krytarikVipVop: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/SVideo , https://superuser.com/questions/24909/output-screen-to-tv-set-using-s-video - I've found these on a quick web search instead fwiw, maybe that'll help.00:13
GhettoButtaHey anyone00:19
GhettoButtanew install going here00:19
GhettoButtawelp off to a reboot already!00:20
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gnrphm, anyboy here can help me with bash completion?06:37
gnrpmy 16.04 system out of a sudden started completing host names06:37
gnrplike I tike `ssh in` and then it will complete it to `ssh indep`, which is a hostname06:37
gnrphowever, there is no bash_completion activated. all bash_completion in /etc/bashrc and in ~/.bashrc is commented out06:38
gnrpI want to get rid of this06:38
gnrpI mean, I want no bash completion except for filenames06:38
guivercgnrp, FYI:  Xubuntu 16.04 LTS is EOL; https://xubuntu.org/release/16-04/  (end-of-life april 21, 2019)06:39
gnrpguiverc: It will get security updates until april 2021 though, no?06:40
guivercpackages from 'main' repository (ie. those common with Ubuntu desktop) do get security upgrades, you can use `ubuntu-support-status` to see effects for your actual system, however Xubuntu & 'universe' packages for 16.04 are EOL06:42
gnrpah, I see. Only ubuntu, not xubuntu...06:42
gnrpok, thanks for the hint. I didn't know that. Shit.06:42
guivercit impacts all flavors except Kylin which Canonical sponsored for 5 years only with 16.0406:42
guivercie. not just Xubuntu06:42
guivercread release notes, it's spelled out very plainly (rather than bloggers that often get details incorrect)06:43
dreis there a known issue when coming out of sleep / hibernation on nouveau drivers that the keyboard / text inputs can't focus?09:11
drecan still move mouse, still changes to I beam, can't click09:12
flhello everyone! I'm trying to install a Mac Mini from a USB stick dd'd with xubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso, boot fs unpacking failed: Decoding failed"..09:18
fldid anyone else see this, too? I'm suprised because last week, same USB stick and same ISO ran the installer juts fine09:19
brainwashdre: on the lock screen?09:41
drealthough it seems a bit intermittent, if I "wake" with the keyboard, keyboard works10:40
xu-owen82wHello. I have successfully installed 64-bit Xubunto 20.04 on a 2006 Core2Duo (2.33 Ghz) iMac with 4Gb RAM. It is running well  gnerally, but, only 3Gb RAM is registered/available, but I have 2 x2Gb RAM modules installd. Anybody know how to make th e4GB ready. This is a dual boot sysytem anbd I want to maintain other OS.13:17
pmjdebruijnxu-owen82w: a 64bit version should always see all the ram13:20
pmjdebruijnxu-owen82w: maybe 1G is claimed by Intel Graphics or something?13:20
pmjdebruijnmay much do you see exactly?13:21
xu-owen82wfree -m              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   availableMem:           2977        1378         186         337        1412        1096Swap:          1906          56        185013:22
xu-owen82w* 297713:22
xu-owen82winxi -b | grep MemoryInfo:      Processes: 188 Uptime: 2h 51m Memory: 2.91 GiB used: 1.43 GiB (49.3%) Shell: bash inxi: 3.0.3813:23
xu-owen82wI think it is that this iMAc has a 32-bit EFI13:24
xu-owen82wbut CPU is 64 b13:24
pmjdebruijnso you didn't install 64bit xubuntu then13:30
pmjdebruijnor did you?13:30
pmjdebruijnwhat does uname -a say?13:30
xu-owen82w I did (20.04 is only 64b)13:33
xu-owen82wLinux owen-iMac 5.4.0-47-generic #51-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 4 19:50:52 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:33
pmjdebruijnso that's confirmed then13:34
pmjdebruijngrep MemTotal /proc/meminfo13:34
pmjdebruijntry that13:34
pmjdebruijnthat's a bit less ambiguous13:34
xu-owen82wMemTotal:        3048820 kB13:34
pmjdebruijnthat's a bit strange13:35
xtaoshared graphics card memory stolen a GB?13:35
pmjdebruijnnot sure what effect 32bit EFI could have13:35
pmjdebruijnxu-owen82w: but Intel graphics might be eating up some of your ram, though > 1GB is a bit much13:36
pmjdebruijnon regular PC's I think that can be constrained via EFI13:36
xu-owen82wpossibly - although I thought it had a graphics card/memory... yeh 11gb seems high13:36
xu-owen82wis probably some apple weirdness thats limiting13:36
pmjdebruijnxu-owen82w: dmesg | grep -i drm13:36
pmjdebruijnplease paste on pastebin13:36
pmjdebruijnbut for an older system, I'd expect that to eat 256M of 512M of RAM13:39
pmjdebruijnoh, so no intel graphics13:40
pmjdebruijnor at least not actively used13:40
pmjdebruijndmesg | grep 'System RAM'13:41
xtaogoogle suggests that some macs can take 2x2GB of memory but only see 3GB of it. intentially limited in hardware13:44
xu-owen82w> . intentially limited in hardware13:45
xu-owen82wyeah I-m probably at a loss13:45
xu-owen82wI just came on here in case it had maybe been encountered or there was a known quick solution13:46
xu-owen82w>dmesg | grep 'System RAM'returns nothing -13:46
xu-owen82w>dmesg | grep 'System RAM'returns nothing -13:46
xu-owen82w>dmesg | grep 'System RAM'  returns nothing -13:46
xtao"while the processor in older model macbook pros is 64 bit the chipset used to address the memory is only 32 bit"13:46
xu-owen82wah ok - chipset - so probably h/w restricted13:47
xtaoonly going by some articles i'm finding on google. but sounds plausible13:47
xu-owen82wThanks for taking time - itÅ› still going fine with 3G - but obv. would be nice to hae the extra 1G if there was a way13:49
xtaohttp://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=2008013001563240 , 1st comment13:50
xtaowas also looking at the bottom of the 3rd comment down on https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-mint-84/32-or-64bit-efi-4175644325-print/13:51
xu-owen82w(y) - Thanks13:57
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hanshin the folder /home/hans i have a folder named "eclipse" and "eclipse-workspace" and ".eclipse", yet in Thunar when i press File -> find in this folder, and search for "ecl" it finds *nothing* , why?22:43
hanshalso when i search for "*ecl*", still nothing22:43
hanshnvm figured it out, because "find in this folder" will search in whatever folder is selected, rather than the folder Thunar is currently in22:44
brainwashhansh: bug?22:50
hanshbrainwash, possibly, i'm not sure22:50
hansh(im not sure if it's intended or a bug)22:50
brainwashdo you get the same behavior when using detailed list view?22:51
hanshsorry something urgent g2g22:51
brainwashit's a custom action22:54
brainwashso, it will use the selection22:54
hanshbrainwash, yes using "detailed list view" doesn't seem to make a difference23:05
brainwashnot a bug23:06
brainwashbecause it's a custom action, so it will use the current selection23:06
hanshok, thanks for checking23:08

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