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rafaeldtinocodo we have quorum ?15:02
rafaeldtinocolooks like we're short on quorum, nobody with action items is here (but me, and I will carry my things over)15:04
rafaeldtinocolet me know if you want me to open the meeting or we can just postpone this one15:05
sil2100I think we should be good on postponing?15:05
rafaeldtinocosil2100:yep, +115:05
rafaeldtinocoill update agenda15:05
Laneyrafaeldtinoco: any update on the packageset stuff?15:06
LaneyI'm being reminded of it now as I'm having to sponsor stuff that I "shouldn't" according to those new rules ;-)15:06
rafaeldtinocoLaney:hum.. im running pkgset changes 1 every week15:08
rafaeldtinocoLaney:is that what you're referring to ?15:08
rafaeldtinocoor the group with new rights for oem15:08
Laneywe talked about modifying the algorithm wrt exceptions15:09
rafaeldtinocoah ok, no then..15:09
rafaeldtinocoI still need to catch up with that, was looking for a 2/3 "softer" days15:10
rafaeldtinocoLaney:sorry ? =\15:10
Laneyno worries!15:13
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