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immaozhouCan build be deleted?12:54
cjwatsonYou might need to be slightly more specific12:58
immaozhouHow to delete the build of a source package?13:01
cjwatsonIn general you can't.  Why?13:02
immaozhouI want to delete the build of the mips64el architecture in the distribution in order to copy the mips64el binary package from ppa to this distribution13:07
immaozhouThere is a problem with the chroot of mips64el architecture, but some source packages of mips64el have been compiled13:10
cjwatsonThe simplest way by far is to just bump the version a bit.13:16
cjwatsonOh, but you mean for all packages?13:17
cjwatsonIt'll need fairly complex DB surgery.13:17
cjwatsonYou can probably start by trying to DELETE the relevant BinaryPackageBuild rows in a transaction and seeing what constraints fail, but this isn't something we ever do on production so I don't have a script for you13:18

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