mitya57Upstream qutebrowser developer says:13:16
mitya57> Let me note that QtWebEngine 5.15.1 has another bug causing frequent renderer process crashes: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-8675213:16
mitya57> I'm currently trying to bisect it because it seems to work in the current 5.15 branch - but I suppose it might be the Chromium update between 5.15.1 and 5.15(.2) fixing this again.13:16
mitya57> Thus, I'd recommend either staying with 5.15.0, or using the current 5.15 HEAD (or waiting for 5.15.2).13:16
lubot<X> Thanks mitya5715:24
lubot<RikMills> can LP do nodoc now?21:17

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