realtime-neilcjwatson: I can't find any `Task` field in the `/var/lib/dpkg/status` paragraphs, but I did notice that `grep-dctrl -FPriority "important" /var/lib/dpkg/status` gives me a list of 106 pretty important-looking packages.15:39
cjwatsonYou'll need Priority: required too15:41
cjwatsonBut I can't help much more here, in the middle of some upgrade firefighting15:41
realtime-neilunderstood, see you on the other side15:47
realtime-neilupdate: here's what I got working: `debootstrap --print-debs --variant=minbase bionic "$(mktemp -dt target.XXXXXX)" | xargs dpkg --status >./fake/var/lib/dpkg/status`21:10

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