meena[42]: variable how?05:38
ebal[m]<[42] "after reading a bit in the cloud"> ```05:56
ebal[m]<meena "ebal: which version of cloud-ini"> ```05:57
[42]meena: vm has 1-2 /32 ips, gw is therefore outside the "local subnet". so i put up a route to the internal network through the gw with source ip internal ip and for the default route i set up a route with src ip public ip if the machine has a public ip assigned06:58
[42]so default gw src ip can be either the internal ip or the public ip06:59
meena[42]: hrm… in general, cloud-init can interpolate jinja templates in most places, but i'm not sure about network configs08:57
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otuboOdd_Bloke: regarding the Python versions on RHEL, you're correct.11:05
meenaFreeBSD just deprecated 1200 ports because of their python 2.7 dependency11:39
falcojrblackboxsw and lucasmoura : ^ is the updated integration testing PR16:40
falcojrnot expecting to merge it right away, but any additional comments before Wednesday would be helpful16:40
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