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xnoxLaney:  juliank: vorlon: was there something about ARM64 scalingstack and needs-restart autopkgtests? I.e. we don't have a proper way to reboot arm64 instances in such a way, that autopkgtest markers are preserved, etc?09:25
vorlonxnox: not that I recall.  The only issue I remember is that reboot requests from outside the instance don't work cleanly09:26
xnoxvorlon:  which is what autopkgtest driver does, no?09:26
Laneynot that I know of09:27
Laneylook for "with marker"09:27
xnoxvorlon:  we see dissapearing files in reboot tests as if the VM got shutdown not cleanly.09:27
Laneyand you can see an error in systemd's boot-smoke test, but :>09:27
vorlonif it's doing a soft OS reboot, I believe that should work as well on arm64 as elsewhere09:28
LaneyI think it executes 'reboot' inside the testbed09:32
LaneyBICBW, do feel free to check the code09:32
xnoxslyon:  why does the cloud-init test do "trap 'rm -f /etc/netplan/00test.yaml' EXIT INT QUIT PIPE TERM" ?09:33
LaneyThere's a fallback to doing it via "nova reboot" though, I think, if the "reboot" fails to work09:33
slyonxnox: Well.. I copied that from the other needs-reboot test (named 'autostart', which works fine on arm64), it is basically just cleaning up the netplan config created during the test09:37
xnoxslyon:  but you don't want it cleaned up, you want it to persist across the reboot, given that you do check for it to be active in the second part of the test.09:41
xnoxslyon:  maybe it should be cleaned up, after being checked for in config) case?09:41
slyonxnox: hmm I'm not sure which signal autopkgtest uses to stop the process before reboot... probably SIGKILL, as it logs 'bash: line 1:   795 Killed                  /tmp/autopkgtest.SC2r0g/build.fPX/src/debian/tests/cloud-init 2> >(tee -a /tmp/autopkgtest.SC2r0g/cloud-init-stderr >&2) > >(tee -a /tmp/autopkgtest.SC2r0g/cloud-init-stdout)'09:44
slyonxnox: That file is not delete during the reboot. The netplan YAML is still there and netplan is configured accordingly. The problem is the /netplan-dummy.service file, missing after reboot on arm6409:45
slyonThe trap does not catch SIGKILL and thus should be OK09:45
Laneyslyon: Are you talking about e.g. https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-groovy/groovy/arm64/n/netplan.io/20200917_111620_974b3@/log.gz ?10:07
xnoxLaney:  yeah.10:08
slyonLaney: yes, exactly10:08
xnoxLaney:  we wrote file to $ cat <<EOF > /netplan-dummy.service successfully, and yet after reboot it is not there10:09
LaneyBit odd10:09
slyonThe test creates 3 files: /etc/netplan/00test.yaml /netplan-dummy.service /etc/systemd/system/cloud-init-dummy.service10:09
LaneyYou also write that dummy cloud-init unit10:09
xnoxas if we need fsync, or like the instance drive is connected with unsafe io10:09
Laneyand that one is still there10:09
slyonThe file /netplan-dummy.service is gone after reboot (on arm64 only)10:09
xnoxas if there was one more reboot inbetween that we didn't know about?!10:10
slyonxnox: the reboot is triggered via /tmp/autopkgtest-reboot ... I would assume that autopkgtest is doing a sync before cutting power, no?10:11
xnoxslyon:  if clean shutdown is done, yes.10:11
xnoxslyon:  i am actually not sure where in the autopkgtest/cloud code reboot is done.10:11
Laneywhy's the file which you write *after* this one still present?10:11
Laneynot sure this sync theory pans out10:11
xnoxslyon:  i wonder if sync would help or not; or if changing mv to cp would help.10:12
xnoxslyon:  because that unit can only succeed once and is in a way self-destructive.10:12
Laneymaybe somehow the service is being started on arm6410:12
Laneyand so the mv happens before the reboot10:12
Laneyand you trash it for the next run10:12
xnoxi would still move the "trap" code to the cleanup at the end of the success too.10:13
slyonRight.. it shouldn't be a sync issue as the file written afterwards is still there... But doing 'cp' instead of 'mv' might help (although I cannot explain why/how the service would be started in between)10:13
slyonxnox: I'm fine with moving the trap code. I can prepare an update for that + mv->cp. Shall we then somehow run it through bileto or just give it another shot in -proposed?10:15
xnoxslyon:  your call. I say bileto; vorlon always say just do it in the archive.10:16
xnoxif it's good, doing it in the archive saves rerunning all the things. if it fails, it is still just one run of things.10:17
xnoxdoing via bileta, and if everything is fine, results in double usage of our infrastructure10:17
slyonYeah.. I'm kind of feeling bad because of bumping the version of that package for the 3rd time for this single issue... So I'm in favor of bileto as well10:18
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slyonxnox, cloud you push that into bileto for me? https://code.launchpad.net/~slyon/netplan/+git/ubuntu/+merge/39103910:29
LaneyI'll run that manually if you want10:44
slyonLaney: sure, that'd be great. I would just like to have it run somewhere on the infrastructure before moving it to -proposed, as I'm not feeling very confident about this test anymore (too many issues in the past 2 weeks). But I think we're getting close :-)10:47
Laneyslyon: ok, stand by10:48
Laneyslyon: works10:53
slyonLaney: wow, that was quick. Thanks! I'll look for sponsoring then10:55
Laneywell I just ran that one test10:55
slyonyeah, that should be enough10:56
Laneybut the others didn't change, so10:56
LaneyLocutusOfBorg: shall I take a look at gstreamer? we need to get this moving I think11:43
Laneydoing so12:08
ginggsLaney: on Friday : they still meson-fail to configure : see my ppa locutusofborg-ppa, help is appreciated12:12
Laneyyeah I saw that, thanks12:13
LocutusOfBorgLaney, I got it building some minutes ago12:19
Laneyk, it needs some work, you can leave it to me12:21
LocutusOfBorglet me upload it first please12:21
LocutusOfBorgI need only to recreate the pkgconfig file12:22
Laneylet me review it then12:25
Laneydo a git merge proposal12:25
LocutusOfBorguploaded there https://launchpad.net/~costamagnagianfranco/+archive/ubuntu/locutusofborg-ppa/+packages12:27
xnoxslyon:  pr looks good, I would just rm the 00test.yaml, instead of using trap for it.12:28
xnoxslyon:  afterall you are removing everything else too.12:28
slyonxnox: right, that looks a bit weird. I just pushed that change to the git repo12:30
* slyon crossing fingers that it passes this time12:31
slyonthank you for having a look at it!12:32
xnoxwell, i bet it only passes when it is run as a single test; rather than with the others muahahhahahhaa12:35
xnoxsil2100:  re:https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/secureboot-db/+bug/1890835 slow phasing is in place I believe, so we could release focal secureboot-db12:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1890835 in secureboot-db (Ubuntu Trusty) "secureboot-db 2020 update" [Undecided,New]12:40
xnoxand then like observe that it is phasing slowly12:41
LocutusOfBorgLaney, I can directly commit on git if needed12:46
LocutusOfBorgthe build looks like finishing, let me check the built debs for sanity and I'll commit12:46
sil2100xnox: hey! hm, ok, so the phasing machinery is modified and it will be slowly phased as expected, right? I'd still do it one-series-at-a-time if possible13:14
LaneyLocutusOfBorg: ok, you can commit it if you want13:42
xnoxsil2100:  so the branch is merged, and i was told it auto updates.14:14
xnoxsil2100:  so yeah, it would be nice if you could only release focal secureboot-db.14:14
xnoxsil2100:  and then we should monitor the phased-updates report14:15
xnoxsil2100:  to ensure that 12h later, it's still <10% phased.14:15
xnoxbdmurray:  you did see the branch from me that got merged for slow phasing? it was always to slow phase "slow" packages, of which there is currently secureboot-db.14:44
xnoxas we will always want it to be phased slowly.14:44
bdmurrayxnox: I did see that and I could double check the code on whatever server its on just to be sure it landed there14:54
xnoxbdmurray:  ooooh, yes, please.14:54
bdmurrayxnox, sil2100: its good on the server14:56
ubottuddstreet, rafaeldtinoco, rbasak, sil2100, slashd, teward, tsimonq2: DMB ping15:02
sil2100Ok, let me look into releasing secureboot-db for focal in that case15:09
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slyonnetplan's cloud-init test passed, finally! But still the arm64 test needs another retry, due to a timeout in one of the OVS tests... This one passed before, tho, and it should be fine if we re-trigger it. So it would be great if somebody could kick 0.100-0ubuntu4/arm64 here again: https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/netplan.io/groovy/arm6416:26
ItzSwirlzHey guys, anyone know what happened to gvfs-bin? It's out of the Groovy repos.16:33
ItzSwirlzIt seems libglib2.0-dev is the replacement, correct?16:34
LaneyItzSwirlz: Yeah, use `gio`16:56
LaneyLocutusOfBorg: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/4271/+packages17:06
Laneywish pull-lp-debs downloaded the .changes file too17:06
LocutusOfBorgthanks Laney <317:13
LocutusOfBorgwell, the bad needs some i386 fixes17:14
LocutusOfBorgI already know that...17:14
Laneyrm ? :)17:15
xnoxslyon:  retried17:16
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Laneyyeah this needs some more fixing, but I'm timing out noww17:39
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arnatioussil2100 can I get https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-flake8/+bug/1883175 patches put back into proposed? Or do I need to have my sponsor raise it again?19:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1883175 in python-flake8 (Ubuntu) "missing support for python3.8 language features" [Low,In progress]19:12
ahasenackI have a globbing in debian/foo.install, like /usr/share/foo/*.so19:51
ahasenackbut I want to move some of those *.so files to another package19:52
ahasenackis there a nice way to exclude the files I'm moving from foo.install without having to list all the ones that should remain?19:52
ahasenackI thought of an override where, after dh_install, I would just move the files I wanted excluded to the other package's directory19:53
ahasenacklike mv debian/foo/usr/share/foo/{file1,file2}.so debian/foo-bar/usr/share/foo/19:53
ahasenackI don't think there is an exclude syntax in debian/foo.install19:54
ahasenackI know of dh_install -X, I'll try that too. I briefly tried with globbing, didn't work, so I'll try again listing the exact files I want excluded19:54
sergiodjahasenack: what if you keep the globbing and explicit move the files after it?  you will have to move them from debian/tmp/usr/share/foo/{file1,file2}.so into the new path you want, but it works21:01
sergiodjyou won't need an override this way21:01
ahasenackI'm just giving -X another chance21:01
ahasenackI just found ot about debheper's --remaining-packages21:01
sergiodjthat's helpful, but in your case I think it's easier to do everything inside the .install file21:02
ahasenackhm, where should I do the mv then, if not in d/rules?21:02
sergiodjah, the problem with doing inside the .install file is that it's just a cp.  you will still need to rm the files21:03
sergiodjok, scratch that.  you will need to override the target anyway21:04
sergiodjsorry about the noise :)21:04
ahasenacknp at all, I want a discussion :)21:05
ahasenacknoise is what I'm hearing outside my window now (rush hour) :D21:05
sergiodjI'd override dh_install and be done with it.  not sure if I'd bother using -X, since you will be moving the files anyway21:08
ahasenackhm, I think it worked21:15
ahasenackjust with -21:15
ahasenackjust with -X21:15
ahasenackI used dh_install -Xglusterfs.so -Xglusterfs_fuse.so -Xvfs_glusterfs.8 -Xvfs_glusterfs_fuse.8 -psamba-vfs-modules21:16
ahasenackI think I could have used just -Xglusterfs, as docs say it's a substring search21:16
sergiodjah, you have multiple packages being generated21:16
sergiodjI thought it was only one21:16
ahasenackmany indeed21:17
ahasenackand now one extra21:17
sergiodjwhich means you're just interested in not installing certain files into a specific package21:17
sergiodjmakes sense using -X, indeed21:18
ahasenackdebian has the gluster deps as a recommends, instead of depends21:19
ahasenackmeaning a samba share using gluster would break if the gluster libs were removed21:19
ahasenackbut it works by default out of the box, as being a recommends will install the dep21:19
ahasenackI thought about relaxing to a suggests, then we could do it without a new package, and without pulling gluster into main21:19
ahasenackbut we would be broken out-of-the-box regarding gluster, because it would be just a suggests21:20
ahasenackso i still think a new bin package is best21:20
LocutusOfBorgLaney, I'm publishing -good once I confirm the testing is good21:21
LocutusOfBorgLaney, uploaded the -good one with a minor fix in dh_gstscancodecs21:50
LocutusOfBorgwill let it build everywhere, and check the bad one tomorrow (and upload)21:50
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