jrwrenrsync needs an option that uses the ssh channel to start a remote rsyncd with all the right option and then uses that to do the data transfer13:40
cmaloneyThat would be both cool and likely out of its scope. :)13:45
jrwrenhave you read the rsync man page? nothing is out of scope ;P13:47
cmaloneyI have, and yes13:52
cmaloneyI take comfort in that I'll likely be able to run rsync on my Atari 800, even if it would take the rest of eternity for it to finish13:53
jrwrenlol. up.13:53
jrwrenbut probably not over ssh :p13:54
jrwrenall that encryption on an 8bit cpu? it would take 1000 years :p13:54
cmaloneyjust add simple xor encryption to ssh13:54
cmaloneysimple. ;)13:54
jrwrenthat is funny, but I actually used to set ssh encryption type to None for filecopies sometimes.13:55
jrwren15+yrs ago13:55
Scary_GuyI mean on a closed network that you control why bother?  Today there's no good reason for it though since processing power is so cheap and fast.18:12
jrwrencept it isn't.18:12
jrwrenlots of low power devices with AES CPU instructions18:13
Scary_GuyBut at least they have them unlike that Atari 800 which I'm sure wasn't designed with encryption in mind at all.18:18
jrwreni meant without AES CPU instructions.18:26
jrwrenbasically every off teh shelf NAS has a garbage CPU cept hte higher end synologies.18:26
jrwrenencryption won't be trivial on them, espeically teh lower end junk.18:27
Scary_GuyI was unaware.  Well that sucks.19:38
jrwrenI think so.19:39
jrwrenbut I could be super wrong.19:39
jrwrenmaybe this is dumb old man talk that was true in the 90s19:39
greg-gman, I want an upgrade for my circa 2013 (which means circa 2011-ish CPU) synology and I want the Intel based ones but... money man.19:40
jrwreni'm still running my home nas on a 13-14yo intel E8500 :)19:41
jrwrengonna upgrade someday. might lower my electric bill too, cuz of newer CPU power saving features.19:42
greg-gprobably :)19:45
jrwrenalthough... wow... TIL: you can buy a laptop with a CPU in it that is slower than that 14yo E8500... this is why people hate windows and like macs. :p20:09
jrwrenCeleron N3350, sure tis dirty cheap, but come on.20:10
Scary_GuyI hate celery20:32
greg-git's the devil20:33
jrwreni love it.20:43
jrwrenonions, celery, carots or tomato foundation of cooking. mirepoizx20:43
cmaloneycelery should have been better20:55

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