telum[m]Alright, hoping someone can walk me through this. I've got an external Logitech C270 USB webcam that I'm trying to mount.03:30
telum[m]I can open it in cheese, but I want to me able to make it accessible to virtual machines, so I need it recognized each time.03:30
telum[m]I ran sudo lsusb, and got a few options. The relevant output is "Bus 001 Device 040: ID 046d:0825 Logitech, Inc. Webcam C270"03:30
tomreyntelum[m]: for 'low level' support questions like yours, #ubuntu may be better. their foundation is the same, and it's more active.17:56
tomreyntelum[m]: oh, you're not on irc, though, i didn't realize17:56
tomreyneither way, make sure you point out which virutalization you're using there, it certainly matters.17:57
tomreynalso what you tried so far, which tutorials you followed for the pass-through.17:57
tomreynand which errors (error messages) you encountered when running this or that command.17:58
Eickmeyer[m]telum: tomreyn is referring to #freenode_#ubuntu:matrix.org20:56
tomreynlovely syntax. :) thanks for pointing this out, Eickmeyer[m]20:57
Eickmeyer[m]tomreyn: My pleasure. :)20:57
telum[m]Thanks to you both! Wasn't sure what the right spot was. I'll check with them. The pointers are appreciated.21:47

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