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hmlstickupkid: a quick review please? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1203715:42
stickupkidhml, swap you, although I'm unsure what the correct Q&A steps are... I totally forgot about this piece15:42
hmlstickupkid: i’m thinking we can review and merge 12029 while waiting for the download bug to be resolved?  or shall i pull out the extra debugging.  it’s handy15:45
stickupkidhml, land it15:45
stickupkidhml, propose it, I'll approve, we've both tested it15:46
stickupkidhml, you need to rebase to force github actions to run15:49
hmlstickupkid: is there a way to get the github action pieces required for landing to run after moving a PR from wip to real?  besides pushing another commit?15:49
hmldarn it.15:50
hmlstickupkid: you need to use GetCharmURLOrigin instead of GetCharmURL so that we have the ID used when the charm was installed.  could be a follow on to 12038?16:11
stickupkidhml, exactly16:11
stickupkidhml, read my thoughts, I just wanted to have it wired up first16:12
hmlstickupkid: gotcha16:12
hmlstickupkid:  my eyes are starting to cross with this stuff.  :-D16:12
hmlstickupkid: and the follow on will include the SetCharm updates too then.  gotcha16:13
stickupkidhml, yeah, will have too16:18
stickupkidhml, otherwise the PR will get bigger and bigger16:19
hmlyes, a better choice.16:21

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