the HDMI socket... it's the brand new one.. I reconnected the old one using a VGA cable... and the solitaire window is on that monitor.  I should check if I get the same verbosity if I move it from one monitor to another.15:51
tomreynheebie: share some of the output on a pastebin15:53
tomreynbut only for a supported ubuntu release, please15:53
heebieAww. My release isn't supported.  (Just found this issue... AFTER spending a bunch of money buying parts to build a new system to replace this one.. which becomes extremely unstable periodically because of this glitch filling 100% of space on /)16:02
novasencoI am just trying to get vim8.1 or vim8.2 on ubuntu 18.04. I don't know why it's so hard. I just tried to install it manually from source, but I got that "curses library is not installed" even though libncurses5 is installed. ....... help?16:27
goddardyou could use neovim16:28
novasencono thanks. I use vim.16:28
goddardit is vim just more modern16:29
goddardless cruft16:29
oerheks8.2 is in beta https://snapcraft.io/vim-editor16:29
oerheksor https://launchpad.net/~jonathonf/+archive/ubuntu/vim?field.series_filter=bionic16:30
novasenconot exactly. neovim and vim8.2 have nearly the same feature set. Neovim is about to pretty much fully support tree-sitter syntax highlighting which is really cool, but other than that, although there are some syntactical differences and some minor pros and cons to each, neovim and vim8.2 are basically the same16:30
oerheksif one builds from source, you need to apply updates yourself16:31
novasencoI am aware16:31
novasencoI had built vim on arch for years16:31
goddardnovasenco: yeah but it wasn't like that at first.  The developer for VIM didn't want to make any of the changes suggested and thus why NeoVim was created16:31
novasencoI will check out that snap. I have never used ubuntu, but I suppose that installing that vim snap should be pretty straight forward16:31
goddardafter Neovim did it successfully the Vim dev finally came around16:32
novasencothis is true16:32
novasencoand yet here we are. :terminal, job_start(), etc. :)16:32
novasencounfortunately they did not coordinate on names or standards16:32
novasencoI like neovim; I just have vim set up properly - not neovim - don't have time to set it up, and have used vim for a while so I use it.16:33
goddardI am lazy and just use Spacevim16:33
goddardwith neovim16:33
novasencooh my16:33
goddardi configure a few things but mostly as spacevim sets it up is good for me16:34
goddardoh and you gotta use Kitty16:36
goddardneed that GPU accel for the terminal16:36
novasencoI have a super crazy vimrc in much need of some pruning and fixing and if I tried to switch to neovim, ... well, let's not talk about that. I have some stuff I gotta take care of before I can do that. I have also been waiting for neovim to finally get a feature that vim will almost certainly not implement. syntax highlighting using tree-sitter in vim can be done with text properties, but it's super16:36
novasencoinconvenient. neovim is making it much better; once that is solidified and I get a window of opportunity, I may migrate my config ... crazy config -> https://gitlab.com/dylnmc/vim-config/-/blob/master/vimrc16:36
goddardpretty lengthy16:37
novasencodon't look in autoload/ and plugin/ ... it is sprawling as well as lengthy16:38
goddardhaha now i will16:39
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!16:39
CheetzHello, does anyone know how to fix issues with a daisy chained DisplayPort monitor being detected on my pc but being black and reporting no signal? I am on a gtx 1660 super card and am using ubuntu 20.04 with the nvidia-driver-44016:43
CheetzI tried running " xset dpms force off " and setting option "harddpms" to false in the nvidia xconf file so far16:43
Cheetzit has not worked16:43
novasencowhy did snap install --edge vmi-editor install vim-editor and not vim? Should I move `which vim-editor` to vim? @_@16:46
oerheksvim-editor IS vim ??..16:48
novasencoI don't want to alias vim-editor vim, and I want to type vim not vim-editor16:48
Cheetzsounds like a non-issue novasenco16:50
Cheetzjust alias it. moving it might break updates or something16:50
oerheksyeah, make an alias, or don't install the snap version wich uses a different naming to seperate any installed vim version.16:51
oerheks81.04 will not get a newer vim, it is LTS.16:51
Cheetzdisplayport daisy chaining is broken on nvidia drivers or something16:53
Cheetzone of my DP monitors is detected but the monitor sees no signal16:53
Cheetzanyone have experience with displayport monitor issues?17:02
lotuspsychjeCheetz: did you try another nvidia driver?17:02
CheetzI'm using nvidia-driver-440 right now, I don't know what other driver options are available for my gpu. I would really like to avoid downgrading my kernel or using noveau drivers17:03
lotuspsychjeCheetz: downgrading kernel is not what we try here, check ubuntu-drivers list instead for your drivers options17:04
Cheetzthis is the output of ubuntu-drivers list: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KR3gWnzCRR/17:05
Cheetzthem monitor works on windows on the same computer by the way17:08
EriC^^Cheetz: which gpu do you have?17:09
Cheetzgtx 1660 super17:09
lotuspsychjeCheetz: hmm seems your card only has the 440 so it seems17:09
EriC^^Cheetz: you're on 20.04?17:09
Cheetzi found this thread that seems relevant https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=25069617:10
Cheetzi disabled harddpms as proposed in the thread and nothing seems to have changed17:10
Cheetzbut i only did that for the device section17:10
Cheetzmaybe it also needs to be changed in the screen section of xconfig17:11
novasencoI installed ppa linked then installed vim-gtk3 and now I have 8.2. whatever which is exactly what I wanted. Also, the snap did not work at all. Whenever I edited any file with vim-editor from that snap, I got "can't write file" error and it thought my home was /home/nova/snap/vim-editor/1/ which is pretty weird. Pretty much nothing worked, but the ppa works great. thanks17:12
lotuspsychjeCheetz: pastebin your dmesg please?17:13
oerheksfor snaps, go into softwarecenter > installed <snap> > permissions17:14
oerheksoften you find multiple options, for use outside home folder and such17:14
Cheetzlotuspsychje https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/nQBGcX3XC8/17:15
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-driver-44017:18
ubottunvidia-driver-440 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-440): NVIDIA driver metapackage. In component restricted, is optional. Version 440.100-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 (focal), package size 407 kB, installed size 1165 kB17:18
CheetzIt might be relevant that I had to first boot the system into recovery mode and install nvidia-driver-440 manually because it would boot to all black screens before17:19
lotuspsychjeCheetz: sudo lshw -C video please?17:19
lotuspsychjeCheetz: well even if you installed it manually, ubuntu-drivers should list all drivers i think17:20
lotuspsychjeim trying to think why your card doesnt provide more versions then 44017:20
Cheetzhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qY8TX3MwFs/ lotuspsychje17:20
lotuspsychjeCheetz: ok looks good, driver loaded there17:21
CheetzDo you think it's something to do with DPMS?17:21
CheetzI don't understand exactly what it is, but from what I understand it's some system that sends monitors to sleep17:22
CheetzAlso, sometimes the monitor that is a black screen displays an error message "Signal out of range"17:22
lotuspsychjeCheetz: i would try a driver switch first, to see to what happens17:22
lotuspsychjeCheetz: maybe try nvidia-driver-435 manually then?17:23
lotuspsychjedo it the apt way, see if you get any error17:23
lotuspsychjereboot and test your monitor17:23
lotuspsychjeCheetz: got a ryzen cpu?17:24
Cheetzlotuspsychje: How do I switch to the driver after installing it, and how do I restore to the 440 driver if it breaks graphics?17:25
CheetzYeah, I use ryzen17:25
lotuspsychjeCheetz: sudo apt install nvidia-driver-435 will switch it17:26
lotuspsychjeCheetz: if you get in possible nvidia driver troubles, you can always sudo apt purge nvidia* to fallback to nouveau and use !nomodeset to bypass black screens at boot17:27
CheetzWhere would I specify nomodeset?17:27
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | Cheetz17:27
ubottuCheetz: Systems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.17:27
lotuspsychjeCheetz: for your ryzen case/new msi mobo you might also need higher kernels tests when issues arise, !mainline17:28
lotuspsychjeCheetz: but lets focus on drivers first17:28
Cheetzlotuspsychje: does driver 435 support my video card? I'm trying to find that out right now17:29
Cheetzalso, on the nvidia page for driver 440 https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/153226/ it says "Fixed a bug that could cause a blank screen on some DisplayPort monitors when logging in to GNOME, if the nvidia-drm kernel module parameter modeset=1 is specified. "17:30
CheetzCould this be the issue I am experiencing and maybe i'm on an older 440 version?17:31
oerheksthere seems to be a bios 3.7 available .. https://www.reddit.com/r/MSI_Gaming/comments/hhypcx/b450_tomahawk_max_new_final_bios_v37_with_agesa/17:31
CheetzOh, I have a bios issue?17:31
oerheksone needs to login on https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450-TOMAHAWK-MAX#down-bios to see, i guess17:31
Cheetzis it something in my dmesg?17:32
oerheksCheetz, bios updates are important with new products,,17:32
oerheksi read line #65 you have 3.617:32
CheetzOh, I see. I think that the graphics issues i'm having now are unrelated, though I will update the bios later17:33
lotuspsychjeCheetz: another road you can take, is add the ubuntu graphics ppa and see if you can pull 435 from there17:35
lotuspsychjeCheetz: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa17:36
Cheetzcould this be the problem? it suggests updating the kernel17:38
Cheetzmy kernel version is 5.4.0-4717:38
oerheksnext Groovy will have 5.8, last post on that url17:38
CheetzI'm gonna install nvidia-driver-435 and hope it works i guess17:39
lotuspsychjeCheetz: ok good luck!17:39
Cheetzif 435 works, do you think this issue is a bug in 440 then? Do you think it will eventually be resolved in an update?17:40
lotuspsychjeCheetz: there are a few current bugs in 440 yeah, but we have to prove it first its your case17:40
Cheetzok i apt installed 435, how do i switch to it?17:41
Cheetzok, I will be back17:41
Cheetzlotuspsychje I rebooted17:45
CheetzThat screen is still black17:45
CheetzShould I verify that driver 435 loaded?17:45
lotuspsychjeCheetz: sudo lshw -C video17:46
Cheetzlotuspsychje https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9rdg7B8nhJ/17:46
lotuspsychjeCheetz: yes loaded17:47
CheetzCould it be that it is still using driver 440?17:47
lotuspsychjeCheetz: lets see; nvidia-smi17:47
CheetzNope, it says Driver Version: 435.2117:48
lotuspsychjeok good, so we proved it must be something else then the driver17:48
CheetzI think the harddpms parameter can be relevant17:49
Cheetza lot of people complaining of black DisplayPort screens mention dpms17:49
lotuspsychjeCheetz: like oerheks said, bios update, then perhaps try kernel 5.6 !mainline, or soon ubuntu 20.10 with kernel 5.817:49
CheetzHow do I install kernel 5.6?17:50
lotuspsychjeCheetz: check !mainline17:50
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds17:50
Cheetzis there a ppa for it?17:50
lotuspsychjeCheetz: its described in the factoid, https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/?C=N;O=D17:51
lotuspsychjeCheetz: after chosen a kernel version, install the headers, image and modules17:52
Cheetzlotuspsychje: maybe we should look for more likely problem candidates first?17:53
lotuspsychjeCheetz: just keep in mind, mainline is for testing purposes17:53
CheetzI see that factoid mentions problems with virtualbox, which is an issue because I use virtualbox. Although i do not have it installed on this new machine yet17:53
Cheetzcan the modeset setting be relevant, lotuspsychje?17:56
CheetzI just went to nvidia settings and changed my power preferences to prefer maximum performance17:58
CheetzI will reboot and test it now17:58
zmagiiWhy are colours not 6 hex chars? For example: ColorBackground=#28282a2a3636. What should I do to make the background black? Using Xfce.18:02
zmagiiDoes that specify one colour, or multiple ones?18:02
Cheetzlotuspsychje: no change18:02
lotuspsychjeCheetz: ok, you might need to go the !mainline road18:03
Cheetzwhat can a new kernel fix?18:03
lotuspsychjeCheetz: on recent hardware, a lot18:04
CheetzIf it works, would it imply an incompatibility between driver 440 and my current kernel?18:04
lotuspsychjeCheetz: possibly18:05
Cheetzlotuspsychje I want to try doing nomodeset first18:05
lotuspsychjesure, its your system Cheetz18:05
Cheetzlotuspsychje: https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/black-screen-after-install-of-nvidia-driver-ubuntu/109312 this link mentions nvidia-prime18:06
lotuspsychjeCheetz: when installing the nvidia driver, nvidia-prime should be installed automaticly already18:07
CheetzI checked and I already have it installed18:08
tuxx_hey there , anyone that could help with a slow boot problem on 20.0418:12
lotuspsychjetuxx_: elaborate what happens exactly please18:19
tuxx_@<lotuspsychje> it takes up to 2 minutes to boot18:36
lotuspsychjetuxx_: can you press F1 during boot, to switch to textboot and see where it hangs exactly?18:36
oerheksjournalctl -b -0 shows messages from the current boot,18:37
tuxx_lotuspsychje i had run a systemd-analyze , can i find something from this ?18:37
lotuspsychjetuxx_: pastebin please18:37
oerhekssystemd-analyze plot > filename.svg # gives a svg about boot times18:38
tuxx_i have to paste here the pastebin url ?18:39
tuxx_oerheks oh thx18:40
lotuspsychjetuxx_: if you want volunteers to take a look, sure18:41
tuxx_lotuspsychje new to freenode so i didnt know if i can paste it here , thank you again18:41
lotuspsychjetuxx_: you seem to have kernel oops there, probably make other things delay too18:42
lotuspsychjetuxx_: can we see your dmesg in a pastebin please?18:43
tuxx_lotuspsychje https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9cgSKM6GkG/18:45
lotuspsychjetuxx_: could be amdgpu related18:48
tuxx_lotuspsychje hmmm drivers ? didn't have any problems with 19.0418:49
pavloszmagii: colors use RGB, each ranges from 00-FF, black color is #000000, white is #FFFFFF18:49
random1Hey need some help with several open ports on UFW and why they are open. Anyone able to guide me in this process?18:49
pavloscan you pastebin the ufw output18:50
random1not too sure how to accomplish this. newish to linux and just getting into security features18:51
pavlos!paste > random118:51
ubotturandom1, please see my private message18:51
random1I know how to use pastebin just not the output for UFW18:52
pavlossudo ufw status verbose18:53
random1sorry for the delay. dog ran in the room and went completely crazy trying to chew up my laptop cords lolol18:57
oerheksrandom1, did you install Gufw? the gui for ufs in settings19:00
random1i do have gufw19:00
random1I have gufw open right now19:02
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random1under 'reports' i see 40920(my vpn), 51839, 5353, 631, 68, 5353, 6037019:04
random1was curious why so many and if i could disable some of those19:04
random1or are they pretty secure and i shouldnt really worry?19:05
pavlos68 is dhcp, 631 is squid I think19:05
random1under 'reports' is this is what is actively happening right now? or are these just the rules to only allow those ports to be used19:06
random1this is a fresh install and i am under a public wifi 99% of the time19:07
pavlos631 is for printing so if you dont print, you can close it19:09
random1closed it19:11
random1set policy to deny19:12
tomreynin case tuxx_ may return: they may want/need a bios upgrade (currently on 2.90 for this picasso cpu) https://www.asrock.com/MB/AMD/B450M%20Steel%20Legend/#BIOS19:12
random168 DHCP and 631 squid. Not too sure what those are. I really need to find a good guide on ports19:13
random1im on that but it doesnt show 5183919:14
pavlostry, sudo netstat -plant | grep 5183919:16
random1or 6037019:16
random1i enter "sudo netstat -plant | grep 51839" and nothing came up19:17
pavlostry without the grep ...19:18
random1nothing is using it that i see19:19
random1sent you a message with the pastebin19:22
laundryDoes anyone know how to view logs of a failed autoinstall?19:30
laundryIs there a kernel flag I need to pass to make it interactive so I can view the log file after a failure?19:30
tomreynlaundry: are you referring to #ubuntu-server ?19:31
laundrytomreyn: Yup. I didn't know there was a channel for that. I'll go ask there :)19:32
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SquarismAnyone else than me that have latest Chrome behave like a complete mess on 20.04?19:46
SquarismThat is Chrome 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)19:46
oerhekswipe the ~/.cache/google-chrome and ~/.config/google-chrome folder and see if it happens again?19:49
rneeseto clean linux the easiest install bleachbit20:00
rneeseapt install bleachbit20:00
rneeseand run it20:01
rneesethen run it as root su20:01
rneeseand then your system will be clean20:01
rneesethere is a good video on youtube from TitusTechTips20:01
rneeseabout it20:01
oerheksbleachbit, stacer, fslint, sweeper .. carefull what you clean20:03
rneeseyes thats why you should watch youtube video's20:04
rneesethey help with it20:04
rneeseI am huntung the build script for ubuntudde iso20:05
rneeseI need the pkg list they use for the install20:05
tomreyn!derivatives | rneese20:09
ubotturneese: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)20:09
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tomreynmy experience with youtube videos for how-tos and troubleshooting guides is very mixed.20:11
rneeseTitus puts alot of wok to put correct info and makes it easy to follow20:16
pavlosrneese: is that deepin (ubuntudde)? packages in https://community-packages.deepin.com/deepin/dists/apricot/main/binary-amd64/20:21
rneeseI need the build script to see the pkgs they use that install everything for the build20:22
rneeseI have emailed the ubuntudde support but no responce in over a week20:22
oerhekstotally offtopic here20:23
rneeseits ubuntu releated its just a desktop distro20:23
oerheksNo, see the topic, no derivates20:23
cknight70I have a VPS with Ubuntu 18.04 It didn't come with fuse installed. after installing fuse and libfuse2 I tried to `sudo modprobe fuse` and got this error: `modprobe: FATAL: Module fuse not found in directory /lib/modules/4.15.0`20:24
cknight70Do I need to build a specific fuse version?20:24
xMeiaHello everyone!20:34
xMeiaWatching Mulan20:34
aberranthi all20:38
aberrantis anyone using lxc/lxd with zfs?20:38
random1lol cknight7020:39
aberrant(or is anyone really familiar with zfs?)20:43
leftyfbaberrant: try #lxcontainers20:46
catman370join #debian20:46
leftyfbcknight70: you'll need to install the modules/modules-extra for your kernel. Though with this being a VPS, it's more than likely a shared kernel and not supported by the OS.20:47
cknight70Thanks some other people told me it should have worked by default too so I contacted my VPS provider. What command should I type to install the extra modules leftyfb?20:51
frostschutzcknight70, if you don't control the kernel, you can't install/load modules... you're not really root. otherwise if its a genuine vserver, you might be booting some older kernel by mistake, not what ubuntu believes it has installed for you20:53
frostschutzcknight70, uname -a?20:54
cknight70`Linux hauntedasscheeks 4.15.0 #1 SMP Tue Jun 9 12:58:54 MSK 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux`20:54
cknight70I have root access to the VPS but I am guessing you mean root to the host server20:55
frostschutzcknight70, the host doesn't matter, but there are different virtualization technologies, some don't boot your own kernel/environment, they just kind of chroot-jail you. so you don't get to install your own bootloader/kernel/do whatever you like with modules etc. no idea what your vps plan is like or what it uses for virtualization or how its set up20:57
cknight70It is setup badly as you can see20:58
cknight70Thank you for helping me understand what might be wrong with it20:59
cknight70What Kernel is Ubuntu 18.04 supposed to have?21:00
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Donavan01is it better to run server or desktop if I need the gui but intend to run the system as a server21:49
rypervencheDonavan01: What do you need the GUI for?21:51
Donavan01some tools I want to use on it to make life easier21:52
Donavan01I know I technically dont need it but it sure is handy to not have to do everything in one screen too21:52
Donavan01is desktop any less  secure ?21:53
Donavan01or limit on how many cpus/users21:53
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TheFu_Donavan01, subjective questions don't have easy answers.  "It depends" is the only valid answer, unless you seek opinions.22:03
random1I am curious on your opinion @TheFu_22:04
Donavan01no it doesnt ... does desktop have more open ports, can it support the same number of cpus or users how is that subjective its a concrete fact one way or another this isnt philosophy22:05
leftyfb!ot | Donavan0122:05
ubottuDonavan01: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:05
leftyfbDonavan01: please go to #ubuntu-offtopic for non-support questions.22:05
leftyfbDonavan01: to answer one underlying question, the desktop edition is no different than ubuntu server other than what packages are installed by default.22:07
sharpieDonavan01, typically if you have an internet facing server, you would want to only run the exact number of services needed.22:08
TheFu_leftyfb, this can have far reaching impacts for less experienced users. For example, servers expect completely different network configuration than what a desktop end-user would usually be able to handle.22:08
leftyfbTheFu_: which is not the case here since they insist on a GUI.22:08
TheFu_If they add a GUI later to the server install, they may not add the little, useless tools like network manager.22:09
leftyfbeither way, not a topic for a support channel. Try #ubuntu-offtopic for opinions22:09
sharpieDonavan01, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen22:10
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack22:29
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Bashing-om!info nvidia-driver-450 focal22:33
ubottuPackage nvidia-driver-450 does not exist in focal22:33
Bashing-omgimzmoe: the 450 version driver is available in our trusted PPA: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa .22:35
gimzmoeBashing-om: I'm unfamilar with how to use that site22:38
oerheksit gives a clear "Adding this PPA to your system" tutor22:40
gimzmoehidden right htere in plain sight22:40
Bashing-omgimzmoe: There can be only one ! Make sure you purge the OEM driver install attempt.22:42
gimzmoeI think you gave me what I was missing, thanks!22:45
shailangsaanybody know how to install snap i ended up removing it by running "sudo apt autoremove --purge snapd"23:04
oerheksehh, you removed the core component snapd?23:06
oerhekssudo apt install --reinstall snapd23:07
shailangsayeah because "repo init" wasnt working so i wanted to try using "apt-get install repo"23:07
shailangsai ran "sudo apt install --reinstall snapd" but it gave me an error https://pastebin.com/z96njTEs why is that?23:09
oerheksinteresting .. time to get a fresh vm23:11
shailangsasurely there must be a way to reinstall it?23:12
oerheksmaybe after restart of that vm..23:13
Bashing-om!info snapd focal | shailangsa23:16
ubottushailangsa: snapd (source: snapd): Daemon and tooling that enable snap packages. In component main, is optional. Version 2.45.1+20.04.2 (focal), package size 26613 kB, installed size 117016 kB23:16
oerheksoh it is there..23:18
oerheksbut such action messes up the vm running23:18
oerhekslesson learned; reinstall :-P23:19
shailangsaive just rebooted the vm and its giving the same "E: Package 'snapd' has no installation candidate"23:20
shailangsahow can i reinstall it seeing as it is an optional package?23:20
EriC^^shailangsa: what does 'aot-cache show snapd' give23:22
shailangsait gives: N: Can't select versions from package 'snapd' as it is purely virtual, N: No packages found23:23
EriC^^shailangsa: maybe 'apt-cache rdepends snapd' ?23:26
EriC^^that's the list of stuff that have snapd as a dep23:26
oerheksor start with apt update23:26
shailangsais it any of these https://pastebin.com/pkJYs3CH ?23:29
oerhekswhy do you let out the lists it fetches?23:30
oerheksor did you disable *all* repos in update-settings?23:31
shailangsawhat do you mean?23:31
EriC^^!info gir1.2-snapd-123:36
ubottugir1.2-snapd-1 (source: snapd-glib): Typelib file for libsnapd-glib1. In component main, is optional. Version 1.57-0ubuntu3 (focal), package size 12 kB, installed size 68 kB (Only available for linux-any; kfreebsd-any)23:36
EriC^^shailangsa: what does your /etc/apt/sources.list look like? just curious23:36
shailangsaoerheks i saw it was disabled and i enabled it now, what does "apt-cache rdepends snapd" do?23:39
k44is it true that if you have exactly 4GB ram  but use 32bit OS,  32bit OS cannot use all 4GB ?23:40
oerheksit can, but the max *adressable* is 4 gb, including all sorts of cache in hdd, processor or device.23:41
oerheksso, you miss 4gb - videomem - cache23:42
k44how much of 4GB can 32bit only use?23:43
oerheksdunno, depends on your hardware.23:44
oerheksvideo memory, hdd cache size, processor cache size..23:44
oerheksany 2 gb videocard would take a serious chunk23:45
k44if i have 4GB ram should i use 32bit OS or 64bit OS23:47
oerheks64 bit no doubt.23:49
k44why? may i ask23:49
oerheksnot all software is available as 32 bit.23:49
k44all software i use is avilable as 32bit23:49
David--Hi, I have a problem with trying to install openvpn, I don't think it's a package problem, i think something is corrupt... keep getting this error: https://pastebin.com/SuqTL5pE23:51
David--can anyone help please?23:51
David--I basically installed openvpn yesterday, everything was working. Today I needed to restart the server and after that I could connect but there was no routing. I've been trying to re-install it but think i've messed something up with apt-get23:52
David--any help would be appreciated23:52

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