Chipacamoin moin moin09:01
bthomasMornig Chipaca09:01
Chipacabthomas: how're you doing?09:01
bthomasChipaca: I am good. I am reading through Operator Framework module in an effort to understand and put doc strings where they are missing. If I figure out things left as TODOs in hook docs I will update that also. You may get a question or to when I am utterly confused :).09:03
Chipacaok :)09:03
bthomasChipaca: pushed a very rough first draft for charm.py (https://github.com/balbirthomas/operator/tree/improve-docs) . Starting on framework.py after a short break. No need to review now. Just a heads up in case you want to guide and steer my efforts in any particular direction.10:20
facubatista¡Muy buenos días a todos!11:18
bthomasmorning facubatista11:19
facubatistahola bthomas11:19
Chipacafacubatista: 👋❗11:19
facubatistahola Chipaca11:28
facubatista@niemeyer, one drawback of moving the python dependencies out of requirements.txt to a charmcraft.yaml (with the rest of the config options) is about running tests... normally people would have a requirements-dev.txt with dependencies to run the tests (which would automatically include those in requirements.txt)11:33
niemeyerfacubatista: How do we run tests when the setup is all being described inside charmcraft.yaml?11:34
facubatistaniemeyer, unless we provide a way to run the tests through charmcraft itself... like `charmcraft test`11:34
facubatistabut we need `charmcraft test` to be fast, it can't create a VM for every run11:35
niemeyerfacubatista: Right.. without something like that, it means the environment you use to run tests, and the environment you use to build and ship, are completely different11:35
niemeyerfacubatista: Snapcraft and Multipass already have logic to make that kind of thing fast11:35
niemeyerfacubatista: Ask Sergio about how machines are reused for fast iteration.. I don't know where that is today, but we discussed and something was implemented back then11:36
Chipacait would be nice if 'test' were just another stage11:38
Chipaca(and that you could tell charmcraft to just run that one)11:38
Chipacathat plus per-stage requirements and you're there11:39
facubatistaniemeyer, Chipaca, I opened this to track the ideas https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/issues/16011:40
Chipacaeven tox is too slow for some people11:43
Chipacahow is it 12:4511:46
facubatistaChipaca, are you preparing a fix for the flaky test about times checking?11:50
Chipacafacubatista: i forgot! i'll do that right after lunch11:51
Chipacafacubatista: sorry11:51
facubatistaChipaca, ack11:51
* Chipaca runs the test suite 999 times12:43
justinclarkHello again!13:27
bthomasHi justinclark13:28
Chipacajustinclark: welcome back!13:28
facubatistahola justinclark!13:47
axinoChipaca: re "harness.charm._stored.foo = 42 should dtrt?" - can this work if I want to test what's in the __init__ function of my CharmBase subclass ?14:18
Chipacaaxino: sorry, i don't follow :-/14:19
axinoChipaca: I have https://pastebin.canonical.com/p/9RjtYGsCXP/ and I want to test both cases of the "if" line 1914:20
axinoChipaca: I'm not sure I can rely exclusively on harness for this14:21
Chipacaaxino: unless i'm missing something harness.charm._stored.reldata will be {} after just begin, right?14:23
axinoChipaca: for the first ever hook run on a unit, yes. But for subsequent hooks, it could have another value (which is the whole point of StoredState() :) )14:23
Chipacaah no because _init_postgresql_relation is called from by __init_14:24
Chipacaso .relation will be at least {'pg': {}}14:24
Chipacaaxino: i agree, i think the harness doesn't help you for this14:26
Chipacaaxino: if you know how we could help, let me know :)14:26
axinoChipaca: alright :) I think I basically have to patch StoredState and instanciate the class and test the value of _stored14:26
axinoChipaca: I'll try things on my own for a bit - thanks14:27
Chipacaaxino: doing .begin twice might work?14:28
axinoChipaca: "RuntimeError: cannot call the begin method on the harness more than once"14:29
Chipaca1 sec14:29
Chipacaaxino: aw, a second harness does not pick up the stored state from a previous one14:35
* facubatista -> lunch15:29
Chipacaok, i'll bbl15:55
Chipacagoing for a run while the sun shines :-D15:55
* facubatista begs for review: https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/pull/16316:39
mupPR charmcraft#163: Two small details before integrating help messages to main <Created by facundobatista> <https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/pull/163>16:40
bthomasfacubatista: having a look16:40
* facubatista -> tennis18:04
* Chipaca blames facubatista for https://github.com/cloudflare/cobaul18:17
* facubatista is back20:53
facubatistaChipaca, what did I do?20:54
facubatistajam, what is the proper name for the "human operator" in the Juju world? I mean, the person that executes juju commands to deploy and maintain the system...21:27
jamfacubatista, it used to be "operator". The best word that I've found to replace it is the Admin/Administrator21:29
facubatistajam, administrator it is, thanks!21:29
* facubatista eods21:56

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